The Best Ways to Make Money Online! Run 6 Months Backlink Building Campaign

The Best Ways to Make Money Online! Run 6 Months Backlink Building Campaign

When you grow your number of the backlinks, remember that the most effective backlinks are so called natural ones. This term means, that the search engines see your links from other sites set by outsiders, not by yourself.

1. Decide To Run A 6 Months Backlink Building Campaign.

As you see, this is not a quick rich scheme. If you try to build them too fast, you will be penalized. But when you see backlinks as long term ways to make money online, you will build them during a long period of time. Links are good ways to make money online, when done correctly. The campaign should include at least one PRWeb release, directory listings of 300 with pr 6 at least, some link baits tools, regular comments to related blogs and the usage of automated ping service. The target is to get 1.000 backlinks in 6 months. But remember to make it slowly.

2. The Content Strategy: Build Lists. They Are Good Ways To Make Money Online.

By the lists I mean article contents, which use titles like Top 10 Myths about or 101 Ways to Do or 10 Easy Tips To Do Something. People love lists, because they look like the full coverage about the topic. And when other webmasters like your article, they will copy it to their own sites.

3. Submit To Directories.

But do it slowly with about 200 directories per time plus to the major search engines. These directories use categories, which are important, because they are sources of the related visitors and links. These listings last for ever, which means a residual income to your site. Use also authority sites like Squidoo and Wikipedia.

4. Use Syndication.

If you have a blog use, the syndication services, because they will let others know about your new post and will in this way bring lots of targeted visitors. You can also syndicate your articles using the syndication services of the article directories and the submission services.

5. Use Social Bookmarking

The social bookmarking sites are important ways to make money online, because they let you write a little bit longer teaser about your new blog post. These teasers can also include keywords, so that the search engines can find them.

6. Post To Groups, Forums And Related Blogs.

This takes a little bit more time, than just building links but on the other hand all these places bring related backlinks and they serve as places, where you can also build an image. Many blogs commentators form groups on the comment part of some related blog, so they are like clubs.

7. Use Blogging.

An effective blog is equipped with the automated ping service and with a semi automated social bookmarking service. So the online surfers get the information about your new post immediately. You can add the efficiency by writing optimized posts, so that the search engines find them.

8. You Can Activate Your Contacts.

I am sure that you have noticed, how contests have become more and more popular on blogs. The only purpose of these is to activate the readers and to offer some added value on the top of the dry professional content.

This article gave you some good and proven ideas how you can build backlinks in a way, that you will not get penalized. And you can kill two flies with one hit by writing the content in a professional way and to activate your readers. But still, the content is the king!

Juhani Tontti, B.Sc., Marketing. Do You Want To Make Money From Home The Link Building Is The Way How To Make Money Online, If Done Properly. Visit: Ways To Make Money Online