The Smart Strategic Step About Offshore Software Development During the Recession

The Smart Strategic Step About Offshore Software Development During the Recession

The present IT scenario is quite alarming, leading to cross cut, and to enhance their level of efficiency. It is the time of fight or flight for many companies. It is not unknown that employees are laid off to cut the budget. Irrespective of all these hurdles, companies have to move on to survive. The companies are shifting to offshore software development strategies into their business plan smartly, cutting the cost as well as accessing international software engineering skills.

The intention of offshore software development is to entrust the task of designing and developing with core competency. The base may be anywhere but the result is assured. This in return helps the parent companies to focus more on their core business processes and business development. Maintenance of their business processes will be taken care by offshore software development. In a way, this helps the parent companies in cross cutting making them hassle free in hiring skilled employees.

The software development outsourcing model has attractive and significantly beneficial features, helps the company to save on employee recruitment. Some of the functionalities and features are highlighted as below:

1) Software development at reduced costs and fixed price: It is well known factor that companies have to take saving seriously in this unfavorable economic condition. A specific project for a guaranteed fixed cost proves better in this context.

2) Minimal infrastructure expense: Apart from human resources, infrastructure costs play a major concern as the biggest expense in an organizational balance sheet. An outsourced business can be setup with minimal expenditure on infrastructure.

3) Resources on demand: It is becoming burdensome for the companies to recruit full time employees with thinner profits, where as the clients have all the freedom and flexibility to go for full or part time resource solutions. Clients can inflate or contract resources based on the needs of their project.

4) Jump at the forefront of the Competition: This is an ideal time for the company to think on how to move ahead where as others are still licking their wounds, or at least have put a break in the dealings. Outsourcing assures you to be ahead without disturbing the present staff assuming long term result oriented relationships.

5) Make changes in Technology: Make use of the slower economic times in acquiring new technologies so that you are empowered and well equipped when the market starts picking up. You will be ready to offer more than the client’s expectations.

Choose an Offshore Software Development Partner:

You need to be more strategic and meticulous in selecting your partner. The success of the project depends on the offshore software development partner. The selection process has RFP (Request for Proposal), responses on the RFP, and rounds of negotiations and fulfillment of other legal formalities. Once you are through with all these formalities then think that your business is on.

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Offshore Films America Remade Well

Offshore Films America Remade Well

With the recent publicity of a myriad of remakes to foreign movies, various film lovers have begun to question whether or not today’s flick makers have any inventive bones in their bodies. Yet, not all offshore movie remakes have been done imperfectly or out of deficiency of ideas. Some were done for the correct justification as well as brought overwhelming stories that might otherwise have escaped American film fans to local theaters and store’s shelves. Here are a few remakes of films from around the globe which America succeeded in bringing honor to, not butchering, the foreign movies from which they were adapted.

Let Me In (2010) / Let the Right One In (2008) – Swedish author John Ajvide Lindgvist’s 2004 fictional vampire tale that various critics and fans alike have claimed as the most real vampire love story was adapted into an equally successful Swedish flick in 2008. The American version, “Let Me In” has received rave reviews for staying bona fide to the original story. Not much changed other than location as well as names…and the usage of our favorite CGI.

Quarantine (2008)/ REC (2007) – Speaking of sticking to stories, this remake of the Spanish horror flick was done almost completely shot for shot. American film makers frequently take overseas movies and change as much as possible, but change was irrelevant with this film; which features no score and is shown through the eyes of the actor/cameraman’s camera. You’ll feel like a part of the eerie action as you follow telly reporter Angela and others who’ve been quarantined in an apartment building after a break out of a virulent disease.

Scent of a Woman (1992)/ Profumo di donna (1974)- This remake of an Italian movie relating to a prep school student who takes on the job of assistant to a sightless and retired Army officer earned several awards as well as nominations, among other things an Academy Award for Best Actor for Al Pacino.

Unfaithful (2002)/ La Femme infid?le (1968)- A French sixties sensual drama concerning betrayal in the rendition of adultery as well as the chaos that results, was brought to America’s silverscreens accompanied by experienced actors, a splendid score and no lack of sex appeal.

Brothers (2009)/ Brodre (2004)- This Danish war drama received the American remake and much of its achievement was due to exceptional cast performances that brought the drama as well as feelings of the tale of two very dissimilar brothers and the trials they face to life.

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