Warts and Skin Tags – Causes and Removal of These Skin Problems

Warts and Skin Tags – Causes and Removal of These Skin Problems

Warts and skin tags are growths of the skin that may appear in different parts of the body. Warts most often appear on the feet, hands and even on the soles of the feet and on the genitalia. Skin tags most often appear on the neck, the armpits, the groin, or on the eyelids – areas where there are skin folds.

Warts are caused by the infection of the human papilloma virus. These skin disorders look like cauliflowers and are usually solid or hard. Skin tags on the other hand are growths of the skin that tends to protrude or hangs off from the skin. Although these skin problems do not pose a threat to our bodies, these can however bring discomfort and embarrassment and can be a annoying.

Warts are contagious that touching them with your hands can spread the infection to other parts of your body especially if you have even a small cut on your skin. It can also be transferred through sharing of towels or other personal things.

The exact cause of skin tags, on the other hand, is not yet known, although it is most likely associated to the virus that causes warts – the human papilloma virus. It does not however cause the skin flaps but it is said to contribute to the appearance of skin flaps. These tumors on the skin are however not harmful but can be discomforting and embarrassing. For skin disorders that appear on the face, their occurrence in clusters may be unsightly, thus the need to remove or treat them. In some cases, it can be irritated and may lead to its bleeding, which is also another reason why there is a need for its removal.

If warts and skin tags are among your discomforts in life, there are actually ways that you can do to manage them or eliminate them. Among the methods in removing warts and skin tags are surgery, freezing the wart or the skin tags with liquid nitrogen in the process called cryosurgery, laser treatments or other gels, ointments an creams which mainly consist of salicylic acid. Some other techniques in removing the warts include suffocating it with the use of duct tape or applying pads on the warts added with salicylic acid. It is important to note that in the case of genital warts, it is wise to see your doctor when it comes to their treatment or removal.

The same with warts, flaps in the skin can also be removed by freezing them with liquid nitrogen until they fall off. Physicians may also remove them using scissors, or burning them in the process called cauterization, or remove them through excision.

Over the counter treatments are also available in dealing with warts and skin tags. Ointments, gels, pads and solutions containing salicylic acid are also available. Natural treatments are also options in dealing with warts and skin tags. There are ways to avoid its spreading, and there are also various herbs that home remedies that may help in the removal of warts and skin tags and even moles. Among the natural treatments are garlic, banana peel placed on plantar warts, castor oil, grapefruit seed extract and other natural remedies that may help you get rid of skin problems less the pain and the cost of medical procedures.

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