Dog Tags – Why the Military Uses Them

Dog Tags – Why the Military Uses Them

Dog tags are what the military uses to identify the soldiers. When a soldier is wounded or dies in battle anyone who finds the soldier knows who they are. If they are hurt then they are able to get the right medical treatment. There is no guessing on their blood type. On the dog tags not only does it state the soldiers name but it also has their blood type and the vaccines that they have had. When a soldier has a medical condition they also have a red tag. The red tag will state their medical condition.

The soldiers are required to wear the tags at all times. these tags are made so that they can easily be broken in two pieces. The reason that the military need them to break apart so easy is because one of the tags is left on the body. They might leave one on the body when they are not able to recover the body right away due to battle conditions. The other soldiers will bring the other dog tag with them. One of the dog tags is worn on a long chain around the neck. The second tag is on a much smaller chain and that one is attached to the first chain.

Another way that the military is able to identify the soldiers is with “meat tags”. Meat tags are dog tag tattoos that they tattoo onto their torso. This kid of identification is growing great popularity. This type of tags is a good way to identify the body when the body is unrecognizable.

Dog tags were not always used they really didn’t get used until World War II. Before that soldiers used to stenciled identification on their knapsacks or they scratched it into the soft lead backing of their Army belt buckle. They would also pin paper notes with their name and home address to the backs of their coats. They did this during the American Civil War.

Then manufactures saw a market in making identification badges. Those badges had pins on the dog tag lets you know what branch of the military that person is in. They would also engrave the soldier’s name and unit. The tags that were machine stamped are made out of brass or lead. They had a hole on one side that usually had an eagle or a shield and it also had a phrase. The different phrases were “War for the Union” or “Liberty, Union, and Equality.” and on the other side of the tag it would have their name and unit and sometimes it would list the different battles that the soldier was in.

Dog tags are very important in the military it comes in handy for many reasons. It can save a persons’ life.

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Backlink Service And Its Uses

Backlink Service And Its Uses
Everyone these days is investing backlink service. However, if you want to buy a backlink service, you should figure if it is the apt one and one that you have been looking out for. Usually there are different types of backlink services available on the market. If this is your first time investment in a backlink service, you should be well versed with the different types available.

To start off with, the most common of all backlink services are the Header/Blog Roll/ Footer services. There are many who seem to be going with such an option because they feel that by doing so they would be getting a better ranking on Google which is by far one of the best search engines.

The Forum Backlinks is another strategy that helps in using your websites URL as well as Keywords in order to place them onto different forums. There are many forums that will allow you to place your link. This will help you in placing them and also get many to visit your website by simply clicking on the link. With the link, certain keywords are also used. These keywords should be chosen accordingly; if possible they should be part of the URL and also spread throughout in your content.

The Blog commenting backlinks are also used but not commonly, the reason being there involves a certain risk in it. You can get a backlink with the desired keyword, but the disadvantage would be that when you are posting such links, you can be termed as a spammer and many comments would be posted.

As seen above there are many options available. However the best way to get good results is by means of using the help from an Backlink Service expert. Certainly they have been in business and they know the trends very well. It is better you go in for those who are well versed, have a good amount of experience. They do all what is needed. Like for instance, they will make the URL with the Keywords, at the same time they will get you acquainted with the on-goings and how you are to handle them.

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Different Uses Of The Security Tags

Different Uses Of The Security Tags
Tags are the identification marks which can be put on the different articles or objects to facilitate their easy identification. These are used on a number of articles to prevent these from being stolen or getting mixed up with other similar articles. These are attached to or affixed with the luggage while moving around or traveling from one place to another. The luggage tags are considered to be important when the luggage is of similar type and you have to part with them especially at the airports. These tags are the name tags which bear the name of the organization or the individual along with the insignia of the organization which provides these tags to the customers. Another purpose served by these is that of the security. The security tags are the ones which are especially designed and made in such a way that they bear the stamps of tampering if anyone decides to tamper with these. Even the luggage tags can be made in such a way that these can secure the luggage from tampering.
Apart from the identification, security or locating anything, another major purpose served by the tags is that of promotion or advertising about the company. This is made possible when these are printed or embossed with the name of the individuals or the organizations and then used either for work or as free gift items. So, the organizations can get the luggage tags or the dog tags made which can be used for putting the name of the person on these. For additional security, these products can be bar-coded or RFID can also be done on these. These do not cost much to make and print. Therefore, the simpler versions are also used as items which can be gifted to the others for using these.
The word dog tags is also used in military parlance to refer to the identification tags worn by the dead and the wounded which provided the information about the name, religion and other basic medical information for the further treatment.
These are made from the corrosion resistant materials like the aluminum, stainless steel if these are required for long term purpose. The different militaries of the world have their own systematic way of describing the required information on the dog tags.
These have now become the objects of style or fashion and these are now embossed with the some message, some image or any other thing and then worn around the wrists or neck. People wear these with the spiritual and superstition motive as well.
The ones which are used to be tied around animals like the dogs are made from softer materials so that these do not cause any harm to the animals. When you are taking your puppy out for a walk, you put a string around his neck for easy handling and protection of the puppy. Similarly, there could be other situations where you require to put the name tags on the dogs.

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Dog Tags and Their Many Uses

Dog Tags and Their Many Uses

Every once in awhile an item transcends its original purpose and acquires uses that ripple throughout a culture, using its very simplicity and versatility to become useful to many people in many ways. Military dog tags are one such item. These simple, thin metal tags suspended on a ball chain have been used in ways that you might never have imagined.

Of course, army dog tags perform a vital function during wartime by identifying soldiers if they are unable to identify themselves. This alone is an extremely important function. But they are also used in the wider culture, in some very imaginative ways.

Without benefit of big ad campaigns, these tags have worked their way into fashion, particularly among young people. While they may carry identifying information, they can be engraved with just about any information you can fit on a piece of metal measuring 1.25 x 2 inches. Quotes, slogans, and phrases with personal meaning are popular on dog tags worn for fashion.

Sometimes people use tags to convey important medical information, such as severe allergies, or medical conditions like heart disease, epilepsy, or diabetes. This can be extremely useful for school-age children with insulin-dependent diabetes, and the tags can easily be attached to backpacks or laced into shoelaces so they do not have to be worn around the neck.

They also make fun party or wedding favors, engraved with a memento of the occasion, such as a wedding date, or the name and age of someone celebrating a birthday. Bands can, for example, have them engraved with the band name, the name of a CD being released, and a date. The family name can be engraved on dog tags handed out at a family reunion, or a club or scout troop can have tags engraved with an important event or date.

And of course, these metal tags can be used for identification purposes: on luggage, tool bags, equipment, video cameras, team equipment, or camping equipment. School groups on field trips can tag each participant during the trip and let students and chaperons keep them as a keepsake once the trip is over. Tags can even be used as motivational objects by businesses, who can have their company slogan engraved.

Sometimes charitable organizations will have large numbers of tags engraved with special sayings or information about the charity and sell them to supporters. Many church groups have had favorite bible verses engraved and raise money by selling them.

You can buy tags individually, in pairs, or in huge quantities, and they are very reasonably priced – usually well under $ 10 each, or even less when bought in bulk. Silencers are great accessories that can be ordered with them. These are the plastic or rubber frames around the edges of the tags that keep them from making noise when they bump into things, and they come in lots of colors.

You can get tags in either shiny or matte finish, with or without various lengths of ball chain. The uses for these tags are almost limitless. Whether you want to make a fashion statement, wear them as a form of ID, have them engraved with emergency information, or put your band name on them, you can create dog tags for everyone. They are not just for military personnel anymore!

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