5 Ways To Get High Quality Backlinks Pointing To Your Website

5 Ways To Get High Quality Backlinks Pointing To Your Website

It is interesting that no matter how much Internet marketing changes one thing continues to remain constant. The more backlinks you have pointing to your website the more your business will benefit from it.

An even more effective way to do this is to concentrate on getting high quality backlinks. In this article we will go over 5 ways you can get backlinks pointing to your website and increase the quality of them.

1. Write articles and submit them to article directories that have a high page rank. You can Google search to find various lists of these type of directories.

There are many article directories that get a lot of traffic and have a high page rank. These are the type of backlinks you want because it will help improve your own page rank and potentially get more traffic as well.

2. Subscribe to Google Alerts relating to the theme of your business. When these alerts come post comments on the various blogs you see in the alert.

Google loves blogs and these can all become great backlinks for your business. Doing it this way helps you make sure the link you are getting is related to the topic of your own website.

3. Post comments in relevant discussion forums. Forums that get the most traffic are the ones that are going to be spidered the most by Google and other search engines.

You can find plenty of these to post comments in and what you want to focus on the ones where people are hanging out the most. For example The Warrior Forum is a high-quality Internet marketing based discussion forum.

Your comments there can include a signature file with backlinks from targeted hyperlinked keyword phrases. The post you make will be archived and create high quality links for several years in the future.

4. Run ads in established archived Internet ezines. There are many ezines that have been around for 10 years or more that have a large number of subscribers.

The publishers of these will archive them online. When you run an ad with a link back to your website it becomes a high quality backlink in the eyes of the search engines.

5. Do video marketing. You might as well focus on You Tube as they get almost 85% of all video traffic. Plus Google owns them and they will rank your video on their search engine.

Of course you should include a link to your website in the video you are promoting. This can be a great link as well as an excellent source of traffic for your business.

These are five ways to get high quality back links pointing to your website!

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