The Importance of Backlinking Your Website

The Importance of Backlinking Your Website

For those who might be newcomers to online marketing and search engine optimisation there are some important factors that need to be understood. Perhaps you are just about to launch your first website? It may well be that you already appreciate how search engine optimisation operates and are working on ways to augment your search engine rankings to boost sales for your business, or increase people visiting your web pages? Whatever the case may be, an important element to bear in mind in respect of gaining and holding on to the top positions on search engine pages is the acquisition of backlinks.

The significance of backlinks should not be underrated, but they are easy to figure out. Put simply, backlinks are the links that are seen on websites that point back to your own website or web page. People see them every day. They are usually particular words or phrases shown in blue and then when you click on the blue word or words, you are taken to another web page. You can find such links on blogs, web pages, forums, articles and many other types of online pages. This is quite simply what a backlink is. Search engines look at the number of backlinks that a website has to help it to rank it in search engines results. For example, if a website has 800 backlinks, then it will be more highly ranked by search engines that a website that has only 15 backlinks. It is a sort of popularity rating.

If you are wondering about why backlinks are significant to obtain high ranking for search engines, then consider the fact that search engines give websites a page rank. If you have a Google toolbar, then you will see the page rank of websites. It is the green bar that will rank a page from PR0 to PR10. If a website has really good content that is relevant to its keywords and the website address, then that site will eventually get a page rank. As we have said, the greater number of backlinks that a web page has, the better it is. This is not always the case and page ranking is the reason for this. The backlinks that a website has from pages that have a high page rank will carry much more importance than backlinks from web pages that may have no rank at all. In this context, one link from a PR5 page will be much better than 50 links from sites that have a page rank of 0. Hopefully what we have described is now clear.

It should be borne in mind that to obtain high search engine rankings, you need to begin building backlinks to your website, as well as concentrating on getting backlinks from pages that are relevant and enjoy a good page rank. Search engines do not hand out page ranks easily, so you should not be surprised if you cannot discover any pages to link from with page ranks of no more than PR2 or PR3. This is usual.

You may be considering how you can obtain relevant high PR backlinks? There are various methods that can be employed and these are utilised by webmasters. You can write and submit articles, such as the one you are currently reading and include your website link in the resource box. This is a good way, but of course there is no guarantee that your article will appear and be accepted. You can also attempt to discover similar websites to your own and then swap links, but reciprocal linking does not carry so much weight as one way linking. Another method is to pay to have backlinks added to a website that enjoys a high page rank of, say, 5 or more. This will have good results for improving your rankings, as search engines look very favourably on sites with PR5 and above. However this can be an expensive exercise.

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