2011 Seo Trends Everyone Should Understand

2011 Seo Trends Everyone Should Understand
We thought we would get in early and predict the coming trends for SEO in 2011.

1. Increased focus on local search (Google places)
Google has removed the use of external reviews of local search, but in the next year companies will be able to their own certificates from their website appear on the list of places with pictures. This indicates that Google intends to make pictures of the places the cornerstone of the moving direction of research.

2. Various optimized for mobile search
In the same way that Google increase the value of sites quickly, and you will too so that they increase the value to the sites that are optimized for mobile browsing.

3. Increase in the value of a link “in the context”
There will be a better balance between the links of high quality and low, with a penalty for a large number of low-context / quality of links. It reinforces this expectation on the part of the face that everyone is saying that the only way to build links with sites that are in the same field as you.

4. The rise of Yahoo / Bing
There are a lot of cases where the results of Google became filled with the content on the first page that isn’t relevant. It will take only a few of these for a user to start looking for something else. Yahoo / Bing will need to work on partnerships with some browsers and content providers to become a serious alternative, however, but they have all the ability to capture more of the search market.

5. Integration and social media
Media such as Twitter becomes more popular, and we expect to see Google integrate feeds from social networking sites to research and normal. We do not think it will affect the results in any way, or you will not be able to spam Twitter place to improve the normal search. But we do not believe that there will be some reference to the activity of social media within your list. May Facebook Page Twitter / become as good as your material in places of Google, who knows.

6. Website Speed
It is easy to see that Google will continue to make the web site speed an increasingly important factor in assessing the quality of the user experience.
Do you have any future trends for the year 2011?

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10 ceramic metal product trends begin to emerge the overall concept – sanitary ceramics, bathroom industry, sanitary Quotes – Hardware Industry

10 ceramic metal product trends begin to emerge the overall concept – sanitary ceramics, bathroom industry, sanitary Quotes – Hardware Industry

Editor’s note: Although the current tile wood, bamboo imitation, imitation Gyrosigma, silk, fake wallpaper, imitation fabrics, linen fabrics, imitation Leather Almost nothing is imitation, in 2009 in the rustic tiles is quite popular, this trend to continue in 2010. To Marco Polo, the Nobel, the Mona Lisa and other representatives of the traditional antique style ceramic tile, ceramic tile surface polished form deliberately irregular edges, resulting in the appearance after years of erosion, create a sense of history and natural feeling. First, low-carbon, green, Environmental protection Will become the mainstream

2010 years of walls, to tile development except in color, pattern, texture and other visual effects to continue to improve, the environmental protection and health in the development of increasingly functional, meeting the Copenhagen Climate Conference, advocacy and low-carbon life Chinese environmental health consciousness, health stone, antibacterial tiles, photocatalyst ceramic tiles, ceramic tile, and other new high-tech environmental protection anion tile will be the focus of attention.

2, Fang Shi, and three-dimensional effect is still the mainstream

2010 imitation stone products sell very popular, these imitation stone products superior performance and texture of stone, the visual effect is very realistic, gives people the perception of natural elegance. This trend will continue and by 2010, largely in the next few years will be the mainstream, to Hing-fai area of ceramic tiles introduced an epoch-making product, “Stone Cube” Series, for example, operation block fabric technology, fixed-point Granulation Technology, lithofacies fission technology, three-dimensional melt infiltration technique, five major cleaning crystallization technology to redefine the tiles, start the “third-generation tiles” of the innovation market. The product distance, similar to the National Natatorium “Water Cube” look, and if plants of the cell wall near tours. Three-dimensional simulation of massive Marble mechanism to achieve top results, the natural stone to restore the real charm. Jade green body of exquisitely carved crystal, emitting a noble and not reserved, elegant qualities of jade is not kitsch.

Learned that the “block cube” fabric technology is likely to be a breakthrough technology tiles Fang Shi, a massive linear texture texture as an important symbol of transition and will promote the production of the tiles in the field of deep-seated revolution, then the market will end the tiles to change the product layout.

Now many tile manufacturers are constantly imitating a variety of stone, jade and other materials to introduce new products, such as Dongpeng the launch of the Na Funa hole ceramic stone, clear that a new product texture, color and soft, slightly more classical taste, another stone texture.

3, antique style is not outdated Although the wood tiles

now, imitation bamboo, imitation Gyrosigma, silk, fake wallpaper, imitation fabrics, linen fabrics, imitation leather, almost nothing is imitation, in 2009 in the rustic tiles is quite popular, this momentum to continue in 2010. By Marco Polo, the Nobel, the Mona Lisa and other representatives of the traditional rustic style ceramic tiles, ceramic tile surface grinding deliberately formed irregular edges, causing the appearance after years of erosion, create a sense of history and natural feeling.

Relatively traditional antique brick, antique brick whole body is the use of special materials and new porcelain enamel decoration process, the preservation of traditional high art of antique brick classic style taste of the city the full glow of fashion trendy unlimited, superior surface texture of bright color Also taste full. Like Douglas, Marco Polo, l & d, gold antique Italian ceramic tiles and other whole body will continue to sell well in 2010.

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Trends In Home Automation

Trends In Home Automation
Many trends in home automation are popular, but this is more than a panic room or controlling the lights with a remote.

Home automation use to the only is found in rich home and in office buildings. Now trends are gearing toward home automation in private homes of an average homeowner. It is an investment not only for home security, but for making life easier as well. Technology changes frequently and that means the trends in home automation change as well. What is offered changes and the cost of the system also changes.

There are hardwired systems that are usually added as the home is being built. These are becoming more cost effective and are being added to many homes today. It is easier to add this system during this phase and can be done where the wires are hidden. Yet, adding a home automation can be done for a home that is already built including older homes.

Using a wireless system is a growing trend in home automation. These are perfect options for use in an already constructed home. It is less expensive in this situation because there does not have to be a lot of work done to run wires. This also helps prevent harming the house such as cutting holes in the walls during insulation.

A home automation system can be installed to use a wide array of things. It could be used specifically for an alarm system. This is run from a company that will monitor activity and the home owners have very little effort in the process. The system works for them every day and night. Other items that are being put on a home automation system are smoke detectors and CO detectors. There are home systems that are more costly compared to other systems, such as those that run the heating and cooling systems in a home.

Some less costly systems control window shades and appliances. An example is having the shades go up in the morning at a certain time and in a certain room or turning on a coffee maker in the morning making the beverage ready to drink when you wake up.

Basically these systems are set up to control whatever the item with very little work for the home owner. Owners have the freedom to not bother with it as they know it will work automatically as it is programmed. These systems can cost thousands of dollars depending on what they will be used for such as larger systems will cost more than a smaller system. The systems that control everything from opening and closing window shades to the security system entirely are the most costly, but they also control everything compared to the other systems.

Trends in the home automation system are making it even easier to use this type of system. There was a time that home owners only had a particular remote that could control the system. Now they can use cell phones and even the computer.

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