The Price Tag on Sanity

The Price Tag on Sanity

“I have to pay for my sanity,” says Jason, a homeless Detroiter, as he recaps his struggles to get out of homelessness. His story strikes me as very telling of his motivation to get off the streets. He didn’t need to say much to convince me of his determination to get off the street.

Jason made some bad decisions in the past, started using drugs, and landed himself in prison with a felony conviction. Having gotten clean and been released from prison last year, and being determined not to ever go back, he has been trying to keep himself from negative influences. Up until last week he was paying for a cheap motel room by the week.

“Don’t you want to try to get into a shelter?” I asked him.

“Nah man. I’ve tried that. I don’t want to put myself in that environment. Most of the guys in those shelters have come from being locked up, or have just gotten off drugs. I’m trying to get away from that mindset so I don’t get tempted to do something stupid.”

Jason was unable to pay for his motel room this week due to a lack of work opportunities. He was forced to move temporarily into his brother’s house, which is already jam-packed with family members. He says his brother smokes weed with his friends all the time and is out on the streets doing stupid stuff that could get him in serious trouble. With the drugs and the violence that come in and out of that house all day, Jason is really hoping for an opportunity that will afford him the chance to move out before he gets sucked back into his old life.

As I sat listening to Jason talk about his frustrations with his felony keeping him from getting employed, and his struggles to afford himself a positive environment for a change, my heart broke for him. We too often look at homelessness as the product of a culture of laziness. We have the attitude that these people made the bed they’re lying in. For some, that may be true, but that is a very black and white viewpoint. The more homeless people I talk to, the more I’ve begun to understand the complexity of the issue. There are often barriers upon barriers that keep people from becoming stable, and the answer is not as simple as society tends to make it. In Jason’s case, a large barrier for him is a negative environment and a lack of positive community to support him. So he’s stuck in his vulnerability, doing the best he can with the little he has to work with. From the outside looking in, he’s set up to fail. And that’s just one barrier on top of layers of others.

There are many Jason’s out there. You don’t see them because they’re out looking for work instead of begging for money. They’re the opposite of lazy, and I can say with confidence that I have seen more motivation in individuals like Jason than I’ve seen in 3 middle class citizens put together.

There are things we can do. The first step is to stop giving money to panhandlers, and instead donate to agencies that help the homeless find employment and/or housing – but that’s a whole other article in itself.

For information on volunteering to help the homeless in Detroit, visit

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Spring Festival Marketplace Quotes Guide: Great Price Reduction Hisense Lcd Tv – Lcd Tv, Hisense

Spring Festival Marketplace Quotes Guide: Great Price Reduction Hisense Lcd Tv – Lcd Tv, Hisense
In less than two weeks is the Chinese New Year, I believe we are impatient, and heart itch, and look forward to the arrival of the Spring Festival holiday. Everyone’s wallet is also just around the corner, ready for their Year of the Tiger in 2010, maintained by a “bluffing” the guy do? Throughout the Spring Festival appliance sales market, black, and consumer electronics accounted for a larger proportion of small appliances are also very popular. LCD TV sales which is the leading home appliance sales throughout the New Year holiday market, Xiao Bian specially visited stores, the following description on each of the major brand for everyone, “Spring Pin” market.

Hisense LED 55T18GP 29999 12000 straight down

T18 is a new LED Hisense 2009

LCD TV The “Arrow” series, is currently on the market price of the most close to the people of LED LCD

TV One. Hisense LED55T18GP Hisense area, according to briefing, Hisense LED55T18GP LCD TV designs inspired by the sea and the gulls paintings environment, the overall body color cast is black, but if the room is bright and strong, the fuselage frame on the “transformation “becomes a sea of blue, highlighting material with high optical crystal desk rotating frame design, the machine plays a more sense of fashion and technology.

LED55T18GP Hisense LCD TV equipped with a rotating crystal base, and the body expressed just out of high-tech phase stability and a transparent cylindrical pillar can firmly support from the 55-inch large screen LCD TV, I believe whom you met also impressed.

LCD TV Hisense LED55T18GP unique LED Crystal engine, DOT to restore the system to achieve a wider color gamut coverage, resolution and color to achieve a double-point reduction for high-definition film truly point-source Play. Outstanding performance in its class, was an all-Cheng Gaoqing.

DTS HD audio decoding technology, up support for next generation high-definition audio format, backward compatible with current SD Audio format, can give consumers a more perfect visual enjoyment. According to statistics, if you do not support DTS, then 28% of HD content will be no sound.

From the graph we can see that LCD TV Hisense LED55T18GP owned by the interface is very complete, side-line interface, from top to bottom order of network interfaces, 2 USB interface, antenna interface, a group of AV output, 1 group component, 1 HDMI interface, a group of AV input machine, cable TV, high definition video equipment, video recorders, USB

Digital Storage devices and so can be connected in the side.

Editor Comments: Hisense LED55T18GP equipped LED backlight With ultra-thin body, the thinnest only 1.65cm, also can play H.264, VC-1 and DTS HD audio and video formats, and many other. Moreover, the machine has a network of multimedia features, you can browse the network news, weather, stocks and other information, listen to the latest online music and watch video on new online features, functionality and performance is a satisfactory LED LCD TV.

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Spring Festival Marketplace Quotes Guide: Hisense LCD TV big price cuts

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Prices in London ? The Three Reasons Why You Need to Know the Price Tags

Prices in London ? The Three Reasons Why You Need to Know the Price Tags


It is a great opportunity to get a trip to London, isn’t? London is a great city of renowned culture, delectable entertainment and colorful history. This is definitely a place that one will enjoy for a vacation. This is the home of one hundred of Europe’s biggest companies so it is safe to assume that London is a big business hub. London has a lot of historical museums and parks for your entertainment.

But along all of the entertainment, there are things that we need to have in mind. One thing is the prices in London. Yes, the prices of the products and the services that you will need and look for during the vacation or trip.

It may sound useless but the prices are huge factors affecting your trip. There should be one point in time when you are in a vacation that you took a bus ride instead of getting a cab to take you to somewhere because it is cheaper. It happens and this happens to most tourists.

There are reasons why we need to always look at the price tag so we can budget our finances. Well, there is nothing to be shy about it or to worry about it. Controlling your expenses is no easy job so be proud that you are doing your job even in a vacation.

Budget-wise, having a vacation is really a high-expense act. But since we are fond of exploring the world, we need to know why our finances act a big role on our travels.

First, the budget defines what you can do during the trip. Exploring the city of London might be an easy task but then again our budget defines it. You might want to use the bus or cab but since you want to buy some souvenirs, you decided to walk. You wanted to eat in known classy restaurant in London but you decided to eat street food and reasoned out that it is more fun to eat “al fresco.”

Second, we need to know the prices to get the quality of something or get the right cost for everything. You might buy a souvenir that costs less than the price you paid for. An important thing to know is the taxi rates. This is really crucial because you might be using a cab all the time to go around the city.

Third, if you know the prices, you can haggle and you can save more money for extra activities or souvenirs. When you know the prices already you can manage how you will attack and plan your haggling strategy. This is one thing that you need to learn when you are visiting foreign cities.

These are just some of the reasons why you need to at least know the Prices in London. An advise is to do some research on the prices in this city and when you do, you will take full control on the enjoyment you will experience in the City of London.


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The Feelings Are More Important For Gift Items Rather Than The Price Tags

The Feelings Are More Important For Gift Items Rather Than The Price Tags
Occasions like birthdays and marriages or any other celebrations call for a gift. The gift is only a means of showing the love and appreciation to someone. The gift is not always about something which someone doesnt have. It is the feeling behind the idea as well as the gift that matters.

People have the custom of exchanging gifts and sweets during various celebratory festivals as Christmas, new years, diwali, etc. During these occasions, year after year, the gifts seem to end. Even the online greeting cards seem to be stale after few years. This is when new ideas for gift items are searched for.

Although, things like flowers, jewelries, cards etc, never go out of fashion, but there is a requirement to find out different formats of these things. Jewelry gift ideas can help alter the designs or the shapes to give a new look. Slight alterations in the cards, like having hand made cards, different designer candles can be some of the new ideas for people.

When girlfriends, wives, or even fiances try to give gifts to their partners, they need to find gift ideas for him. Giving out shirts always for every occasion can bore the person, even though the sentiments behind these gifts are completely honest. Everyone says that the feelings behind gifts are important; this is quite a subjective issue.

Until the feelings are manifested properly, it becomes quite difficult to understand what the person is saying. Therefore to say that the person is cared for, the gift ideas for him should be such that it would frankly mean that the person is being loved. Similarly giving out any kind of jewelry to the partner doesnt necessarily mean that there is a bonding. If something unique is given out with genuine jewelry gift ideas, then there would be an effort behind it. This effort is seen in the manner in which the gifts are given. This effort is what appeals to the person receiving the gifts.

A lot many items are present in the market and the price range is also varied. Invariably giving out high priced gifts also doesnt show the care and effort that one has given into the gift. Sometimes, there are chances that the manner, in which the gifts are wrapped, would be visible to the person. It is therefore, mostly said that the feelings are important. And to extend this though, the feelings need to be expressed which is not necessarily in the form of money.

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Move Down To Clarify The Rumors Of The Acquisition Price Quoted Tencent Guess

Move Down To Clarify The Rumors Of The Acquisition Price Quoted Tencent Guess

Recently, rumors in the mobile market called Tencent Holdings senior short-term acquisition of the former high-level means that the latter triggered Wednesday Tencent Holdings shares rose 5.99%. However, this rumor to move fast the rumor that this is just a normal visit, visited the same period by other companies. The news was announced, 4, Tencent fell 2.73%.

5, according to Shanghai Morning Post reported that in China, Tencent QQ chat software in real time is known, while its core business also started around this software. September 2009 interim report in 2009 disclosed show, Tencent QQ and games in the field of value-added services to achieve 2.156 billion yuan of sales revenue, gross profit 1.491 billion yuan; with China Mobile and other telecom Cooperation Value-added services will co-operate to achieve 470 million yuan of sales income and 2.9 billion of gross profit, as QQ.COM portals, etc. Advertisement Income, creating a 243 million yuan of sales income and 169 million yuan of Maori.

Mainland enterprises listed on the Internet a lot, but Tencent is considered a very special one, not its core business as Sina, Sohu so large and the traditional gateway to the main portal, but also giants like later , perfect for a leisurely time and space-based online games, QQ that many Internet users every day to use chat software Tencent won a lot of loyal users, and derive a great deal of revenue. Such a real-time Communicate Software as the core of the diversified business model, is also Tencent is particularly special.

Is also why, given its very high market valuation premium. Statistical data, Tencent Holdings trades at 60.81 times, while the Internet leader in Sina’s only the 32.77-fold, while the same has a unique business concept of Baidu and Alibaba price-earnings ratio is 79.36 times, respectively, and 77.66 times.

Some analysts believe that such a high price-earnings ratio, is not only an “honor” is a kind of “protection.” Hong Kong shares close at 4, Tencent’s market value has reached 265.5 billion Hong Kong dollars, while China Mobile has more than 200 billion yuan in cash, but if the acquisition of Tencent, still need money in, not to mention huge amounts of money in exchange for, not only improve their own Main Internet business, it does not sound rational.

However, in recent years, moving from the layout view, it is noteworthy that in China Mobile Overall strategy, place it in a more important position is the mobile Internet, it will only last year, China Mobile and Vodafone, Softbank set up a joint laboratory. And Tencent is a tradition more Internet companies, many of its mobile Internet business is relying on China Mobile, a service provider’s identity to obtain.

Including the core business of Tencent QQ, China Mobile and learn from, the introduction of a flying letter, the end of 2009, flying the letter reached 56 million active users, growth fierce, if the next pre-installed with mobile OPHONE Fetion popular This block of business growth and new growth opportunities, but at the moment Fetion remained the second largest after the QQ instant messaging status. From this perspective, China Mobile and Tencent’s business and not much complement each other.

Although all data analysis, to prove the acquisition is just a rumor, but the other hand, the source of rumors that also has a policy of support for the triple play. This is not a new concept, in 1998, China put forward the concept the first time since the country has repeatedly been included in the five-year plan. January 13, 2010, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said the decision to accelerate the telecommunication network, Radio and TV Network and Internet triple play. Makes this concept and rapid warming.

Addition of China Mobile has been to long for the Internet industry, and had it clear that Internet companies will be acquired, the performance of the mobile is the Internet’s ambitions, so there are many people in the trade said that if the policy support, there is no What is not possible, integrate the three networks accelerates, the system will not lead to changes in the industry are unpredictable variables, so if there are policy decisions will contribute to the acquisition of Tencent, has become a topic can be discussed . So in the end finally

powerful combination, or cooperate with each other conflicts, we will wait and see.

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So You Want to Quote a Price on a Freelance Writing-Editing Assignment?

So You Want to Quote a Price on a Freelance Writing-Editing Assignment?

As a member of the Hong Kong Women in Publishing Society, and as a marketing consultant, editor and copywriter, I’m often asked to advise fellow members (and non-members) about how much they should charge for freelance writing/editing assignments.

I always tell them it’s impossible for me to give a definitive answer, because no two assignments are the same, and no two freelancers are the same. Everything (well, ALMOST everything) is negotiable.

If you’re pondering how much to charge for a freelance assignment when a prospective client asks you for a quote, you need to consider MANY factors, including:

What is the nature of your business relationship with the client? Have they been a loyal, eay-to-get-along-with client for a long time, or this a one-off assignment with a new client?
What is the nature of the assignment? Has the client briefed you clearly about what THEY mean by “copywriting”, “editing”, “proofreading”…? (For example, when a client asks you to “edit” some text, do they expect just a cursory spell-check; fixing the grammar/style/punctuation according to a given style manual; ensuring consistency of style/layout/spelling/punctuation etc from one chapter to the next; commenting on the actual content and logic of the piece; fact-checking; identifying and fixing any problems with the political correctness and cultural appropriateness of the text; making the text more compelling from a marketing point of view; marking it up for the graphic designer, or what?)
Is the client used to working with freelancers, or will you have to spend a lot of time and energy educating them about the process?
How complex is the work?
Will you have to do a lot of research?
How long do you think it will take you to complete the assignment?
How urgent is the deadline?
How experienced are you?
How much profit do you want/need to make?
How desperately do you want/need the work?
Is freelance writing/editing your full-time business or just a little hobby?
How desperately does the client want/need you?
How much is the work (or rather the results of your work) worth to the client?
Has the client paid your past invoices promptly?
How much do you like this client? Are the people easy and enjoyable to work with, or are they hard-ass negotiators who demand 17 rounds of revisions? Are they well organised? Are the lines of communication and accountability clearly defined?
Is the client expecting you to be available whenever they need you, at short notice (meaning that you’ll have to forgo opportunities with other clients)?
How much have you charged them in the past?
Do you want to brand yourself as “the cheapest in the market”, “around about the middle” or “Rolls Royce”?
Do you have unique skills and experience that no-one else can offer?
Will the client provide support/resources, i.e. will you do the work in their office, or in your own home/office? Will they provide secretarial help, access to a photocopier and phone, meals…?
How long is this deal likely to last? (One week, six months, ten years?)
How many rounds of revisions will you include within your quote?
How much do you think the client is willing/able to pay?
Has the client specified a budget for the assignment/project?
Is the client a big multinational company, a one-person business, a small local charity…?
Will there be any out-of-pocket expenses? Will you absorb those costs yourself or will you bill the client extra for reimbursement of those expenses?
If the task is to edit some existing text, how good/bad is that text? Was it written by a native speaker of the language?
Do you plan to charge by the word, by the page, by the hour, by the project…? A monthly retainer? A percentage of sales or profits?
What is your bottom-line, non-negotiable minimum fee?
Is this the right client/assignment for you? Does it match your skills, background and values?
How much do YOU think you’re worth?

© Kay Ross

Kay Ross is a Hong Kong-based marketing consultant & coach, editor and copywriter. She specialises in writing and editing compelling English-language marketing communications material that helps her clients to “sell more stuff” to more people, more frequently, more profitably. Oh, and she’s also a stand-up comedian and a bodyworker/healer. Find out more at

Keep Up With Fashion Necklaces Fads At Bargain Price Tags

Keep Up With Fashion Necklaces Fads At Bargain Price Tags

When it comes to winter wear, there is extra to style than sweaters, leggings, tights, handbags, and pashminas. Although lots of ladies heavily accessorize throughout the spring and summer time months, the argument may be created that style jewellery is even more necessary throughout the winter. Right after all, in the absence of accessories, the dark hues from the style season can make you appear and really feel drab. Add some compelling bracelets, necklace sets, and earrings, having said that, and you’ll begin to shine.

Style Jewellery Tendencies

Just as you add pieces for your wardrobe every season, you need to also alter out your style jewelry. When picking your pieces, here are some trends to watch:

Bracelets: In relation to bracelets, beading is critical this season. Appear for dangling bracelets with semi-precious stones, glass beads, acrylic beads, as well as seashells. Stretch bracelets do the job for practically every wrist, while the fashion forward are choosing multi-stranded beaded stretch bracelets. Black, red, and darkish green dominate the scene, with crystals including sparkle to a lot more formal occasions.

Pendant Sets: Silver adds a wintry glint to the season’s pendant sets, with animal jewelry taking the lead. African elephant pendants, horse pendants, and even frog pendants can add elegance or whimsy to your fashion assertion. This 12 months, holiday ensembles are becoming accented with snowflake pendant and earring sets.

Brooches: The story this season is animal jewellery. Brooches have come again having a bang, and are epitomized by teddy bears, kitties, poodles, and butterflies. Other whimsical implementations, such as angels, ladybugs, and cherries, are also setting tendencies.

Watches: Long gone would be the days when a lady had a single view. Right now, watches are viewed first as being a fashion accessory very first, and second like a timepiece. Cuff watches are setting the tone, but past that, you’re only restricted by your imagination. Look for crocodile cuff watches, spherical or square wood cuff watches, and shell cuff watches.

Jewellery as Gifts

There’s small doubt that jewellery is usually suitable like a reward. As an example, teacher gifts could consist of a gold teacher brooch depicting an espresso mug with pencils, a school-themed slide magnetic bracelet, or a teacher’s prayer stretch bracelet. Similarly, a set of two fleur-de-lis bracelets would make wonderful gifts to get a mother and daughter.

For those on your present record who are spiritual or religious, style jewelry can tastefully mirror their deeply held beliefs. A multi-strand necklace having a cross would be a perfect reward, as would a cross-shaped allure and earring set.

Finding Discount Costs

As anyone who has shopped for style jewelry and other equipment is aware, preserving up with developments might be pricey. That is why savvy shoppers go on-line to get fashion jewellery. Due to the fact e-tailers do not have the exact same overhead expenditures as brick-and-mortar retailers, they could fortunately pass individuals savings on to you.

When you store on the net for jewellery, be certain to select an organization that features a dedication to each setting and reflecting style jewelry trends. The company need to also provide a distinctive assortment of rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, whilst providing value prices.

This winter, do not accept drab. Let your wardrobe sparkle with fabulous fashion jewelry!

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Lower Price Tags Held By 2007 Hyundai Elantra

Lower Price Tags Held By 2007 Hyundai Elantra
The newest version of the 2007 Hyundai Elantra would be coming to the showrooms and auto dealerships with lower price tags. This is according to an announcement given out by its manufacturer, Hyundai Motor America. The company even says that the vehicle would be arriving in dealerships this month already and the base price would only be for $ 13,995 which already includes freight charges.

Those people who have already taken a very good look at the newest model of the 2007 Hyundai Elantra do express that the vehicle simply did not just go through parts upgrades or color changes or having Monroe shocks and Green filters installed. Every little change that the vehicle did receive all converged so as to create a whole new image for the 2007 Hyundai Elantra. Refined is one adjective that people have been saying about the new vehicle, plus they also do gush about the vehicle’s safety and space.

John Krafcik says, “The all-new Elantra delivers more interior space than Civic or Corolla – even more space than Acura TL – and a level of ride and handling refinement that’s both agile and comfortable. Add in great standard safety features like six airbags, anti-lock brakes and active front head restraints and our assertive new design, and it’s clear that Elantra offers unbeatable value.” Krafcik is the current vice president for the company’s product development and strategic planning arm.

For 2007, the Hyundai Elantra would come with a couple of high technology features that come as standard. One of these would be the roof mounted side curtain airbags for safety. Included in the list are ABS brakes with electronic brake force distribution, four wheel disc brakes, and active front head restraints. You would also find the vehicle quite comfortable for it holds head restraints that are adjustable and it does not matter where you are seated. The rear center armrest also has been built to hold cupholders.

The company says that the Elantra GLS, one of the Elantra’s trim levels, is the perfect compact car. This one comes with various features and equipment like a power sunroof and a remote keyless entry with alarm. This one comes with a $ 13,395 price tag.

Terry Brown is a 32 year old from Houston Texas, and an enthusiast for anything auto-related. He currently writes auto-related articles for several publications.

Find The Price Of Courier Services Easily Using A Quick Quote System

Find The Price Of Courier Services Easily Using A Quick Quote System

Choosing to use the internet when looking for courier services can have a number of benefits with delivery companies having a number of areas on their website that can make things easier for you. One of these sections that can be found on a number of websites is the quick quote system which makes finding the estimated price of your package extremely quick and simple.


These easy to use systems are a great help in getting a quoted price for your intended delivery and all that you need to do is enter a few basic pieces of information and you will be given a price. To get your quote you will usually need to enter the collection and delivery postcode for the trip to calculate the length of the journey although if your parcel is being sent within mainland UK the price will usually be pretty much the same wherever it is being sent. You also need to enter the number of parcels that you are going to send as well as the dimensions of the parcel. Entering the height, width and length along with the weight of the package is done to make sure that your parcel does not exceed the limits that are generally imposed. Once you have entered all of the above details you will then be presented with your quoted price. It should be noted that you must make sure that all details entered are correct, if you enter the incorrect weight or dimensions then you may end up being charged extra for the delivery.


The quick quote system is, as mentioned earlier, one of a few handy extras that can be found with online delivery companies. You will usually find that most couriers will have a tracking system on their website. This means that you can check up on where about in the delivery system your package is by simply entering the reference number that you are given when placing the order. Another major area where you can benefit by going online is where bulk buys are concerned. A lot of courier services will offer discounts for customers who make orders for large quantities of deliveries. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have got to send all packages at once as you can keep them as credits and use them over a 6 month period.


Taking all of the above into consideration you can see that using the internet when looking to arrange a parcel delivery can bring a number of benefits. You should therefore take this into account the next time you are about to send that package.

Written by E-Commerce Manager of PayPerParcel, Chris Roche. For more information on our courier services, parcel collection or any of our other UK courier options, have a look at our site to see exactly what types of cheap courier services we can offer you.

Double Glazing Quotes – Get The Best Price Before You Select

Double Glazing Quotes – Get The Best Price Before You Select

It is always a great idea to obtain the best possible quotes before replacing your windows and door. Double glazing is basically two panes of glass with air in between. Its purpose is to create insulation for heat and protect against noise. Single layer windows are not as good as double panes for your home.

The double sealed quality lets the windows keep as much heat as possible and prevent noise from entering, not to mention that they are also environmentally friendly. Double glazed doors and windows are much more secure as they are harder to break.

Your doors and windows are valuable investments of your home, so therefore you should take more care when purchasing new double glazing. The prices are highly competitive so it is a good idea to get quotes online. There are many websites that offer the best quality windows and doors and you get a lot of choice too.

Whatever your budget, there are a variety of double glazing windows and doors available on the internet and you will definitely be able to find a suitable match for your property. The process is simple. All you need to do is fill in the online application form with your personal details and within a matter of hours the double glazing company will get in touch with details of quotes. You can do all this without leaving your front door!

It is advisable to collect at least two or three estimates from different double glazing companies before proceeding. Ask for samples, discounts and guarantees. Always negotiate the best possible price.

So if you want the best prices from double glazing companies, you should collect minimum three or four different estimates from different companies before making any decisions. Ask for discounts, guarantees and samples of their work. You can get all this from their webpage. Before confirming a date for the agent to visit your house, you should have a list of questions ready in order to avoid any problems at a later stage.


Richard Finch is the author of this articles about Double Glazing you can Find more information about Double Glazing here.