Learn How to Win Love Back – 3 Very Important Rules to Follow

Learn How to Win Love Back – 3 Very Important Rules to Follow

If you learn how to win love back and do it right, you can be happy again. Just because you broke up doesn’t mean that it’s over for good. There are some things you can do to win them back and if done correctly, they can be very successful.

Here are the 3 rules to follow if you really want to get back with your ex:

1. Do Not Be A Stalker!

Too many times when a break up happens, one person cannot accept it. It’s usually the one that didn’t want the break up to happen in the first place. If you find that you are chasing after your ex, wanting to know what they are doing and aggressively pursuing them, I am here to tell you to stop immediately! This type of behavior will backfire and push them farther away. Trying to force someone to come back will never work.

2. Do Not Look Desperate

If you want to learn how to win love back the right way, then don’t look as if you are desperate and it’s the end of the world. Be accepting of the situation and act as if it’s no big deal. Even if you are silently dying inside, do not come across as if your life has ended and you can’t go on.

3. Stay Calm and Cool

Back off and let things cool down. Let your ex have some time to think about things and realize that they too want to get back together. Do not show that you are worried. Act as if everything is OK. Hang out with friends and show your ex that you can go on without them. This may be difficult, but it’s a necessary step.

If you do these three things and follow this advice very carefully, you will learn how to win love back. This is not a guarantee that they will come crawling back to you, but a guide that will help you try and win back your ex.

Not all relationships are so easy to fix, but if you are willing to learn how to win love back and put some effort into it, you can be successful.

Annuity Quotes Can Be Very Easily Found From Comparison Websites

Annuity Quotes Can Be Very Easily Found From Comparison Websites

Although some people have the benefit of final salary pension schemes guaranteed by their employer, most people who wish to ensure they have more retirement income than the state pension provides, save using either a private pension plan (PPP), or an occupational defined contribution pension scheme. The funds put into the scheme are invested by the pension fund manager. For younger people there can a major proportion of the fund invested in equities, as these provide the best opportunities for long term growth, but as the person approaches retirement age the fund manager will change the balance of the fund to emphasize cash and government bonds, protecting the growth that has already been achieved. On retirement, part of the pension fund may be taken a lump sum, and the remainder is either used as an unsecured pension (USP), or an annuity may be purchased to provide a guaranteed life-time income. Annuity quotes may be very easily found online, as there are now several comparison websites in operation.

When a person is approaching retirement age they must make some choices about what to do with the contents of their pension fund. According to current regulations the pension fund cannot be touched until age 55, and if the fund owner survives to age 75, purchase of an annuity becomes compulsory.

A lump sum can be taken from the fund after age 55. This can be up to 25 per cent of the fund’s value, and no tax is charged on this sum. In the case of small pension funds the government allows 100% to be withdrawn, under the so-called triviality rule.

The remainder of the fund can either be used to purchase an annuity, or it can be left in the fund where it can provide an unsecured pension (USP). Note that USPs are sometimes called income drawdown.

Income drawdown, or unsecured pension, is not suitable for all retirees. One benefit of this option is that the fund will remain invested, and it may continue to grow in value. Additionally if the retiree dies the fund will form part of the estate, and can be inherited by the beneficiaries of the will.

The danger with income drawdown is that if the retiree has a long life after retirement, then the fund will become exhausted. Actuaries can calculate the point in a person’s life at which income drawdown becomes a worse option than annuity purchase, and it is always recommended that those using drawdown employ an independent financial advisor to conduct regular reviews.

Annuities are an insurance instrument, purchased from a life assurance company. The life company takes the pension savings, and guarantees the retiree a life-time income. The life company is, in effect, assuming the risk that the person may live for a long time, in which case the company would lose money on that particular annuity sale. This is however simply the trading of individual risk for collective risk, which is inherent in all insurance business.

Annuities can be bought from any life assurance company, there is never any obligation to buy from the pension fund manager, although they will normally make an annuity offer. Annuity quotes from many companies can be very easily found, as there are now several comparison websites in operation.

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