Get Followers & Build a Strong Presence on Twitter, Tweet by Tweet

Get Followers & Build a Strong Presence on Twitter, Tweet by Tweet

There are many questions about how to build a presence and get followers on twitter. Many persons also encounter the dilemma of which name to use for their Twitter account. The choice is often between their name and their business name. This choice should be simple. Why not reserve both and tweet from them appropriately.

You and your business are both closely related. A personal brand is important but so is a business brand. You can use both to your advantage on Twitter. Some will follow you on twitter just like they follow other brands. If you are unwilling to use your name and increase your accessibility to customers then you stand to lose as other competitors will gladly do so.

It is essentially one of the first things that you should do. Getting on is essential and if the CEO’s of multimillion dollar companies can make the time to use Twitter to communicate with customers via tweeting then can’t you?

Below are some steps that are vital for all marketers and small business owners to follow if they have not already done so.

1. It is important to sign up and claim your name on Twitter. Your name is important, if not more important, compared to your business brand. This will eventually assist your business brand later too.

2. You should upload a photo of yourself on to your Twitter user page. When you ask for trust you have to provide visibility and authenticity to customers. This will increase interactions and you will reach out better to your customers. You may need to resize your avatar when you upload your picture.

3. Make sure that you provide a Twitter profile that is honest and truthful. Your biography should be straightforward and you should provide real details. People will wish to learn more about you and will determine your character by the stuff that you enter on your profile. This can also result in higher slots in terms of search engines.

4. Essential is the provision of valuable content. You will have 140 characters in which to do this in each tweet. Make it worthwhile and interesting to your followers and users. A big no-no is the posting of a lot of links as you will be identified as only interested in making your brand.

5. Consistency is important and you should update your profile a few times for the day. Your following will want to hear from you often and will expect regular updates. Post messages on Twitter all through the day and your users are bound to read them.

6. You should try as much as possible to be humble in any advice that you provide. This means that while you are an expert you should not degrade anyone. Respect the Twitter medium and realize that mistakes can happen but do the best that you can and offer assistance when you can and accept help when needed. When you do not get a favorable response do not take it personally and move on.

7. The practice of re-tweeting interesting tweets is a good way to give value to all your network followers. You can do this by including RT and the username of the original tweeter.

8. Lastly, you must listen. It is common to get caught up in posting but forget about listening which is even more important. Make sure to check Twitter replies and any direct messages that you may have received.

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