How to Remove Skin Tags Painlessly

How to Remove Skin Tags Painlessly

Some people are doubtful if skin tags are safe to be removed by themselves at home. For as long as the removal methods are done correctly, there is not much risk of getting rid the skin tags by yourself. But before you conduct a home removal remedy, be sure that it is not a malignant tumor. If it is rapidly growing and the changes in shape and color are highly visible then you would have to consult a dermatologist as these are signs of a malignant tumor.

One of the natural remedies to remove skin tags is the tea tree oil. You will have to wash it and its vicinity using soap and water. When it is dry, soak a cotton ball in water and add three drops of tea tree oil onto it. Rub the cotton ball against your skin. The will fall off if you do this consistently for a couple of days. You can also use the castor oil. It is completely natural but for better effectiveness, you should mix it with baking soda until it forms a mixture paste then apply it onto your skin tag. Another natural removal remedy is to use herbal extract; for instance the Dermisil. It is a natural medicine famous for healing severe skin conditions.

There are also other methods to remove skin tags. You can use the fingernail polish. Cover your skin using fingernail polish few times a day for several days until the tag falls off. You can also remove the tags by using a string and tying it around the base for a few days. You may use a dental floss or a fishing line. Another remedy will be using a duct tape. Paste a duct tape onto the area and when the tape starts to loosen up you can check if the tag is falling off. You can repeat until the tag falls off itself. Bloodroot paste is also said to be a very effective remedy to get rid of it. However it is pretty harmful to human skin thus not a highly recommended removal technique.

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Remove Skin Tags Painlessly

Remove Skin Tags Painlessly

Are you bothered by unsightly skin tags on your face and neck?  Are you ashamed to wear a bikini on the beach because of your embarrassing skin tag problem?  With our unique and effective skin tag removal system, you can get rid of skin tags yourself – no painful procedure at the dermatologist’s office is necessary to get clear, smooth skin in just a few easy steps.

What are skin tags?  Are they a form of skin cancer?

Tags are small, benign skin lesions that hang from the surface of the skin.  These harmless flaps of dermal tissue are attached by a root that grows under the skin’s surface; the protruding tab is generally pigmented like the rest of your skin, although it may appear slightly darker in color. Skin tabs are not cancerous, nor do they indicate an increased risk of skin cancer.  Many people choose to remove them for cosmetic purposes.  They typically appear on females, especially middle-aged and older women, and they often occur as a result of weight gain.

The tabs tend to appear on the neck, chest, and back; some individuals have them under the breasts, in the armpits, and in the groin area.  Although they are not tender or painful themselves, many people opt to remove them to prevent the irritation that occurs when they rub against clothing or other items.  While you can have a dermatologist remove them for you, you can now do it yourself at home.

What are the common methods used to treat this condition?

There are a few common procedures used by doctors to remove these blemishes.  Your dermatologist may simply cut away the tissue using surgical scissors or a scalpel.  As an alternative, cryotherapy (freezing off) or an electrical current may be used to remove the tags from exposed areas.  Predictably, these procedures cause some discomfort, and a scar is often left in place of the blemish.

When you have these tags removed using conventional treatments, the stalk below the skin is generally left behind; in time, they usually grow back.

How can I remove blemishes permanently and painlessly?

Thanks to our unique formula, you can now remove them yourself, without enduring a painful and expensive outpatient procedure. Simply rub the ointment into the affected area and the surrounding skin; our specially-formulated product will go to work at the root of the lesion, removing the tissue gently and painlessly. There are no harsh chemicals or burning, and the blemish will be removed permanently at the source.