“The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it.” – A Good Quote For Entrepreneurs!

“The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it.” – A Good Quote For Entrepreneurs!

You have decided that you want to make extra money, or even a full time income with your own home based business! Here are some things to consider…

*You are not interested in any type of MLM or network marketing deal where you have to recruit people! (I don’t blame you…everyone seems to hate those)

*You don’t want to sell something that is being sold by two million other people around the USA!

*You want something simple and sweet, with maybe just one or two products or variations!

*You want to be able to buy small quantities, and not have to spend Big Money!

*You are NOT interested in obtaining any type of special permits, licenses, bank accounts, or anything complicated, in fact…YOU prefer to stay “under the radar!”

So, if you are 18 or older, live within the contiguous 48 United States, other than MA, MI, NY, and WI…then here is great news! You can buy a small quantity of Non-lethal, Self-Defense Pepper Sprays Seen Here at wholesale, and then turn around and sell them to other adults in your area or town!

Most people do not already have one of these awesome self-defense pepper sprays, only because they are not sold at every corner store, convenience store, or grocery store…yet people like them because they are non-lethal, and they’re inexpensive, and they bring “peace of mind!”

When you show one to someone, even a complete stranger, and simply ask if they want one…most people will immediately take out some money (cash) and buy at least one, on impulse! I know because I have been peddling these in my town for years! It is easy, fun, and it is daily cash!

My name is Father Time, a self-help writer and motivational speaker, and my cool website at www.FatherTimePublishing.com has tons of cool items, ideal for gift giving, or to brighten your day, and if you see something else there that you would like to buy in small quantities at wholesale prices, please let me know! Thanks!

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You can make money from home, whether you are selling pepper sprays or even something else, no matter what anyone else says, and never let someone you know who is negative, talk you out of doing something that you know you can do!

“The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it.” – Chinese proverb

Many Blessings!

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Wenden Build – China Textile City Of Technology – China Quote Wall Stickers – China Decal Wall

Wenden Build – China Textile City Of Technology – China Quote Wall Stickers – China Decal Wall
Wendeng adhere to market-oriented in order to lead as the basis, accelerate the concentration of textile industries, increase production concentration, matching the level of product awareness and collaboration, and gradually formed a new regional development advantages.

Wendeng the existing textile enterprises 4095, employing 13.8 million people. Textile industry cluster in promoting the process of development, the city has issued “Regulations on accelerating the development of the views of the private textile industry”, “on further accelerating the development of the views of the private economy” and a series of preferential policies to support business development. At the same time, screening of Shandong Yi Da, Wonder Group, Yun-Xiang embroidery, textile and some other Yinfeng larger, stronger, better growth of textile enterprises in the key development areas in order to key enterprises as a leader, in accordance with ” voluntary union, the product is similar to benefit-sharing, risk-sharing “principle, the formation of 12 private textile business of the Commonwealth, through the combined effect of reduced inter-enterprise integration costs and enhance competitive advantage. To lead healthy and rapid development of textile enterprises, the city adhere to the industry, academia, and research with the breach, the enterprise independent innovation as the main body to strengthen cooperation with domestic famous universities, research institutions of the collaboration, built the first textile industry, the province’s public Service Center, initially forming a set of information consultation, research, product display in one of the textile industry system and supporting service system. On this basis, the city’s increased efforts to promote the brand, and organized six provinces 30 City textile marketing activities, and guide enterprises to transform their marketing ideas, to widen business ideas and came up in Guangzhou, Hebei and other 20 districts held a large-scale marketing activities, sales of more than 2760 million.

To enhance product awareness, Wendeng always put a new brand strategy to promote industrialization as an important measure to task, has developed a series of encouragement, incentive measures, and guide enterprises to create famous brand and the city of rapid increase in the number of brand-name products and companies . At present, the city’s textile industry, already has three brand-name products in China, China’s two well-known trademarks, brand-name products in Shandong Province five, becoming a veritable “textile city.” In the awarded “China Textile Technology City” and “Top Ten of Shandong Province (Industry) industry clusters”, the recently Wendeng textile industry, also among the first batch of Shandong Province, the provincial list of industrial clusters of SMEs.

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February 6 Sealer Hc Food Industry Online Quote – Sealing Machine Offer, Sealing Machine – Food

February 6 Sealer Hc Food Industry Online Quote – Sealing Machine Offer, Sealing Machine – Food
Product Name Shipping to Unit price Change MOQ View Supply Sealing machine High Cup Wang Wang sealing machine sealing machine where selling prices Changping District, Beijing 280.00 / Taiwan 1 set See details Supply liquid filling sealing machine Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province 10000.00 / Taiwan 1 set See details Automatic cup filling and capping the supply box machine, cup sealing machine, tea cup sealing machine, box sealing cup machine Changning District, Shanghai 15000.00 / Taiwan 1 set See details Supply tube sealing machine, sealing machine, sealing face cream tube sealing machine, sealing machine Changning District, Shanghai 4800.00 / Taiwan 1 set See details Supply of electromagnetic pedal sealing machine, electromagnetic induction sealing machine, Sealing machine , Aluminum foil sealing machine Changning District, Shanghai 7500.00 / Taiwan 1 set See details Automatic cup filling and capping the supply box machine, automatic cup filling and sealing machine box, cup filling and capping box, Changning District, Shanghai 15800.00 / Taiwan 1 set See details Continuous supply of composite film sealing machine, aluminum foil sealing machine, sealing machine film book Changning District, Shanghai 1800.00 / Taiwan 1 set See details DF-20 supply hose sealing machine, semi-automatic tube sealing machine, automatic sealing machine, sealing Changning District, Shanghai 4800.00 / Taiwan 1 set See details Supply ZS-100 composite membrane sealing machine, portable sealing machine, hand sealing machine, Changning District, Shanghai 1800.00 / Taiwan 1 set See details Automatic cup filling and capping the supply box machine, filling and sealing machine, cup sealing machine, cup device Changning District, Shanghai 15000.00 / Taiwan 1 set See details Supply continuous sealing machine, Plastic bags Sealing machine Plastic Sealing machine, sealing equipment, sealing machines Changning District, Shanghai 900.00 / Taiwan 1 set See details Supply-sided heating sealing machine, plastic bag sealing machine, aluminum foil bag sealing machine, aluminum foil sealing machine Changning District, Shanghai 2000.00 / Taiwan 1 set See details The supply of sealing machines, cup sealing machine, Plastic cups Sealing machine, sealing machine Tu milk, soy milk sealing machine Changning District, Shanghai 15000.00 / Taiwan 1 set See details Supply continuous sealing machine, automatic sealing machine, plastic bag sealing machine, aluminum foil bag sealing machine Changning District, Shanghai 900.00 / Taiwan 1 set See details DF-25 supply hose sealing machine, ultrasonic tube sealing machine, ultrasonic tube sealing machine Changning District, Shanghai 52000.00 / Taiwan 1 set See details The supply of sealing machine, induction sealing machine, induction sealing machine, magnetic induction sealing machine Changning District, Shanghai 16000.00 / Taiwan 1 set See details Supply continuous sealing machine, sealing equipment, sealing machine, sealing machine, plastic bag sealing machine, Changning District, Shanghai 1000.00 / Taiwan 1 set See details Supply sealing machine Shanghai Baoshan District 3200.00 Open See details Supply sealing machine FRM980/FR900 Jiading District, Shanghai 2200.00 / Taiwan 1 set See details Supply sealing machine Jiading District, Shanghai 350.00 / Taiwan 1 set See details Supply stainless steel automatic film sealing machine FR900 Jiading District, Shanghai 1700.00 Open See details Supply of hand-pressure sealing machine PFS200/300 Jiading District, Shanghai 550.00 Open See details Supply Scaffolding sealing machine Songjiang District, Shanghai 400.00 / Taiwan 1 set See details Supply aluminum foil sealing machine FNJ2000 Jiading District, Shanghai 15800.00 / Taiwan 1 set See details

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For the second quote Gujierka Wenger vowed to dig Everton Tiewei 15,000,000

For the second quote Gujierka Wenger vowed to dig Everton Tiewei 15,000,000

Throwback MLB jerseys onlineshop webeditor report:

Many girls love boys pursue, they adopted the strategy is the “stalker”, nicely be called “perseverance wears away the stone.” The Arsenal, Everton in the  for the favorite, such a strategy is adopted, although the Toffees have already rejected Arsenal’s offer, but Arsenal do not want this back.

In a few days ago, Arsenal had quoted 10 million pounds, hoping the 27-year-old Merseyside excellent defender, but suffered Everton refused. And Everton’s manager David Moyes said Jiajierka the team not for sale in the hope that he continues to stay in the array.

But according to the British “Daily Mail” message, Arsenal determined to offer a second, but the price increase to 15 million pounds, Wenger does not seem to reach up no doubt, is really worthy of the degree of its persistence Bi Basa pursuit of small law.

Arsenal defender William Gallas both this summer, leaving the team Sylvester, Senderos has also been sold to go, it can be said in the guard position is a serious lack of people. While Wenger hired Cass Czerny from France, but with Virgin Mahlon and Zhu Lu, only three central defenders, and only experienced Mahlon Vail reassuring.

, 27-year-old Jiajierka, moved to Everton from 2007 will soon occupy the main position of the defender, he has been steady and excellent performance, has entered the national team, signed just last year and toffee a five-year contract. If Gujierka to be joining Arsenal, I believe he can bring enough to the Gunners defense experience to make up for the vacancy left Gallas.

The “Daily Mail” that 15 million pounds, close to the Everton team’s psychological bottom line, although David Moyes took a tough stance, but in front of Jin and Yuan offensive, may be served soft toffee. But now Arsenal is the Austrian training camp, they will return to London on Tuesday, Arsenal will be in time to launch a new round of transfer Jiajierka offensive.

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So You Want to Quote a Price on a Freelance Writing-Editing Assignment?

So You Want to Quote a Price on a Freelance Writing-Editing Assignment?

As a member of the Hong Kong Women in Publishing Society, and as a marketing consultant, editor and copywriter, I’m often asked to advise fellow members (and non-members) about how much they should charge for freelance writing/editing assignments.

I always tell them it’s impossible for me to give a definitive answer, because no two assignments are the same, and no two freelancers are the same. Everything (well, ALMOST everything) is negotiable.

If you’re pondering how much to charge for a freelance assignment when a prospective client asks you for a quote, you need to consider MANY factors, including:

What is the nature of your business relationship with the client? Have they been a loyal, eay-to-get-along-with client for a long time, or this a one-off assignment with a new client?
What is the nature of the assignment? Has the client briefed you clearly about what THEY mean by “copywriting”, “editing”, “proofreading”…? (For example, when a client asks you to “edit” some text, do they expect just a cursory spell-check; fixing the grammar/style/punctuation according to a given style manual; ensuring consistency of style/layout/spelling/punctuation etc from one chapter to the next; commenting on the actual content and logic of the piece; fact-checking; identifying and fixing any problems with the political correctness and cultural appropriateness of the text; making the text more compelling from a marketing point of view; marking it up for the graphic designer, or what?)
Is the client used to working with freelancers, or will you have to spend a lot of time and energy educating them about the process?
How complex is the work?
Will you have to do a lot of research?
How long do you think it will take you to complete the assignment?
How urgent is the deadline?
How experienced are you?
How much profit do you want/need to make?
How desperately do you want/need the work?
Is freelance writing/editing your full-time business or just a little hobby?
How desperately does the client want/need you?
How much is the work (or rather the results of your work) worth to the client?
Has the client paid your past invoices promptly?
How much do you like this client? Are the people easy and enjoyable to work with, or are they hard-ass negotiators who demand 17 rounds of revisions? Are they well organised? Are the lines of communication and accountability clearly defined?
Is the client expecting you to be available whenever they need you, at short notice (meaning that you’ll have to forgo opportunities with other clients)?
How much have you charged them in the past?
Do you want to brand yourself as “the cheapest in the market”, “around about the middle” or “Rolls Royce”?
Do you have unique skills and experience that no-one else can offer?
Will the client provide support/resources, i.e. will you do the work in their office, or in your own home/office? Will they provide secretarial help, access to a photocopier and phone, meals…?
How long is this deal likely to last? (One week, six months, ten years?)
How many rounds of revisions will you include within your quote?
How much do you think the client is willing/able to pay?
Has the client specified a budget for the assignment/project?
Is the client a big multinational company, a one-person business, a small local charity…?
Will there be any out-of-pocket expenses? Will you absorb those costs yourself or will you bill the client extra for reimbursement of those expenses?
If the task is to edit some existing text, how good/bad is that text? Was it written by a native speaker of the language?
Do you plan to charge by the word, by the page, by the hour, by the project…? A monthly retainer? A percentage of sales or profits?
What is your bottom-line, non-negotiable minimum fee?
Is this the right client/assignment for you? Does it match your skills, background and values?
How much do YOU think you’re worth?

© Kay Ross

Kay Ross is a Hong Kong-based marketing consultant & coach, editor and copywriter. She specialises in writing and editing compelling English-language marketing communications material that helps her clients to “sell more stuff” to more people, more frequently, more profitably. Oh, and she’s also a stand-up comedian and a bodyworker/healer. Find out more at http://www.kayross.com/

Choosing Between Leasing Vs Buying a Car With a Car Lease Quote

Choosing Between Leasing Vs Buying a Car With a Car Lease Quote

When you get a car lease quote, you will need to make the decision between leasing vs buying a car. This can be a tough decision to make when you don’t know much about car leasing, but once you do, it is one of the easiest decisions to make. We will look at buying a car and leasing a car and how leasing can have several distinct advantages.

So is it better to buy or lease a car? When you are trying to decide between leasing vs buying a car, the first thing you should look at is how long you are going to have the car. If you only want the car for a year, then buying a car doesn’t make sense. When you lease a car, you can lease it for one year, have low monthly payments and be able to give the car back after the lease, even if it is not paid back. This is a great option for those who only need a car for a little while. (Remember to take the time to search around and review a car lease quote from several companies/websites to ensure you get the best deal on your lease.)

Another reason why it is better to have the lease of a car is because you don’t have to deal with vehicle depreciation as much. When a vehicle is bought, it is worth a certain amount of money. However, as time goes on, the vehicle is worth less and less. By the time you sell the vehicle in five to eight years, it is worth about 90 percent less than what it was when you bought it. The problem here is that when you buy a vehicle, you pay the same monthly payment for what the vehicle was worth when you bought it, not its current worth. When you lease a car, you don’t have to deal with that because you are usually leasing for a very short period of time, where the value of the vehicle will not go down that much.

When you have to choose between leasing vs buying a car, then generally you should look at leasing. With a good car lease quote, you can save a lot of money and not be stuck in a long-term contract for a car that is losing value as each day goes by. This is why it is better to lease a car than buy it, and this is what a lot of consumers are beginning to figure out.

Want to save 0’s on your next car lease? BestCarLeaseInfo.com provides you with many free money saving tips and advice to make sure you get the best deal on your next car lease. Be sure to check out the page on car leasing deals.

Save Money on an Extended Car Warranty Service Contract by Getting a Quote & Buying Direct

Save Money on an Extended Car Warranty Service Contract by Getting a Quote & Buying Direct

If you’re looking to save crazy money on an extended warranty, use the net to compare different coverage that are available. Dealerships markup the rates on the extended warranties in order to make a profit. They overcharge so much, usually hundreds or thousands more than what the actual warranty company charges. Then to make things worse, the used car extended warranty offered through the dealer isn’t even worth it. Many buyers don’t even get enough coverage for all of the money they’re spending.

This happens smoothly for the dealer because they don’t really explain the extended warranty to the used car buyers. Now, the shoppers are unable to make a conscious decision on their buy. So with dealers like this, how can we know if we’re getting a good deal or not? Most of the time, dealers won’t present all of the paperwork, so the car buyer doesn’t get to read over everything, which is completely unfair. Now, the customer doesn’t know of the deductible they’re obligated to or what parts of their car are actually covered.

To avoid going through all of this, you can search around online for extended warranty companies and their quotes. Some sites will allow you to compare them side-by-side in order to see what the best deal is. All you need is the make, model, year and miles on the car you’re getting a warranty for — next you’ll have a page filled with quotes and benefits to compare. With the internet you have access to tons of deals on used car warranties. Make an educated decision on which to pick before choosing any one of them. Shop around as much as you can to ensure that you’re getting the best coverage for the lowest rate.

Save Money on an Extended Car Warranty Service Contract by Getting a Quote & Buying Direct
Acura Used Car Warranty

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Verizon Iphone Prompts Sprint To Drop Derogatory Iphone Quote From Ad

Verizon Iphone Prompts Sprint To Drop Derogatory Iphone Quote From Ad
First Verizon makes its big iPhone 4 play, now Sprint is telegraphing something regarding its iPhone plans as well. For those who thought the carrier moving-and-shaking for the iPhone had already come and gone, think again. Sprint is on the move, one way or the other, in relation to the iPhone. Even as the Verizon begins running its nationwide television ads bragging about the fact that its now landed the iPhone 4, Sprint has made a subtle yet significant change to its own ads. Until now, Sprint had been promoting its own EVO on TV by showing the text of, but not speaking, one favorable media quote about the phone after another. And the punchline quote was one in which one publication stated that the EVO was a superior option to the iPhone 4. The ad has been running consistently, for months, without change. Until now. The moment the Verizon iPhone 4 ad started running, Sprint altered its own commercial to remove the iPhone 4 quote entirely. The ad hasnt been edited for length. It runs the same length as before. Sprint simply decided that it needed to get the derogatory iPhone 4 quote out of its commercial. And the timing is ostensibly not a coincidence.

Sprint isnt the first U.S. carrier to take public potshots at the iPhone. In fact it was Verizon, barely a year ago, which threw the iPhone under a bus in almost vulgar fashion when it was launching the rival Droid. Shortly thereafter, Verizon curiously ceased airing the iPhone nastygram and its subsequent Droid ads made no mention of the iPhone one way or the other. At the time, it wasnt clear whether Verizon merely decided it was a bad strategy to mention a competing product in its own ad at all, or whether a Verizon-Apple partnership was secretly afoot and Verizon had decided to stop publicly bashing its new secret partner. Although it took Verizon another year-plus to get to the point where it was able to begin selling the iPhone itself, its now been revealed that the Verizon iPhone was actually in development for close to a year.

Do the calendar math, and it could still go either way as to whether Verizon yanked the anti-iPhone ad because it had a change of heart of a change of allegiance. Now, more than a year later, history is repeating itself with Sprint. At a time when the Verizon iPhone is done from an inside standpoint (all thats left is to market and sell it), now would be the time for Apple to turn its attention to expanding the iPhone to the Sprint and T-Mobile carriers, if indeed it plans to do so. Either way, at this point dont expect to see either carrier pick up the iPhone until the next generation iPhone rolls out later this year. But Sprints decision to remove the iPhone quote from its ad at this time adds up to something, whether its a change in strategy due to the Verizon iPhone 4 arrival, or a sign of a newly underway Sprint-Apple partnership. Its also worth pointing out that Verizons openly nasty anti-iPhone ad didnt keep Verizon from eventually being able to buddy up to Apple, so Sprints comparatively tame use of a calm quote from a third party shouldnt be a hurdle if and when Sprint and Apple sit down at the table if they havent already. The plot thickens. Heres more on the Verizon iPhone. Heres more on the Sprint iPhone.Acer as07b71 Battery,Acer as07b72 Battery,laptop battery

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What To Look For In A Home Siding Quote

What To Look For In A Home Siding Quote

Depending on the size of your house you could be looking anywhere from a couple of thousand dollars to the upwards of twenty thousand dollars.  Any suggestions that you may want consider are to make sure you get the quality of the siding that you want and need.  The reason that this is mentioned and said upfront is because the siding is meant to last you a very long time and depending on the type of siding that you select you could be looking at it for forty years. 

So, this would not be a time to pick out a color that is part of a fashion statement that will go out of style the next year.  If you take into consideration the amount of time and cost it takes to paint your home it will take a few years to see your return of investment, but you will see it.

When you know what the price is that you are talking about then you will most likely do some homework on the internet to see what you should be getting for the amount of money you will be paying.  We all know that labor is not cheap but you also do not want to pay the cleanup crew double the normal going rate. 

You may also want to talk to a few companies to see what it is that they charge and then ask a couple of companies to come and give you a siding quote estimate. If the amount of the project is too high then you have a couple of things to consider and that is downgrade on the type of siding you selected or use the companies financing options to assist you with your home improvements.

If you decide to do the project yourself then take into consideration the cost of tools, time and ask yourself if you will have help and will it be reliable for you. Another question to ask yourself is will you be able to complete the home improvement within the time limits you have placed in the project.  If you hesitate on any of these questions then use a contractor.  It will cost you more if a contractor has to come and finish or fix what you have started on the project to completion.  It may also put you in a position where you have voided a warranty for doing the work yourself.

The cost can range anywhere from $ 50 to $ 100 a square foot, taking into account your location and siding selection.  Another factor considered in the price is the size of your home.  Many people take advantage of company financing program on their home improvements once they receive their siding quote. 

For one thing, you will not wipe out your emergency fund and if the company is offering twelve month repayment with no interest charges you can easily handle the monthly payment.  Sears offers financing and would be able to handle this job from start to finish.

Shawn Hickman is the Search Marketing Manager for Sears Home Improvements which offers quality Home Remodeling Services throughout the United States. If you need more information on getting a Siding Quote, visit the Siding Services section of Sears Home Services website or call 1-877-587-1978

Conveyancing Quote – Beware of the Hidden Costs

Conveyancing Quote – Beware of the Hidden Costs
Conveyancing quote differ depending on whether you are selling, buying or re-mortgaging the property. The cost is the highest when you are the buyer. Some solicitors take up this opportunity to include a little extra by tricking you. Beware of the hidden costs by understanding what the right fee is. The Conveyancing fees charged should be broken down for you to understand why you are paying and for what. But the experienced trickster firms will make sure you cannot relate to anything in the breakdown and succumb to their trap.

Beware of the hidden costs by understanding what the right fee is. What does the conveyancing quote include? Conveyancing quote has two parts: Solicitor’s Basic Fee Disbursements The basic fee can be fixed by the solicitor in 3 different ways. He/she can consent to work for a fixed rate. Second option is he/she can work out a percentage out of the value of the property. So costlier the property, more money the solicitor gets paid. The third option is working on ‘per hour’ basis. The more the paperwork, the more fees charged. The first option will work out cheap for you, but not for the solicitor. So, most of the solicitors go with the second option. The third option will make you go bankrupt. So beware! A typical basic fee ranges from £300 – £ 1,200 + VAT. Disbursement is the money that the solicitor needs to pay others on your behalf. These are supposed to be fixed. Estimate of disbursement for buyers Bankruptcy search – £2- £4. Local authority searches – £100 – £200 Land registry office copies – £4 – £8 Environmental search – £30 -£35 + VAT (Applicable for Leaseholds) Drainage search – £30 -£40 + VAT (Applicable for Leaseholds) Local searches – £40 -£250 + VAT Land registration fee – £40 – £700 (varies depending upon the value of the property) Stamp Duty – this is the land tax which is a certain percentage of the property value. This can be from 1 – 4 % of the property’s value. Estimate of disbursement for sellers Land registry office copies – £4 – £8 Telegraphic transfer fee – £20 – £30 + VAT Where can the hidden costs be ‘hidden’? Some conveyancing firms may ‘invent’ disbursement to make some extra money. Make sure you have a thorough knowledge of what each term means and whether or not it is applicable to you. They lure you with ultra cheap deals where the basic fee is almost nothing and then you are in for a nasty shock when the bill arrives. Professional Indemnity, Postage, photocopying, phone calls, filling out stamp duty tax return, dealing with your lender, dealing with leasehold property, are some of the hidden costs which you shouldn’t even be charged for. Do not fall for cheap offers and deals. Read the smaller prints for hidden charges