The Art And Science of Backlinking For Long Term Growth

The Art And Science of Backlinking For Long Term Growth

Traffic that is targeted to the right market will go far to determine the success of any online business. If you’re optimizing for the right keywords, and your SEO is doing its job, then you are setting yourself up for huge amounts of search traffic. While numbers can vary with the source of research, it’s estimated that up to 80% of traffic flows through search engines. Obviously most people only bother with Google, or perhaps Bing and sometimes Yahoo. There are quite a few points to consider when you’re talking about search engine optimization, however it is your backlinks that will mostly determine how well you rank. Just about everything that has anything to do with your search engine rankings, including popularity, will be determined by the quality of your backlinks. Popularity, in the eyes of the search engines, is determined by the traffic you get as well as quantity of backlinks. One important consideration is ideally your backlinks should have more quality attached to them versus quantity. We’ll talk more about link building tips and how to perform proper backlinking for your optimization. There are right and wrong ways to make money on the Internet.

One powerful technique to build one way backlinks is to simply create profiles on popular social media websites. The internet now has a wide selection of social networking sites that you can sign up with, and when you fill out your profile you can usually place a link there. Join as many of these as you can find. Have an username that is related to your business or brands you in some way. You may want to use these social media sites to network or get publicity for your website sometime. While this is a great way to get one way links, don’t overdo it by spamming these sites with too many links or signing up for too many of them at once. The way to successfully implement this technique is to build your links in a slow, gradual way and not all at once.

You can host your content at and build what is called a lens. These lenses are an excellent source of good backlinks, as well. What you do is find a keyword phrase that you want to use, and if it is available at Squidoo, then you can build a lens in less than an hour. What is especially nice about them is you can put links in them with your own anchor text which is quite powerful for SEO. If you seriously aim to make money online you need to think outside of the box.

You can also leverage online blogs in your niche to get more backlinks to your site. You could ask the moderator if you could write a post for them, or just make a comment with your link. Slow and steady, you can build an army of links coming back to your site from these blogs.

Overall, link building is a long term strategy that has to be accomplished over time. You shouldn’t give it up by just giving it a try for a few days. If you do it consistently, you will eventually get the kind of traffic you want.