Review Of Waste Paper Market Week (04.26-04.30) – Paper, Quotes – Printing Industry

Review Of Waste Paper Market Week (04.26-04.30) – Paper, Quotes – Printing Industry
Last week this week, the price of paper and flat paper more balanced market, paper prices stabilize, closing flat. Household Paper prices will rise next week, reason, on the one hand because of rising costs, on the other, the government recently increased the Papermaking Industry eliminate backward production capacity of policy enforcement, and a number of backward production capacity of tissue have been out of the market, household paper market and the supply is tight, signs. In addition, market demand increased, and residents living paper’s brand loyalty is high, which is also the life of paper, especially some well-known brand of paper the reasons for price increases.

Throughout the entire paper manufacturing, according to experts predict that the second quarter of the new round of consolidation. The level of the domestic paper industry prosperity index only decisive factor in the basic market demand, the strong stronger and the weak out of the competitive landscape will become more apparent, the domestic enterprises in turn paper into a stable development period, which the paper-making enterprises more tests core competitiveness.

The following parts for the domestic paper market dynamics:

Adequate supply of waste paper in Shandong, the majority of transactions on the market for the stock, part of the pre-storage customers shipping large positive, but prices are much lower than the market price, active inquiry.

Volume of waste paper in Zhejiang Province has increased, but the market price downward, significantly increasing the supply of imported cargo, merchant shipping active customers for the price of great concern.

Jiangsu Province is still ample supply of waste paper stock, the customer shipping a positive, on the one hand, because of price instability leading to collapse in the future concerns the situation; on the other hand, pre-existence of too many problems with the current cash flow .

Paper quotes the Guangdong region seemed to be somewhat confusing, the current market transactions or the largest newspapers and cardboard for a class; paperboard and coated paper demand more, but the supply of goods is limited, some customers Purchase Difficult, even with goods, the price is not easy Tanlong.

According to the World wastes network statistics: the North European market this week, bleached softwood kraft pulp 928.71 U.S. dollars offer / tons, up 0.32% last week; hardwood kraft pulp offer 630.86 euros per tonne from last week down 1.7%; lightweight coated magazine paper offer 624.76 euros / tons, down 0.1% last week; Kraft Paperboard Price 466.01 euros / tons, up 2.05% last week; paper linerboard offer in the 368.16-381.31 EUR / ton , or at about 0.8-91%; U.S. office waste offer 120.49 euros / tons, up 0.63% last week; waste newspaper / magazine paper waste offer 138.25 euros / tons, up 2.97% last week; unchanged from last week the U.S. newsprint quote, quotes still to 556.57-592.58 U.S. dollars / ton between; Chinese hardwood kraft pulp Quote 5535.20 yuan / tons, up 1.35% than last week. External disk market

paper this week: European waste market was thin, Real Simple deadlock; on the futures market to maintain light pattern of waste, turnover was flat;

Futures market volatility at the end of the United States spent less, the price stabilized.

Yellow paperboard: Shandong yellow paperboard market remained stable, more stable receiving paper mill; paper mill in Jiangsu and Zhejiang although some price increases, but the local yellow paperboard mainstream market continues to stabilize; Dongguan confusion yellow paperboard prices lower part of the mill should be gradually reduced purchase price; Hebei country market near steady yellow paperboard waste.

Coated paper: coated paper Xiamen overall supply tight, prices of basic terminal market to stabilize the main.

Offset: Offset Paper Galaxy will slightly raise the price next month; Ningbo Offset market supply is limited, the recent average closing price of slightly loose.

Present, clean waste paper (packaged good): 1900 yuan / ton; yellow paperboard: 1300 yuan / ton; toilet paper (red and white yellow color mixing): 750 Yuan / ton; supermarket Carton Board

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Review Of Waste Paper Market Week (02.22-02.26) – Paper, Quotes – Printing Industry

Review Of Waste Paper Market Week (02.22-02.26) – Paper, Quotes – Printing Industry
After the Spring Festival, Papermaking Once again set off a round of industry prices surge, the increase was attributable mainly to the cost of the country to promote and market demand. First of all, the overall stock market, too few postganglionic waste paper, paper mill because of social stock and inventories are low, so prices have been backed by real demand. Second, export growth is also directly affected the price of paper. Rapid rebound in domestic exports of paper products led the indirect export. In addition, the International Paper price increases have stimulated the domestic market. In the cost-push pressures, current, high-end paper kind of oversupply in short supply in the low-end paper.

The following parts for the domestic paper market dynamics: The paper quotes

Fujian stable, many transactions, but the customer’s mind is of some concern, and even looks a little pessimistic about the future price direction is not much confidence.

Stability in Zhejiang province of waste paper trading, market active inquiry, but the offer is not clear, many customers are first offer that the other party, from the current market, future market direction is very clear, because they do not fewer customers at the swing states, the sale of some lack of confidence when they appear.

Waste paper trading atmosphere in Jiangsu Province, there have been signs of recovery, ask the people or more cargo, and also a small amount of the transaction, the new year, some customers have been actively developing new markets, the sharp rise in demand for foreign sources and demand also appears larger, the whole, should be a lot of customers are optimistic about the future of the market in March.

Shandong steady supply of waste paper stock, a lively atmosphere, prices appear somewhat chaotic situation, the customer offer significant differences, the overall trend is biased in favor of the rising, manufacturers are not fully restore production, so overwhelmed by rising with the traders shill is not unrelated to each other.

Promising market of Guangdong’s paper, the new year, there are many customers in sourcing, active trading, prices edged up slightly, although not many, but also the confidence of customers is not small.

Statistics: Europe, North America, this week, bleached softwood kraft pulp quotations 849.69 US dollars / tons, up 3.26% last week; hardwood kraft pulp offer 559.55 euros per tonne last week up 4.09%; light coating magazine paper offer 637.98 euros / tons, down 0.18% last week; Kraft Paperboard Price 439.08 euros / tons, up 3.29% last week; paper linerboard offer in the 328.44-348.19 EUR / ton % of increase in 0.67-0.1.88; U.S. office waste offer 92.88 euros / tons, up 2.05% last week; waste newspaper / magazine paper waste offer 105.85 euros / tons, up 2.26% last week . U.S. newsprint offer steady, fundamental in the 533.56-568.92 USD / tonne between; Chinese hardwood kraft pulp Quote 4919.74 yuan / tons, up 0.01% than last week.

Market this week waste paper tray: paper suppliers preganglionic basic-see approach. It is the first week after the holiday week, outside the basic set up. Festival on the European Waste rose, part of the label paper to enhance impact of freight rates rose by slightly lower; the United States spent more than postganglionic formal offer, but the rose is a foregone conclusion at the same time, supply remains tight, as the main driving force bullish; days spent outside the plate postganglionic prices are arbitrary, but generally bullish.

Art paper: Postganglionic Nanning stable market prices, supply is generally tight; Nanjing terminal price for the time being flat before the holiday, the supply tight.

Yellow paperboard: Basic and pre-holiday market in Shandong flat; Fuyang area temporarily stable prices, because the local mills and more about return to work in the tenth day. At the same time, due to bullish market outlook, market this week, the local packing shipments will not be high.

Offset: Fujian prices due to the recent sharp rise in raw materials, paper mill price increase next week gestation; Guangzhou in the overall stability of the main terminal price, high Offset Festival on offer are small prices continue to rise large.

Now spend Card 1300 yuan / ton; white paper side of 1600-1700 yuan / ton; waste paper 1,200 yuan / ton; waste Carton 1,000 yuan / ton.

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Nippon Rfid Tags To Facilitate A Mixed-use Electronic Products-rfid, Tag – Silk Screen Printing

Nippon Rfid Tags To Facilitate A Mixed-use Electronic Products-rfid, Tag – Silk Screen Printing
In the retail supply chain, RFID technology has become effective retailers and manufacturers the tools. However, according to Auto-ID Labs Japan, a group of researchers said the technology for consumers, their value is limited. Japan’s Keio University, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Media and Governance JinMitsugi to lead this team of researchers has developed a hybrid prototype RFID tag will enable consumer electronics products easier to use.

Mitsugi said that Japanese consumers to buy products from the store will receive a warranty of quality books. The above items have the date of purchase, consumers will sometimes lose the warranty book, so when buying the product is easy to forget. In this case, the lab developed this label, you can message directly to the memory to a laptop or other consumer electronic devices, Mitsugi, said the label “record label.”

Mitsugi early October in Bonn, Germany, EPCglobal Joint Action Group (RFID RF Express Note: The abbreviation JAG, its members come from a variety of industries and technical operations group, its activities aim to assist the development of electronic product code (EPC) standard) briefed the meeting on this label prototype.

The label contains a passive EPCGen2 prototype chip can be wired to connect to a large number of labels can also be connected to another chip?? A low-power microcontrollers from Renesas Technology specifically for General consumer electronics product design and production. Mitsugi said that this chip for electronic equipment and record labels to provide data exchange between an effective means. For the realization of embedded devices with the exchange of information between the chip uses a simple communications program, rather than EPCGen2 communication protocol. Because the latter used anti-collision algorithm and other programs to send and receive data. This EPCGen2 program may give consumer electronics bring some cumbersome.

Using this prototype, the record labels through the USB port to connect to a laptop computer. In commercial applications, the tag will directly access the computer or other electronic devices, if only these devices can support readable text, blinking LED, or any establishment of information exchange with the consumer’s display can not require customers to purchase RFID reader. Mitsugi said, more importantly, EPC chips and sub-chip will be integrated into a chip. After the chip will support integrated label EPCGen2 air interface protocol for communication between chips and devices need to develop the program.

In the electronics manufacturing process, the record label’s chip will be incorporated into the EPC serial number for tracking the supply chain of devices. Consumers to buy products, labels can be used to record product quality assurance or other data. The information stored in the tag device can be read out through the display screen, then the consumer can access the data without the use of RFID reader. In this way, consumers can easily determine whether the product has been purchased, without further contact with the manufacturer to confirm.

Course, the tag data can be obtained by querying the device, allowing the technician can not operate in the case of the computer can access the information on computer maintenance. Manufacturer or the recycle bin can use RFID readers to access the device specifications data, which simplifies device removal and recovery procedures.

In addition, the record labels can collect safety data. For example, the record label can be connected to the temperature sensor. Then the manufacturer can be related to temperature and use of data links, to facilitate a better understanding of the battery overheating caused by fire or explosion.

It Mitsugi said that in the retail supply chain applications, the aviation industry staff have expressed interest to the record labels into aircraft parts, aircraft used for the collection and maintenance of historical information. The application can also be used the same type of car or truck, in addition to the built-in sensor part, the record labels to track parts can be exposed to external conditions.

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Financial Crisis The Prospect Of China’s Tags – Tags, The Financial Crisis – Printing Industry

Financial Crisis The Prospect Of China’s Tags – Tags, The Financial Crisis – Printing Industry
July 6, 2009, China Development Forum tagging technology held in Shanghai. China Printing Equipment Industries Association, honorary chairman of the tagged branch Tan Jun Qiao on the global Financial Crisis in China label industry challenges and opportunities in-depth and detailed analysis.

Tan Jun Qiao said that this financial crisis sweeping the globe, on the label industry, is both a challenge and an opportunity for development. Therefore, the Chinese label industry must strengthen their awareness, to gain even greater development.

Eight new bright light in 2008 Label Industry
Although the financial crisis is not over, but the old Tan label industry development in China has given an optimistic assessment. He said, “label industry has developed rapidly in China, output growth above the world average level of development label industry, there is great market potential.” Review in 2008, eight new bright light industry in China Tags:

1,2008 gross industrial output value of China’s 15.5 billion tab.
2, RFID Expand the market, the Shanghai World Expo will also be interviewed in this way.

3, Founder pleasant development of inkjet digital presses.
4, part of the printing business grew rapidly, achieving expanded plant.
5, Electronic Prison official code budding.
6, the rapid development of oil printing business.
7, the first label contest by the very good results.
8, set up a China label Association, a member of more than 100. The new bright spot is supporting the development of the Chinese label industry hope.

To address deficiencies in the domestic label industry
Although the Chinese label industry developed rapidly, but the overall level of the developed countries there is not a small gap, which we must face the situation. Tan Jun Qiao said, we must not only address the status of the domestic label industry, as well as to identify the reasons causing this situation to better promote the development of the Chinese label industry.

His view, caused the domestic label industry lags behind the developed countries for many reasons, but it boils down to two main areas:

First, our per capita consumption of low levels of labeling. U.S. per capita consumption of 17 square meters label, Europe is 15 square meters to 12.8 square meters in Japan, but China was just one square meter (China label printing output 1.2 billion square meters, 1.3 billion less than the population average, per person 1 square meter).

Second, advanced equipment used in relatively backward areas. For example, the United States are basically using pollution-free flexo technology, 60% of European companies using flexo, gravure by 40%, while China is basically to use gravure printing, as well as individual use Offset printing Technology.

Third, the use of new technologies lag behind. Such as multi-layer labels, RFID tags, combined print and membrane labeling, the amount is small, and some has not yet developed, it is precisely these aspects of the current urgent need for development.

Change the future with the label industry, digital

Tam Chun Qiao said that, our country is concerned, is the RFID tags and digital label printing technology the greatest opportunity, mainly because our label market is still being developed, due to the particularity of the Chinese market, the label is still in the field ” two heavy, intermediate light “status, that is, low-level labels take a lot of consumer markets, such as: Food Market and part of the day of the market.

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Essential Tips On Printing Attractive Hang Tags

Essential Tips On Printing Attractive Hang Tags
Businesses can use hang tags to help them achieve their marketing goals. When a company feels that their product line needs a little push in the right direction, project a certain image or they want to promote a special sale, hang tags are one of the tools that should come to mind. Done correctly, hang tags can help you to attract attention, inform your customer about your products and project your brand image all in a matter of seconds.

The success of hang tag marketing lies on the design. A good hang tag design can inform the consumers what they can expect from the product. Is the product made from quality material? Is it perfect for a certain demographic? Is there a special promo that comes with the purchase? Anything you want to tell your customers, you put it on the hang tag. To make the most of your tags, take into account the following design tips:


Utilize a concept for your hang tag. This will provide your marketing efforts some necessary focus. Are you promoting a type of lifestyle? It could be trendy or classy. For example, you could target upscale customers by emphasizing status or elegance in your marketing. Do you want to add value to your tag? You may incorporate a promotional idea into your tags by adding a tear-out portion that can be used as a discount coupon.


Make your logo shout! This is one of the most important elements in your hang tag design you can even have it use up an entire side. Ideal for branding, hang tags should put your logo in front of people. Even at a glance, your customers should immediately associate the image in your hang tag with your products. An attractive logo can help you achieve that effect.

Colors and typesets

Colors and typesets can help tell your story. But remember that your graphic elements should match the overall concept. For example, bright colors and cartoony graphics might work for effectively with children’s clothing. Avoid cluttering your design with lots of texts, otherwise your hang tags would only end up as unnecessary eyesores. If you can, design a folded hang tag if you still need to add more information and to make the layout more manageable


Remember to keep the copy simple and clear. A hang tag is not a brochure, it cant contain long-winded messages. Just include the most important things, like product information, care details, etc. Again, your hang tags should not be cluttered.

Your hang tags have three important goals to accomplish. First it should attract attention. Then it should inform the customer what they need to know about your product. And finally, it needs to project a brand image. Different kinds of products need different hang tags yet these goals are constant. Your challenge is to create an engaging design that fits whatever product your company is marketing. An effective hang tag design conveys your goals to promote your brand and drive your sales. Stand out from the competition by keeping in mind these tips when designing your hang tags.

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Hassle Free Tips On Printing RFID Tags

Hassle Free Tips On Printing RFID Tags

Radio Frequency identification is the latest system of identification to be applied to businesses and products. RFID tags are printed with special labels printers and encoders.

While there are many designs, standards and protocol that may be adopted for printing these tags, a set of hassle free tips can be delineated that would encompass the best practices in the field. Smart label printers and encoders use a media system with an RFID inlay, which is a combination of a chip and an antenna. This is generally implanted inside the material of the label. The use of radio frequency transmission by the printer enables the RFID encoder inside it to write the data on the tag. The transmission focuses only on the location of the tag inside the label, while the graphics, text and the barcodes get printed in the customary manner.


Some of the tips to make printing of tags hassle free include:

Selection of Media is important since it must fit in with the printer and application. This is imperative for RFID tags since they characterize minimal interference, have a large reading range, and provide data integrity. These characteristics are possible only with smart labels of the best quality. The smart label has to be able to transfer data precisely and accurately while protecting the inlay and avoiding interference of any kind.
Chip position must match the Printer and Encoder: Businesses needing smart labels need to be aware of their inlay requirements, designs and frequency of their applications. The media they select must be aligned to the model of the encoder and printer so that the encoding process is smooth. The media provider has to keep in mind the specifications of the printer while designing smart labels and printers carry a list of the designs they support.
Smart labels must not use foil or metal-based labels since they interfere directly with RFID. They limit its range of operation and also impede the encoding process.
Liquids also interfere with the functioning of the RFID system. They tend to absorb RF signals and prevent them from being read. The adhesives put on label media are a liquid source, attracting water, which again leads to problems of performance efficiency. Hence synthetic media and laminates are preferred since they do not absorb water.
Smart media labels work within a wide temperature range and this must preferably be kept between –51 and +95 degrees centigrade.
Electro static discharges must also be restricted and their risk increases at higher altitudes with low humidity levels. ESD tends to adversely affect smart label performance, and therefore protection must be provided from it.
The choice of a printer must be made after considering their deliverables and preference must be given to printers having flexible error settings so that external intervention is not always necessary each time a problem arises and can be resolved by adjusting the settings.
Printer placement at a reasonable distance from other RF products also helps to increase efficiency of the printer.
Success of the encoding process would be higher if the printer could perform tag quality checks at two levels, once before receiving the data and next after the data has been written on the chip to ensure its accuracy. The purpose behind this is to guarantee proper alignment of the label edges so that the tag can be perfectly encoded.
Printers must be programmed to retry encoding after a failed attempt because often a second attempt is successful. If on the other hand, the printer issues a warning after a failed attempt, this may lead to wastage and reduce the yield rates.
Damaged labels must not get printed and must instead be stamped with a “void” message and segregated from the ones ready to be printed.
RFID systems must adopt powerful printers, which can be programmed to issue warnings about persisting problems rather than have to be switched off. A shut down can trigger a different set of problems.
Optimum placement of the label is important, and this must be away from liquid and metal.


If all these steps are followed and checks carried out before the system becomes functional, printing RFID smart labels would indeed become hassle free for a long, long time.

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Receiving Brochure Printing Quotes

Receiving Brochure Printing Quotes

Brochures are the easiest way to advertise and send a message across. The price for a brochure depends upon the content and color which has been used inside a brochure. For utilizing the brochure in an effective way, it is hard to analyze whether it is affordable.

During recent times, receiving a brochure through online has become popular. Even many people find it convenient to find out the quote in online. The necessary details of the brochure including type of paper, type of finish, folding details, color, shipping details etc are to be provided. In return, the brochure company will respond for the same within 24 hours. If you need a quick response, then it is better to contact them through email or through phone.

Even you can contact to the customer service executive at any time. Experienced estimators will help you to get the right paper, folding, ink, colors etc which saves time and money. Most of the brochure companies provides their best work and satisfy their customers with good quotes. If at all your brochure requires a unique or some special work, the delivery of your brochures takes time. In normal cases, the brochures are delivered with good contents and in short time.

The moment you receive your brochure quote, make sure all your requirements are provided there. If there are any corrections, then it is difficult job to ship again the goods and get it back corrected. So, to avoid those confusions, the price for the brochure quotes will include processing one set of uploaded files and creating a single digital proof. All the details including page, color, folding etc are sent to the customer’s email through internet. This is done in order to get approval from the customer before the shipment. Brochure Company will also send you a link through email for the proof. If you require a hard copy of your brochure apart from the sample which has been mailed, then there will be postage charge which has to be paid for the delivery. Apart from it, through online, the calculations of brochure printing prices are very easy and also very quick to find.

So, what else make you to think? Select your brochure and find out their prices.

Honest brochures can reflect your company benefits rather than profits and can really create a positive impression on your customers. Order your brochure printing now.