5 Tips For Name Tags Design

5 Tips For Name Tags Design
Name labels may serve as a very efficient tool for conferences and business events. They can be also useful for people working in retail stores and restaurants. Here are a few tips that can help people create great name labels.

First of all, it is important to remember the golden rule of name labels. This rule states that a name should be seen from a distance of ten feet. So the inscription should be large and clear enough. Normally Helvetica, Arial, Futura, Avante Garde and Univers fonts are used for producing name labels. Using Gothic is not advisable since it may be unreadable. It is advisable not to use “funny” fonts as well, especially for serious events or conferences.

Second, it is good to establish a hierarchy of information on name labels. Every case is individual, but normally people first want to know the first name of a person they meet. So the most important information is the name which is usually written with 26-40 font size. In certain cases bold text may be used. Then, a full name is written below it with slightly smaller letters of 20-24 size. Finally, the lowest line normally includes company name, title and location which are written in 19-20 size. Certainly such a hierarchy is highly personal and in some cases people may choose a different approach.

Third, it is good to think if the event logo is needed on name labels. Logos may be very useful on events that take part in big conference halls so that people don’t get lost. On the other hand, logos may take valuable space on the name tag. Nevertheless, professionals recommend keeping event logos either on top or on the bottom of the label since it can advertise the event. Certainly, it is good to think about the design of a logo. It should be truly memorable and simple.

Fourth, it is good to remember about the space at the back of a name tag. It may be used for information guests may need. If there are many international guests at the event, it may be useful to put a map of the town or city, convenience contacts such as taxi numbers and emergency information. It may be also good to type a schedule of the event at the back. Besides, the back of the card may be a good option for those wanting to raise some funds as sponsor messages and various discount coupons can be placed on name labels. A quote-of-the-day at the back of a name tag inscription may be a good way to lift spirits of guests.

Fifth, it is not mandatory to design name labels on your own. There are many good companies which deal with this professionally. Finding one of these via the Internet or in the local yellow pages may be a good thing to do before starting a conference. It is possible that they will help.

Preparing for an important event requires attention to detail. This article may help those looking to host a truly special event. Despite their small size, name labels may be crucial to successful interaction of guests.

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