Viral Videos – How to Attract a Frenzy of Followers and Reap the Rewards!

Viral Videos – How to Attract a Frenzy of Followers and Reap the Rewards!

Viral Video marketing on You Tube is being used by many large and small businesses, as part of modern day marketing strategy. You Tube marketing has become a great way to get a message across quickly and effectively. Not all are successful… in fact many fail. Usually for the same reason, and that is because they treat it the same as television advertising. They put together a commercial or just slap up an existing commercial, sit back and hope to reap the rewards.

Using viral videos effectively you have to think of the customer who is searching You Tube, and put your self in their position. What are they searching for, what will hold there attention and how can you get hem to pass the you tube video on to others. ‘Viral Video’ is what you should be aiming for. Companies that create viral videos with characters and a bit of a story line can ‘covertly’ sell there products and services. If you’ve done a good job the viewer passes it onto there friends and so on, this will define viral video.

Companies and individuals that use ‘viral video’ marketing are 300 times more successful on You Tube than any other. Use this to your advantage and you ‘ll reap the rewards. Once you have the attention of your viewer the trick then is to keep them interested in what comes next. To do this it is important that you continually upload other video’s to your You tube channel. feeding the frenzy style, if you like.

If you upload videos on a regular basis, you’ll create the activity which in return will create the following you want to be successful. This is proving to be the most profitable way to promote on you tube at the moment. The most successful companies using You Tube at the moment are the one’s that are updating there You Tube channel from 1 to 3 times a week. You may think this is a lot of work, but you’ll find the benefits will out way the work by far.

Have fun with your videos, being creative and humorous should be the motto. Remember to leave your link embedded in the video so that your followers can find you. You’ll find if you stick to this strategy, then you’ll attract more and more traffic… which will be beneficial to your business. Many companies are starting to see the benefit in using this strategy, the smart ones have already implemented ‘viral video’ and are seeing the successes.

Anyhow that’s all for now and good luck with it all. This article has been a brief overview on how to reap the rewards from You Tube marketing using viral videos, there’s obviously ways you can streamline all this and become more effective in your viral video marketing…

All the best
Rob Hughes

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Getting Viral One-Way Backlinks For Free

Getting Viral One-Way Backlinks For Free

If you would like to get a good ranking in the search engines and generate more traffic to your web site, you should not take backlinks for granted. You must be aware of the best methods to use in order to create quality one-way backlinks. A relatively new method that you can take advantage of is Free Traffic System.
This method allows you to create many quality one-way backlinks free of charge. The Free Traffic System makes use of a new method of viral marketing. Members of the system are rewarded with bonus one-way backlinks.
Where you place the backlinks
Many methods only let you place backlinks at the footer of your blog posts. However, this system is different, as you will get the one-way backlinks within the body of your posts. This is what makes the backlinks of really high quality. The search engines will take note of your blog posts while the readers will receive unique quality content. The search engines will help you to get more traffic, and the visitors will enjoy what they find.
Where the backlinks come from
The backlinks that you will receive are of high quality because they come from real people who are involved in a variety of niche markets. These are the types of backlinks that make the search engines rank your web site well.
How to create the one-way backlinks
Creating the backlinks is pretty easy. All you need to do is to submit an article to the Free Traffic System, which will convert it to as many as sixty, one-way backlinks of high quality.
Using the system has a number of advantages over the other conventional methods. For instance, while people can easily delete your backlinks in the conventional methods, this is not the case here. Many unscrupulous individuals take advantage of the loopholes in the traditional systems to delete your backlinks and steal your content.
The viral system
The system has a viral concept, which is fairly simple. You just refer people to the project, which is free, and you get rewarded for your efforts. You receive a bonus backlink whenever someone you referred makes a third post. This means that you will receive a backlink on the 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th articles that those you referred post, and so on. And one article can be republished in 30 sites, which enables you to get 30 backlinks from that single article! This is in addition to the numerous backlinks you create by yourself within the system.
That is not all. In case you add a WordPress blog to the system, you will get 7% more bonus backlinks. 

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