Make Your Broadcasting Easier With Radio Automation Software

Make Your Broadcasting Easier With Radio Automation Software
A reliable, user-friendly solution for professional quality radio programming, automation and engineering is radio automation software. This provides most users with everything they need without the unnecessary extras and the high price tag. RadioBOSS is one such solution and, packed with useful features, it provides radio DJs or anyone else who needs to create background music playlists everything they need. It allows you to start broadcasting immediately and it can be left unattended for as long as you need. The software is also particularly easy to use with no steep learning curves required.

For those who need to create the background music for any kind of public venues, RadioBOSS provides the easy, cheaper solution. It is ideal for creating the background music in shops, restaurants, clubs, Internet radio or any other public venue. Since this is radio automation software, it allows you to leave it running unattended once it has been set up so that you can get back to focusing on other, more important areas of your work. The user interface is simple to operate as the software is designed to save you time while still providing the high quality results that you seek.

With any software that carries out automated tasks, stability is one of the most important factors. With RadioBOSS, you have a particularly stable music player built in. You can also use this to specify which playlist should be played and when. A built-in audio converter also allows you to use any audio files stored on your hard disks without any issues. The software’s music database is also particularly user-friendly as you can use it to annotate, track and manage your full music collection. The playlist generator helps you to save more time as well, including features such as playlist templates and more.

The main part of the program is the player component which allows you to easily launch and edit playlists and setup the schedules governing when each playlist should be played. The files can be converted as well for maximum compatibility. Formats that may be converted include MP3, WAV, WMA, Audio CD or OGG. Advertising tracks can also be placed in your playlists and you can also choose to specify an automatic volume increase when they are to be played. Additionally, Internet streaming audio can also be added to your playlists.

The player component comes with all of the features that any radio DJ could ever need. You can add a number of different audio effects to tracks of your choice including a flanger, echo, reverberation, pitch and tempo. There is also a twelve band equalizer. The software also takes full advantage of multi-channel soundcards.

The playlist generator can automatically generate playlists of a specific duration. There are also playlist templates which allow you to easily add hour markers, playlist rotations, advertising or other sound effects. The music database component organizes the entire collection which allows you to sort and filter records, tagging music files as well, regardless of their format.

With low system requirements and a very reasonable price tag, RadioBOSS is a highly attractive solution. To find out more, visit

David Jackson is a radio broadcaster and writer who is currently working on a series of articles about radio broadcasting and radio automation software.

Automate Audio Playback In Public Venues With Radio Automation Software

Automate Audio Playback In Public Venues With Radio Automation Software
For those who need to provide music or other audio to a public venue on a daily basis, radio automation software provides the ideal time-saving solution. Whether you need professional radio programming for an Internet or traditional radio station or background music for a public venue such as a shop or a restaurant, a solution such as RadioBOSS is what you should be looking for. RadioBOSS includes many useful features as well as an extremely stable player application. It also provides efficient technical support and outstanding ease of use. With this solution, you can start broadcasting as soon as you have installed it. No steep learning curves are required.

RadioBOSS makes the task of creating and playing background audio playlists in any type of public venue easy. The software also automates the process, allowing you to dedicate your time to more important tasks to be done in your daily routine. RadioBOSS can be used to quickly and easily create background music for a wide variety of different situations. Once configured, the software can be left indefinitely or as long as is required. The user-friendly interface is simple to operate and designed to save you time while providing you with great results from the very beginning.

Stability is essential with radio automation software, as it is with any program that is designed to be left unattended over long periods. RadioBOSS has a built-in audio player which is particularly stable. This allows you to control how and when you want specific playlists to be played as well. There is an audio converter program included as well, allowing you to use audio files in all popular formats likely to be found on your hard disk or other media. The music database component provides a place where you can easily track and manage your music collection. There is also a playlist generator and templates available.

The main component of this radio automation software is the Player. This lets you launch and edit any playlists and set schedules when you want certain tracks or playlist to be played. Conversion pairings are also included in this utility. Files can be converted between WAV, Audio CD, OGG, MP4 and WMA, for example. Advertising audio tracks, jingles and other tracks can also be played, with an automatic volume increase if required. Even Internet streaming audio can be added to the playlists!

The player also provides some extras that may turn out useful. These include the ability to add audio effects such as a flanger, tempo, pitch, reverb or echo. A twelve band equalizer and the ability to take advantage of high definition multi-channel sound cards also ensures that audio playback is of the highest quality.

RadioBOSS also includes a utility that can automatically generate playlists of a predefined duration. Playlist templates and the possibility of adding hour markers including rotations or advertising are also available. Finally, there is the music database, a place where you can easily track and manage your entire audio collection.

To find out more about radio automation software, visit the product website at

David Jackson is a radio broadcaster and writer who is currently working on a series of articles about radio broadcasting and radio automation software

Broadcast Radio With Radio Automation Software

Broadcast Radio With Radio Automation Software
Radio automation software makes radio broadcasting easier and more efficient. You can leave it unattended and save time, leaving it to run for weeks or even months without any input from yourself. RadioBOSS is one such solution for radio broadcasting automation. It is also far cheaper than many other similar solutions, yet it still provides the features that you need to provide anything from background music to advertising in public venues. Efficient and reliable technical support is also provided and the software is easy to use and configure. No special knowledge is required and you can start taking full advantage of the software as soon as you first run it.

Background music is offered in a wide variety of public venues including restaurants, clubs, bars, shops or just about any other public place. RadioBOSS takes complete care of all of your radio broadcasting needs by automating the process and freeing up your time. This allows you to tend to more important areas of your job as well. You can quickly and easily create music playlists including advertising, jingles, announcements or anything else. The interface is easy to navigate and designed to help save you time by providing only the features that you need. The software is also extremely stable and you can easily leave it running unattended for as long as you want.

The stability of RadioBOSS as a program is particularly impressive. Application stability is highly important when it comes to automating any process and this software certainly takes case of that. The music player component of the application is extremely stable and it will also allow you to choose when you want playlists to be played. An audio converter is also included with the software so that you can play just about any type of audio file available instead of having to worry about compatibility issues. There is also a music database feature included and this is also especially easy to use. You can manage and annotate your entire audio collection as well, making it easier to find the tracks that you are looking for. To save even more time, a playlist generator and a variety of playlist templates are also included.

The Player component allows you to launch playlists and edit them as you require. You can also use the player to configure scheduled tasks. The conversion feature provides complete support for many popular formats including MP4, WAV, WMA, Audio CD and OGG. Using the player component, you can also place advertising tracks, announcements and more into your playlists. You may also configure the software to automatically increase the volume when these tracks play. There are also some welcome extra features provided by the player component. These include a variety of audio effects such as reverb, echo, flanger, pitch and tempo effects. A twelve band equalizer is also included to help achieve even better results.

RadioBOSS takes full advantage of multichannel sound cards, so you can be sure that it will make the most out of more powerful computers as well. The system requirements themselves are very low. To learn more, visit .

David Jackson is a radio broadcaster and writer who is currently working on a series of articles about radio broadcasting and radio automation software .