5 Simple Steps to Branding Yourself Online

5 Simple Steps to Branding Yourself Online

Commenting on Blogs – Growing Your Network

With so much repetitive content online, it’s really important to add the human or personal element.

One way to do that, as well as demonstrate your expertise, grow your reputation online (your personal brand) AND get useful backlinks to your website or blog is through commenting on other blogs.

Blogs have evolved. They are no longer about a one-way distribution of content but are an opportunity to encourage one-to-many dialogues.

As a blog owner, comments are invaluable because they inform you as to what your readership is actually thinking (& feeling), allowing you laser-like focus in delivering only the best, most relevant, content back to your readership. So it’s a win-win.

BUT there is an art to what constitutes best practise when commenting on other blogs.

Let me explain in 5 simple steps:

1. Signup at Gravatar [upload your picture].

Not only will your face now show up on your own blog but also on every blog that is Gravatar enabled. How’s that for personal branding?!

2. Add your name and title

Instead of just writing your real name in the first box (as most do), think about who you are known as (or want to be known as)

or what your most relevant keywords are. Enter that as well.

For example, sometimes I put “Noel Lyons – The Exercise At Home Coach” or “Noel Lyons – Fitness Business Coach” etc depending on the content of the blog I am commenting on.

This way you now have “keyword rich anchor text” linking back to your website or blog. Plus you have just branded yourself.

3. Add Specific Blog Post URLs [versus your homepage url]

Instead of entering your home URL eg yourdomain.com attract deep links by entering where you can specific blog post URLS relevant to the content you are commenting on. eg yourdomain.com/blog/readmyposttoo [This ties in with step 4].


If you are truly looking to grow your reputation online and attract followers, try to add to the conversation.

Redirect readers to a relevant blog post you have written on the same subject, another resource or a comment you feel is an valuable addition.

Brief comments like “great” + “nice one” can easily be mistaken for comment link spam (with the sole intention of getting backlinks to your site)! [This ties in with step 5]

5. Target High Traffic or High PR Blogs

It’s often not worth commenting from a SE rankings perspective on blogs with a zero or low PR rating.

Indeed, certain associations can see you get the cold shoulder from Google too!

So use automated blog commenting software which helps use locate high Google PR blogs and blogs which actually link back to you (eg “dofollow” blogs like mine versus “nofollow”). See my free blog commenting software which comes with my free bronze membership at PTO.

It’s not just about PR though; certain blogs can still be highly targeted or high traffic and yet have a low or non-existent PR rating.

These are worth targeting too!

Plus if you can, be one of the first three to comment on a high traffic blog

Because when you read a post, these are the comments you tend to read too, as we all like to know what other people thought about it as well.

Here software like Comment Sniper is especially useful as it alerts you straightaway when a new post is published.

Some say blog commenting is not an effective use of time. I say it depends


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Get Your Ex Back Now Following These Simple Tips

Get Your Ex Back Now Following These Simple Tips

Looking back at those days of wonderful time of love, you must be devastated after the breakup. You feel like the whole world turns against you. This is normal everyone goes through ups and downs in their love relationship. So now it is time to get your ex back and show how much you love him or her.

Usually the causes for the breakups are mainly due to misunderstanding and lack of communication. No matter how much you try, those things that you always dreamt about start to collapse slowly, just dying a little day by day. So what does it take to get your ex back again into your life?

Not much, only few simple steps that you need to follow carefully.

First of all, if you strongly think that you can get your ex back then start as if you are doing okay with the breakup and it didn’t really affect you. This led your ex to think of you as a very wise and mature person. Since you are not complaining, begging or crying, like some people do, your ex will start to realize how important it is to have you in his or her life.

Secondly look after yourself, don’t neglect yourself. Go to parties, get yourself busy and go social for a little while. When you confront your ex, you can talk about other stuff other than your own relationship or the breakup. Make your ex believe that he or she is missing something big: And that big thing is “You”!

Lastly, when your ex calls, fix the meeting in local pub that she or he likes most. Tell your ex that it feels really strange living separated or far one from another. Eventually you will end up kissing each other in no time and make up. So now you know the secret of how to get your ex back.

These are just some of the steps that you need to follow to finally end up reuniting with your ex love.

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Simple Link Building Tips For The Challenged Marketer

Simple Link Building Tips For The Challenged Marketer

Link building can be difficult, though, and the fact that the search engines frequently update their criteria for ranking sites doesn’t make it any easier. Therefore, the most effective way to build links today is to go for one way link building. Getting reciprocal links is usually easier than getting one way links, but they aren’t as effective. If you want to reach the top of Google’s (and other search engines’) listings, one of the things you need are one way links. If you are looking for some effective link building methods to use for your own business, the following tips will help you.

The golden rule of quality link building is relevance. There are many millions of sites that link to external sites of a totally different subject. As you know, it’s important for search engines to only return relevant results. Search engines tie that into links because they give more weight to a link that is from a relevant site. Non-relevant links still count, but you’ll need more of them to get anywhere. The best strategy is to always aim for relevant backlinks, but do get all you can to look natural.

Another method involves creating blogs on other platforms that are a third party entity.

You can use sites such as Blogger.com or WordPress.com to build shorter content blogs, plus there are other sites. From those blogs you can link to other backlinks or Web 2.0 properties you’ve made which eventually link back to your primary website or blog. Before you try any method you read about in an article, it’s smart to do more research because an article is too short to cover all aspects of it, and some are important to know about.

If you are a member of any online forums, you are probably aware that you can create a signature that is included when you make posts, and this can be a link. Join active forums that are relevant to your target market and become an active member by posting and answering questions, sharing information and so forth. Once people start seeing you as an authority, they will want to check out your website, which is exactly what you want. What is especially good about this? Forums provide you with both traffic from your target market and quality, links created in an ethical manner.

Link building, or backlink building, is the staple of all search engine marketers. It should be the number one tool in your marketing arsenal.

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Equis Metastock Is A Simple Yet Powerful Trading Software

Equis Metastock Is A Simple Yet Powerful Trading Software

One of my favorite technical analysis software that I use on a daily basis is Equis Metastock. This is a pretty god, stable and decent software that does have its flaws, like any other software, but that I believe is a good choice and a good fit-all solution. The software is customizable to suit all your needs and to show you exactly what you would like to see not adding too much unwanted info on the same window.

I have tested many softwares and each has its own characteristics, advantages and flaws. I do believe that Metastock is not the best and most powerful software there is. I believe Metatrader, for instance, is much more powerful software that will allow top users to customize the software as much as they want it, create complex indicators and do some back testing on their systems. But all this powerful customization comes with a price: learning curve.

Metastock is limited in some ways but not as limited to not let you create a few indicator of your own. Besides that, if offers in one single and easy to learn programming language to create custom indicators, expert advisors, explorer runs (to search among various stocks which ones are behaving the exact pre-defined setup that you want to follow) and many more. In Metastock, you can create a simples moving average for instance, with a single command line and later embed it in any other custom indicator of your choice.

I have been using Metastock for quite a while now and like I said, this software has its strengths and its flaws. I believe that Metastock will fit your needs if you are searching for smart software that allows you to customize the interface, indicators, perform some back testing easily but with a limited array of options. Then later on if you feel that the software is hindering your progress, you might move on and buy a more specialized software.

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Edit Mp3 Tags the Swift and Simple Way

Edit Mp3 Tags the Swift and Simple Way

How you can Edit Mp3 Tags with TidySong

At this time most individuals’s tunes collections have moved from compact disks in plastic scenarios to collections of electronic digital new music on their hard drives. And you’ll find rather a number of sites for the world-wide-web for people so you are able to get their electronic new new music fix, respectable shell out spine internet sites like iTunes also some with all the far more unsavory corners inside entire world enormous net. While making use of recognition of Mp3 avid gamers significantly like the ubiquitous iPod, extra and much more individuals are storing in depth downloaded electronic tunes collections on these devices at exactly the same time as their distinct pcs. Sadly all this downloading from different means may perhaps cause a songs selection to rapidly get disorganized, high to duplication, incomplete info and misspellings, all producing it tough to deal with and discover the unique song you come about for being trying to discover.

The selection is TidySongs. TidySongs is usually a computer software suite which will help you to edit mp3 tags and get a cope with on that wild and unruly digital tunes assortment that you choose to motivation to organize, but just typically will not have carry the time for you to go by indicates of each solitary song one specific by anyone. TidySongs will automate the system in your own event, seeking your wide variety and discovering any difficulties along with the new music files files and supplying to suitable them though making use of mouse click of the mouse.

TidySongs will investigation as being a outcome of one’s songs assortment and locate any misspelled band or album names and appropriate them automatically by connecting to a web-based knowledge supply containing details on one thousand’s of artist and bands from all genres. TidySongs will even investigation for your ideal safeguard fine fine art and retrieve any lacking files including artist, song titles and launch working day. All this whilst you sit spine once more and allow the software do every single in the run by editing mp3 tags.

Rather a few intervals in proceeding via a brand new music selection 1 finds duplicates of songs that are simply just using up helpful storage space by using a hard drive or iPod. By using TidySongs it’s possible you’ll seek for duplicate songs with your assortment and also sort duplicates by song length and audio excellent. By undertaking this you could possibly be guaranteed you’re going to be retaining the incredibly best of your Mp3′s and discarding all those of inferior excellent. Or, whenever you need, you’ll find a way to hold the duplicate songs and permit TidySongs mark them as ‘duplicate’ inside your range, generating it uncomplicated to kind by method of and uncover the highest high quality Mp3 of that specific song as portion within your assortment.

So truly really don’t squander various several hours and hrs seeking to organize your digital songs assortment and edit mp3 tags. Allow TidySongs preserve you time and frustration nevertheless automatically organizing and updating your tunes library creating use of it actually is extensive within the web files source for generating employing your tunes assortment straightforward and fulfilling.

But if your tunes range can be a mess and full of “Observe 01″ and “Unfamiliar Artist” chances are you’ll fix mp3 tagsautomatically in mins!

Fix mislabeled new music, obtain album art work, and get concert alerts with the best mp3 tag editor within the market. Mouse click the links above or backup and previous this url in on your correct bar for the complete study of your software and its attributes, conduct which has a video recording tutorial on the way to use the application.

Simple Backlink Building Strategies For More Website Traffic

Simple Backlink Building Strategies For More Website Traffic

As you progress, always keep reading and learning about what’s going on because things change, and you need to know what they are. You’ll be much better off in the end if you backlinks are of good quality because of the vicious level of competition. Today we’ll talk about getting those treasured backlinks that are quality, and we hope you will use our tips.

Considering the use of press releases for backlinks, obviously it would take a lot to get large numbers, but you can point some good page rank power to your site using releases. Just one press release about your website or business can be distributed to hundreds of press release sites. Then your PR will be sent out to different news websites on the net. Yet the value that press releases have when it comes to SEO backlinks and traffic is not fully appreciated. But few people know that it’s a free method to build one way backlinks that take you a long way. There are all kinds of different services for handling press releases including low cost distribution to other press release sites as well as others.

One other method that has been around for a few years uses the Squidoo Lens which is just a third party platform for hosting content. Creating a Squidoo lens is an easy and effective means to build quality backlinks. What you do is find a keyword phrase that you want to use, and if it is available at Squidoo, then you can build a lens in less than an hour. Imagine placing anchor text links on your lens that is a backlink to your primary website? That is a very good thing to have.

You can also leverage online blogs in your niche to get more backlinks to your site. Look for blogs that have a place for your link and comment on them, but make the comments meaningful so they aren’t deleted as spam. If you regularly leave a few comments here and there, you can accumulate lots of links this way.

Link building, or backlink building, is the staple of all search engine marketers. Knowledge plus taking appropriate action is what will make the difference in your success.

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3 Simple And Effective Backlink Building Methods

3 Simple And Effective Backlink Building Methods

Building high quality backlinks should be your number one priority, and doing so can be simple and non intrusive. Yes, you can create targeted backlinks by commenting on other niche related blogs. You might be thinking that creating all of those comments will take up too much of your time. But fortunately, this is where you will have to make a wise decision. You are allowed to put your link and name in your blog comments. However, it is very crucial that your put your comments the right blog in the right way. First of all, make sure that the blog’s topic is related to yours because you want the interest of the reader.

Second, opt to only comment on and get backlinks from blogs that have a higher page rank. Third, you don’t want the blog to have a “no follow” tag. In other words, you want the search engines to view your backlink as a good one. There are tools online that help you know if a blog is a “no follow” or not. Finally, don’t make the mistake of using your personal name for anchor texts; only use your product name. Once you start playing around with this technique, you’ll realize that there is more to it. So go on and start trying it.

When you are building backlinks, things are better if you are unique and ethical with your methods. One smart way to create good backlinks is to utilize Squidoo or HubPages. These are revenue sharing sites that let you write your own information articles and share them with your specified audience. What makes these sites even better is that you are able to create anchor text links, which makes it even better for your link building plans. Don’t exploit these services using the unethical methods, but rather use them responsibly for adding links to your site. What makes this even better is when you put backlinks on Squidoo and HubPages to your site, search engines will put more weight on these links because they have authority. This means the pages you build through them will themselves rank well along with pushing your own website for your chosen keyword.

Another proven tip for building backlinks is to utilize the article directories and add niche articles. Yes, that is correct; you can create your articles, include an author’s resource box and then put them all over the web in different directories. Your resource box will include a link to your website along with your website information. Links that originate with article directories are given more rankings by the search engines. Also, if your article gets picked up by other webmasters and is republished, your resource box goes along with it, giving you even more backlinks.

All in all, you can gain plenty of quality backlinks if you just follow these tips.

Dario Montes de Oca is an Internet entrepreneur who has studied and implemented countless online marketing strategies. Don’t make mistakes that will KILL your business, go to http://www.BestBacklinksEver.com to claim the best backlinks ever for UNBELIEVABLE website ranking with SEO!

Get High Page-Rank Backlinks Free – It’s Simple – Find Out How By Reading This

Get High Page-Rank Backlinks Free – It’s Simple – Find Out How By Reading This

To get a high page rank it all starts with the building of the back linking system, that you want to use with your website. To get high page rank backlinks for free, its simple make your website the most eye grabbing and popular as you possible can. This will help you maintain your website and also help you maintain a good cash flow from running your website.

The best way to get your website well known in the search engines is to have a good back linking tool. Good website back linking tools will get your website more known to the public eye. A well of back linking tool is called Directory Bot, it submits many web directories to the world wide web.

If you send out directories, the benefit is back links, you will receive high page ranks on Google, good back links and it helps with giving your website the popularity boost it deserves. This program submits directories for you, so you don’t have to manually.

Google is changing the way you get a high page rank from them. You need a significant amount of back links to your website. You need high quality back links to your website that are of no cost.

Free back links or back links, are one solution to helping you sell your product that you might be selling on your website. If you want people to start finding your product in search engines more, you’ll need to get directory bot and start submissions straight away.

To get a good back linking system built up and getting #1 on the page ranking, its hard and it requires hard work and determination. With those two efforts, you can be successful in creating a good back linking system for you to make some money from.

To get high back link quality you need to start looking at websites that are in the top page of the Google page rankings. Any website that places a url link back to your website on theirs, is considered a back link to you. The more of these you get the better off your page ranking will be and the more attention your website will get.

Hopefully now you know what to do when looking for back linking programs, or back link quality. Hopefully you know what you’re looking for to now when looking for free back links.

I’ve created a membership for people who would like to get 50 high quality do follow backlinks with page rank of 4 and above with step by step screen shot instruction monthly to dominate their keyword in search engines ranking within 7 days. By following this membership, you’ll discover exactly what you need to get instant backlinking result to rank 1st page of Google and start getting free organic traffic quicker than you ever thought possible.

How to Get Rid of Skin Tags at Home – 3 Simple But Powerful Methods to Remove Skin Tags Permanently

How to Get Rid of Skin Tags at Home – 3 Simple But Powerful Methods to Remove Skin Tags Permanently

Do you really know how to get rid of skin tags naturally? Are you usually getting irritated and embarrassed because of skin tags coming out of nowhere? If yes then you must be looking for a surefire method which can remove your tags permanently. There are several methods to remove them but very few of them works really well. Read further to know my personal favorite 3 methods to remove tags easily and inexpensively.


Most people generally make a mistake of visiting a local dermatologist for a medical surgery. The problem with this method is usually you end up paying expensive bills and this type of surgery can’t have a medical insurance. Instead of paying huge bills for removing tags, you can use some very effective and simple home remedies which will not cost you more than few dollars.


1.The very first method is cutting the tags directly. This is one of the most simple and easiest one. But you have to be careful while cutting the tags. You need to use sterilized pair of scissors or nail clippers for cutting. Make sure the utensil you use is of a proper size and sharpness. Sterilization should be done with the help of hydrogen peroxide or an alcohol. Don’t forget to keep first aid kit ready in case bleeding happens.


2. Another method is cutting off the blood supply of tags. This seems dangerous at first sight but in reality it is very simple and harmless method. You can use a small string to tie around the neck of the tag and repeat this process for a few days in the week. In few days you will be successful in removing tags automatically.


3. The last one is my favorite which is using alternative natural treatments. If you use the most holistic natural treatments then you can effectively and permanently get rid of your skin tags. These treatments generally do not cost much and are harmless to your skin.

Don’t you want to get rid of your skin tags permanently and safely?

Click the following link to discover the most natural step by step program to remove any type of tags in just 3 days. http://www.vbmarticles.com/skintags-moles-warts-removal