Quotes: August Showed Upward Trend In Domestic Sugar Prices – Sugar, Sugar – Food Industry

Quotes: August Showed Upward Trend In Domestic Sugar Prices – Sugar, Sugar – Food Industry
Investment consultant in industrial research centers from Ministry of Agriculture, agricultural market, according to Department of Agriculture expert monitoring and warning issued in August 2009 sugar market monitoring information shows that in August, the domestic price of sugar rose significantly, there is also a sharp rise in international sugar prices, the current , spreads continue to expand at home and abroad. Investment Advisor in the food industry, Chen Chen, chief researcher believes that the current global sugar inventories to minimize the sugar supply is expected to peak next year period, the sugar supply will show a tight state.

Department of Agriculture data show that the current domestic sugar prices rose significantly. In August, the average price of domestic sugar cane was 3931 yuan per ton, up 4.8% in the chain, up 38% year on year, to a high level since the 2005/06 crop season. Which, Guangxi sugar price per tonne from early in August rose to 3,800 yuan at the end of 4200 yuan journey, up by 10.5%. In domestic sugar prices, the international price of sugar has risen sharply, climbed the highest price since the 2002/03 crop season. Demand and supply gap in the international sugar prices to bring profitable support, August 11, New York, raw sugar prices rose, from 19 cents per pound in early risen along the way at the end of the 24 cents, the average price of 22 cents a month, the chain up 24%, up 61% year on year, the highest since the 2002/03 crop season price.

As international sugar prices rose sharply, Thailand in August after-tax price of sugar imported into the shore (Pearl River) up to 5198 yuan per ton, up 725 yuan from the previous month, the main production areas of sugar cane than the domestic wholesale price of high 1267 yuan, 546 yuan to expand the spread last month. Customs data show that in July, China imported 132,000 tons of sugar, part Bizeng 46.5%, up by 5.07 times. 1-7 months, China imported 863,000 tons of sugar, up by 57.5%.

Sudden drop in sugar output by the impact of global sugar production this crop season declined. Investment Advisor in the food industry, Chen Chen, chief researcher believes that the current global sugar inventories to minimize the sugar supply is expected to peak next year period, the sugar supply will show a tight state.

Production by more than the previous crop season sales, lower prices affect the late crop season, the crop season significantly decreased the sugar industry benefits, this one? May deficit of 260 million yuan. However, since the second quarter of this year, as China’s economic recovery, demand for sugar consumption have shown a warming trend, especially in food and beverage industry, a substantial increase in the demand for sugar. In the second quarter, the beverage industry into the season, leading to an increase in the demand for sugar, sugar prices and supply are good rebound situation occurs, leading to sugar a “shortage” situation.

In the first half, subject to import sugar and stock and other factors, domestic sugar prices have been running low, most of the sugar companies are suffering losses, with the sugar used in the pressure peak and the end of stock, domestic sugar has started to rise individual provincial sales rate was once close to the situation. Into the third quarter, subject to the impact relations between supply and demand imbalance, the collective international and domestic prices rise in the cafeteria.

Investment adviser in the release of “2009-2012 China’s soft drinks industry, Investment Analysis and Prediction of the report” shows that foods with sugary drinks account for 32% of the amount of sugar, 1-August, soft drink production reached 51,926,300 tons, more than cumulative increase of 20.87% over the same period last year. In the first half, beverage manufacturing industry sales income of 40.268 billion yuan, up 2.68%; net profit of 8.05 billion yuan, up 26.62.

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Development Trend Of Automation Software Platform – Automated Software Platform – Electrical

Development Trend Of Automation Software Platform – Automated Software Platform – Electrical
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1, industrialization and background information 1.1, the integration of industrialization and informatization
Industrialization is an important driving force of economic and social development, and information technology has penetrated into production management, and economic life in all corners of the integration of information technology and industrialization of the future direction of economic development is the high ground occupied an important post-crisis era measures. By “two of integration”, using information to promote industrialization, promotion of information technology is to improve the quality and efficiency of economic growth, an important thrust, while industrial development related to new materials, new Energy Technology, energy conservation, smart logistics management, production services and other needs of the development process of industrialization and informatization of the joint promotion of traditional manufacturing techniques in order to speed up the speed to increase productivity.

And configuration software for industrial automation platform based on type tool is in the information society background, with the industry IT The constant development of technology was born, developed, because software is the core of industrial automation systems and soul, HMI / SCADA configuration software platform for industrial automation, information society impact is far-reaching, and some information and industrial automation-related technologies such as SOA, Web,. net, OPC, industrial network technology, to monitor the configuration software provided strong support for the development environment, fully integrated automation, The more powerful configuration software more able to reflect the value of the overall automation system.

Connection with the advanced IT technology, power control eForceCon configuration software factory model consistent with the technical design, support for Linux and Unix server operating system based on real-time and historical data management, consistent with B / S and C / S the management of mixed-mode to achieve with video surveillance, multimedia, large relational database, alarm management, large-scale GIS systems nested, advanced control, schedule management, ERP for seamless integration of information technology for the industrialization and integration provides a good application platform.

1.2, information and automation equipment
For equipment and product information, the embedded system has the information technology (mainly chips and software) work closely with the traditional industries, so that mechanical and electronic power equipment, automation products, digital, network, intelligent characteristics of the industrial transformation is to network, integrated and intelligent direction, support for embedded systems operating system platform HMI / SCADA configuration software and equipment in the integration of information technology will play a significant role.

Second, the importance of system integration and product selection
With the increasingly fierce market competition, driven in tapping the potential synergies, providing coverage from the bottom to the top management of manufacturing automation package to solve automation and production management, implementation and other information systems solutions are fully integrated enterprises direction, thus requiring different automation software platform vendors to meet market needs, the production standards of open systems IT automation hardware and software products (including architecture, platforms, components and tools, etc.). Introduction of cover from the bottom of the control integration platform, monitoring, software integration platform to support the process information to the MES, ERP system integration of all components and automation software suite of products is the direction pursued by platform vendors, so that can meet the SI system of information to establish the time Optimization of the different functional requirements select. Power control technology ForceCon series product family provides integrated automation enterprise total solution for enterprise integration projects preferred.

Third, automation software platform’s role in the integration

With the IT automation system for establishing the role of enterprise information more prominent, so easy and convenient unified development environment is essential to the integration project, all major automation companies in ERP, MES, PCS on the basis of three-tier structure integration of existing hardware and software products have to meet the integrated system architecture for the whole enterprise manufacturing, production management, automation and information to provide total solutions.

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New Trend Of Custom Rhinestone T Shirts Quotes, Names & Messages

New Trend Of Custom Rhinestone T Shirts Quotes, Names & Messages
The new styles of t-shirts have entered in the market places. People now like to write name and quote in the t shirts. In many corporate and office, owner gives t-shirts to their employees and customers for making their name as brand name. One more issue is for writing the name in the t shirts. In the fashionable age, youths like to mention their name in the t shirt. Quotes and other messages are also written on the t shirts for letting people know about their thoughts.

In Valentine days, people make written love messages and her girl friend/boy friend name on the t shirt for impressing his/her lover. This has become the new trend for impressing woman. Writing quotes in the good t shirts are the new trend of this year. Even if different fonts and colors can be obtained in the t shirts.

Rhinestone is also become the good accessories for writing quotes, names and messages. There are many different colors of rhinestones available in the market places. People like to get good rhinestone t shirts for being so modernize. Rhinestone is good stone which is now used for writing in the t shirts.

Custom rhinestone t shirts are very much used in the world. It is very popular among youths. Love season is going on and impressing a girl has become the new task for youths. In this time, if writing the name on t shirt then it becomes really very impressive.

For business owners, it has become the new promotional field and making their name as brand name among all competitors. Rhinestone t shirts also give you good looks. The quality t shirts give you much impressive look.

You can also get good rhinestone designs in the t shirts. If you are looking for good designed t shirts then you should move www.rhinestonewear.org. This is one of the best places for solving entire of your need. You can also get facility to write quotes, names, and messages in the t shirts. If you are going to promote your business then now start writing your company name on t shirts and start gifting t shirts to every person who belongs to your business. Thus you will start getting benefits from the promotion.

Good Designed t shirts are coming in new trends. See few t shirts now. New Tends of personalized rhinestone t shirts are:
1.Cowgirl Rhinestone T-Shirts
2.Bachelorette Rhinestone T-Shirts
3.Fleur de lis Rhinestone T-Shirts
4.Mothers Rhinestone T-Shirts
5.Valentine”s Day Rhinestone T-Shirts
6.Wings Rhinestone T-Shirts
7.Zodiac Rhinestone T-Shirts
8.Sports Team Rhinestone T-Shirts
9.Fish and Aquatic Rhinestone T-Shirts
10.Company Promotional Rhinestone T-Shirts

These are few categories of rhinestone t shirts. In new trends, people are also liked new style fonts in the t shirts.

Custom Rhinestone T Shirts have become the new trend for youths. You should start using it at your t shirts for promotion, impression and sending thoughts. You should also use personalized rhinestone t shirts for being fashionable.