Treating Skin Tags – Options to Remove Skin Tags

Treating Skin Tags – Options to Remove Skin Tags

Skin tags are small pieces of skin that protrude or hang from the parts of the body like the neck, armpit, eyelids, groins and even in the breast. Although skin tags do not pose a dangerous threat to your health, it can also be annoying as they usually appear on parts of the body where there is friction or where there is folded skin – like the armpits or the neck.

It is said that this skin problem can occur to anyone. Overweight people are also prone to developing skin tags because of the constant friction of the skin. Pregnant women also tend to develop this skin disorder during pregnancy as well as people who are diabetics. Although the primary cause of these skin flaps are not yet to be known, the main factors that are said to contribute to its growth are hormones produced during pregnancy, irritation resulting from rubbing of the skin, as they often occur in parts of the body where there is rubbing of the skin, and the human pappilloma virus. The insulin resistance in individuals with diabetes is also said to contribute to the growth of this skin problem.

Treating skin tags can involve several methods of removing these hanging skins. Although they are not harmful, they can also be bothersome as it can also result to pain and irritation when clothes or pieces of jewelry rub on them. These skin protrusions can also be a little unsightly and embarrassing especially if they appear on the face and if they appear on clusters, thus most people would prefer them removed. Most often, skin problems like this also somehow affect your self-confidence.

Among the many ways of treating skin tags is by having them removed by your physician. Most often, liquid nitrogen is used to eliminate these flaps of skin. Like removing warts, this procedure involves freezing up of the skin flaps to remove them. This method though effective can also be painful and for bigger hanging skin, it may mean repeated treatments to ensure the treatment would be effective in removing the skin abnormality.

Surgical removal of skin tags can also be done in cases that these skin abnormalities have become a disturbance to the sufferer. Other methods of treating skin tags also include cutting off the blood supply to these skin flaps. Another method is burning off the tags through electrolysis. These procedures however are best done by a physician to avoid irritations and further problems on your skin. Bigger tumors may be difficult to remove, or may require several sessions to help eliminate it, or may involve bleeding, thus it is always wise to let the experts do it.

One method that some people do at home is cut off the blood supply of the skin flaps by tying its base with a thread and leaving it to fall off after several days. This may not however be a good option if the tags are found on your face, for sure, you don’t want that string hanging on your face for several days.

For whatever methods you choose in treating skin tags or removing them, it is however important to understand and identify your skin problems before you find solutions. It is important to identify that you indeed have a skin tag and not some other skin problems.

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