What is Web Hosting Multiple IP?

What is Web Hosting Multiple IP?

Today, everyone would like to make use of the World Wide Web which makes it no surprise that they create number of websites. However, merely creating such websites cannot be of any benefit as in order to rank highly in numerous search engines such as Yahoo and Google for the required keyword using regular web hosting. This is where web hosting multiple IP is very useful. It is necessary that such sites rank in front in the various search engines so that they can be effortlessly located for the respective keywords thereby increasing the visitors for that site. With web hosting multiple IP, this is possible.

In the past, firms used to merely create numerous blogs and forged websites which will be full of links that will have backlinks pointing to the main website. Creating linkings is still awfully necessary to increase Search Engine belief and to add to your listings. This is only possible with web hosting multiple IP. Google highly values linkings that come from those websites having a very high PR value with scarcely a few backlinks. So, it will be beneficial, if you locate any mechanism to gain many linkings for your site from relevant websites through web hosting multiple IP. With the object of taking away illegal techniques of web hosting multiple IP being employed by illicit users, Google prohibits black hat users from using their methods to play with Google’s Algorithms. As a result, one of the famous controls in the midst of these is that Google does not reflect on any web hosting multiple IP addresses from other websites utilizing class c IP hosting.

The greatest gain of utilizing class c IP hosting is that one is able to trick Yahoo into thinking that one is getting the various backlinks from different, websites that are not owned by you.

Consider the following example. An IP is present. Here 12 is group A, 35 is group B, 68 is group C and 30 is group D. the C class is used to ensure that an IP originated from dissimilar host. Here, web hosting multiple IP is very beneficial. With web hosting multiple IP, 2 websites will not have the similar class c IP addresses. Therefore, they can help in improved rankings. If the class c IP hosting is dissimilar due to web hosting multiple IP addresses, it is counted as an immense link importance and you get a better ranking.

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