What Celebrities Taught Me on How to Gain New Followers

What Celebrities Taught Me on How to Gain New Followers

Everyone wants more followers in Twitter.

I see it all the time in my followers timeline where people tweet “I need more followers!”.

What are some ways to get them?

How can you get tons of new followers following you? You see people with 1000’s, 10,000 and even more followers and I wonder how they do it? Since recently creating our new twitter, I also thought to myself the same thing. I looked at some top authority people in our niche to try and get ideas. Here’s what I came up with:

On getting more followers in twitter you can do 1 of the following 3 things, or even all 3.

However the first one is slow and very time consuming and the 2nd one attracts spammers and followers who know nothing of you.

1 Reach people one by one

Visit your followers friends list or timeline and follow there own friends or people they follow. Many people re-follow people that follow you. But again, this is very time consuming and I wouldn’t recommend it.

2 Use software or programs that say they can help you get followers

I’ve used them before. How they work is by creating a huge database of people who want followers just like you. By signing up, you must follow them, in exchange, they follow you back. Similar to #1 above however there database is huge so you will get followers back but these followers are people who know nothing of you. They just want to show they have a huge twitter following on there account. You want people in your niche following you. Real people in your industry to follow you. So this method isn’t the best either. If you just want to have a huge untargeted follower list you could try it.

3 Reach the top authority figures in your niche and have them re-tweet something of yours.

I thought of this idea to be the best. I got the idea viewing after view Kim Kardashian’s twitter. She currently has over 3 million followers. Not everyone in her list is real. She does have spam and fake accounts following her however this is normal since her account is in public viewing meaning anyone can follow her. But of the 3 million, I’m sure half or even 3/4th’s are real.

Let’s use my market as an example. Mine’s being hip hop music and artists. After viewing a top authority figure in my market, Chamillionaire, a rapper from Texas, which currently has almost 600,000 followers. I saw a re-tweet he did from one of his followers. I thought to myself, If I could get him to re-tweet a tweet from me, I’m sure I could get some followers from it depending on what the tweet would say. My point being is use this idea. Find top authority figures in your market and have them re-tweet something of yours.

But what can you tweet in the first place to have them do it?

I came up with the following 4 ways on what top authority figures in general re-tweet.

1. You mention something interesting

Tweet an interesting fact or news post that just happened dealing with your niche market that affects it.

2. You mention something funny

Maybe you mention a joke or something funny directed toward them. Something that they laugh about that’s funny related toward them.

3. You mention something informative that they feel there followers could benefit from.

4. Your Helping Them Out.

Retweet or tweet something about an coming project or show being released.

First find your niche. Whatever market you’re in and uncover the top authority figures in that area and go after them. Most importantly direct your tweet toward the person you’re targeting by using the “@” sign, (example: @kimkardashian) as the examples above do. You never know if you tweet something useful it could be re-tweeted by someone big in your market resulting in a huge amount of targeted new followers.



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