Queen Elizabeth II Launched a Memorial Photostream

Queen Elizabeth II Launched a Memorial Photostream

Elizabeth, the 84-year-old Britain Queen of an old-fashioned monarchy, has unveiled an official Flickr account for Buckingham Palace. The British Monarchy stream launched over 600 historic and current photos of the royal family on the photo-sharing website. The rare photostream from the image of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert adoring each other in the past to recent images of Prince Harry running the charity activities in Lesotho are shown off. Most of the photos show the royal family in public from the Queen’s recent trip to Canada and New York to her summer garden party last week. Through the recently-announced photo gallery, fans and admirers can see photos of Queen Elizabeth as a young princess or a girl child. The White House has had a Flickr stream since April 2009 and this is the first time she has shared the privacy of her life. Let’s show off your admiration to the Queen through the memorial photostream as follows:


Queen Elizabeth II at a Buckingham Palace garden party last week


Queen Elizabeth II smiles during a trip to Bahrain in 1979 , accompanied by the Emir


The Princess Elizabeth at young age


Lady Cooper was presented to Queen Elizabeth in 1954 in Greenslopes, Brisbane, Australia


King George VI and Queen Elizabeth with Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret on December 15 1936


Queen Elizabeth visited New York when she was 50 years old. She walked on the Wall Street to Trinity Church for the ritual norms


Queen Elizabeth II was 1 year old in 1927


Lots of rarely-seen royal treasures are displayed in “The Queen’s Year” on Tuesday, July 27 including Queen Elizabeth’s 18-foot (5.5-meter) long Robe of State


King George VI and Queen Elizabeth with their daughters Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret after the Coronation in 1937



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