Social Media Takes Flight With Twitter

Social Media Takes Flight With Twitter

What is it?
Twitter is a social networking site that allows users to answer the question “What are you doing?” in 140 characters or less. People have the opportunity to “Follow” people from all over the world to keep up with friends, headlines or even celebrity gossip. There is no limit of how many people can you can follow, and if you no longer want to follow someone (or have someone follow you), you can turn this option off. Twitter also comes with a search box so you can search for people or ideas that interest you, and read those user updates.

Who uses it?
Twitter has a very all-inclusive group of users. News organizations post headlines, companies post updates and press releases, travel agencies post deals and packages, retail stores post discounts. On the flipside, the Average Joe and Jane can post anything about their personal life from updates about a boat he’s building in the garage, or how a new recipe was a big hit at the dinner table last night.

Benefits in Internet Marketing
Because Twitter is so user-friendly and easily maintained, it is almost unspeakable to not have an account for your business. Adding customers (and target customers) as friends and keeping up with their interests and wants can help you be more in-tune of what they are looking for. Also, use Twitter to keep up with your competition. Finally, if your company keeps a running blog, you can “tweet” each blog entry, directing more traffic to your site.

How to Sign Up
Twitter is as simple to register for as it is to use. Just create a user name and password, provide an e-mail address, enter a captcha and you are ready to go.

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Jessica Swink is a freelance writer specializing in articles about SEO for travel Web sites and professional SEO writing services.