5 Ways to Get More Twitter Followers Fast

5 Ways to Get More Twitter Followers Fast

As you probably know Twitter has become one of the biggest Social Media and Micro-Blogging sites on the internet.  This means that you have to get on Twitter as soon as you can or else you would be left behind.  If you are serious about your online business, Twitter can be great tool to get you loads of free targeted traffic to your websites, blogs or affiliate links. And who doesn’t like free traffic? 

We know that followers = leads.  The question is – how do you get a huge amount of followers on Twitter? 

5 Ways to get more Twitter followers:

1.  Use other social media, like Facebook.  Their are loads of Twitter groups where people are following everyone who follows them.  So join all those groups and post your twitter username, ie. twitter.com/bertuseng.

2.  Get on board a twitter train.  There are a bunch of these sites going around, where you have to follow a certain amount of members to get on the train, and then other people will follow you if you are on the train, you can do this multiple times a day, meaning a lot of random followers. WARNING: some of these sites have been found out to be phishing sites.

3.  Use the natural way.  Follow people you find on twitter that you find interesting and send them a nice message, if you are nice and have interesting tweets, people will follow you.  Look at the current twitter trends to see what people are talking about and join in the discussions.

4.  Mass follow people.  You can use some free sites, like Flashtweet and Mutuality to mass follow and unfollow people.  You can mass follow hundreds of people with flashtweet, and then just mass unfollow all the people that are not following you back once in a while.  This should make for a lot of new followers.

5.  Use an automatic targeted follower.  This is the most effective way to get followers, because it gets you targeted followers on autopilot.  You can also setup these systems to manage your follower list and to tweet to people automatically even when you are sleeping, so this is essential for people wanting to make money with twitter.  The best selling one at the moment is Twitter Traffic Machine.  You can get 12 extra exclusive money making bonuses if you get it through Freebonus4u.

Bertus Engelbrecht – Teacher, fitness enthusiast, and online money maker and marketer. You can read about more ways to make money on his blog, http://oraclecash.blogspot.com