Has Emerged Over The Years As One Of The Most Favorite Programming Platforms Where Software Has Emerged Over The Years As One Of The Most Favorite Programming Platforms Where Software
ASP.Net has emerged over the years as one of the most favorite programming platforms where software engineers do web development. The language was developed as a solution to the existing problems caused by ASP. Through this programming language, software engineers are able to build dynamic websites; web services are and web applications. Since it was built on the Common Language Runtime, it allows programmers to write ASP.NET code using any .NET language. It helps a lot in separation of content and presentation and programmers get to write clean code. Dotnetnuke Programmers recommend its usage highly and every Dotnetnuke Consultant and Dotnetnuke programmer loves working on this.

The software language demonstrates a lot of characteristics that software developers find very endearing. Some of them are given below.

The Pages are known as web forms. They contain files with the .aspx extension. They contain the XHTML mark up apart from defining web controls and user controls. The developers get to store all of their static and dynamic content for the pages.
The software platform encourages the code behind model. The code is placed in a separate file in a categorically designated script. The developer has the freedom to write code for different events. This can be done when the pages are being loaded and controls being licked.
The user controls in the language have been created as ASCX mark up files. These are the files where all the static and dynamic code is stored. The containing page is stored in memory and can be requested when the need arises. A Dotnetnuke Consultant or Dotnetnuke Programmer is always on the lookout for such pages, which ASP.NET offers.
Programmers have the independence or leverage to build custom controls. The code for these controls will be compiled in the DLL file.
The template file during compilation is merged with the initialization code. This builds a control tree representing the original template.
The applications made on this are hosted through web server and accessed through the HTTP Protocol.

Dotnetnuke programmers cherish certain qualities of this language, and hence, they suggest its occupancy. The main reason why ASP.NET is famous as a programming language is because of its performance levels. It compiles the server side code into multiple DLL Files on the web server. This happens invariably when a first time page is requested. Development becomes easy on scripting languages as the compiled binary yields performance results. All the APX and other resource files get placed in a virtual host on the IIS Server. S when the client requests a page, the .NET framework compiles the file and sends the response in the form of an assembly. The programming language has the capacity to compile the entire site in batches of 1000 files. Developers also get to compile their code behind files before deployment. They can do this through MS Visual Studio. The software language also eliminates the need to have source code on the web server.

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Plastic Postcards With Pop Out Gift Card And Key Tags Increase Response Rates By Over 200%

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