Cool Free Software

Cool Free Software

Grindstone 2 (Productivity Tool)

If you frequently find yourself taking far too long to perform different tasks on your PC, this time manager can help. To get started with Grindstone 2, install the software and create a new task. Estimate how long this should take to complete, set a due date and – if the task is something you’re getting paid for – an hourly rate.

When you start timing a task, a stopwatch widget will appear at the top of the screen showing how long you’ve spent on that particular assignment. You can pause, resume and switch tasks as required- There’s also an optional egg-timer widget that counts down the remaining time. If you’re working to a tight deadline, this provides a great way of focusing your mind – as well as adding a little extra urgency! You can set reminders and have the program alert you when a task is almost due or when you reach a certain point -halfway, For example. The software can even detect when you’re not actively using your computer and measures the time spent away – useful for managing jobs that don’t involve your computer.
BleachBit (Clean – Up Tool)

BleachBit is a useful alternative to CCleaner. It can empty your Recycle Bin, find and remove temporary files, old back-ups and thumbnail caches, and clean up after your browser and other applications. Select the options to target on the left, and then click Preview to show what it proposes to remove on the right. Check its suggestions very carefully, and then hit Delete to clean up your system. The program can shred files to prevent their recovery and also overwrite free disk space.
TimeComX (Task Manager)

TimeComX automatically performs actions and runs applications based on your chosen criteria. For example, you can set TimeComX to shut down your system once all downloads have finished, run a file after a set period of inactivity, and sound an alarm or play an audio file when a countdown reaches zero. The interface is very simple, with one tab used for setting the Event and another for specifying the Task. You can even add a password to stop anyone tampering with your settings.
Nudo (Game)

The aim of this challenging platform puzzle game is to get your tiny character to the exit on each level by moving, jumping, pressing buttons and shifting blocks around the screen. However, you can only move blocks if they are on the same horizontal or vertical axis as you, which makes Nudo very tricky.
MaxMax (Desktop Tool)

This program lets you customize the size of maximized windows, introducing a margin at any side of your screen. You can use MaxMax to store widgets, on the right, or have a dock always visible at the bottom, for example. The program lets you define different margins for multiple monitors and you can override the settings simply by holding down Shift when maximizing a window.

By: Francis David

Francis helps people understand the DISH Network TV Service the WildBlue. He has all of the DISH Network Special Promotions and Deals for new customers.

Free Tips to Build One Way Links

Free Tips to Build One Way Links

Almost every online marketer knows that the only way to climb up to the top ranks of the search engine result pages is through getting back links. These back links are not just ordinary links, but these are highly relevant back links coming from the websites in your own niche. However, you should know that this is not as easy as writing your a-b-c. In the past years, it was very common among online marketers to exchange links and it did work for some time. Today however, link exchanges are no longer effective since one way back links are more common nowadays. If you are planning to open your business online, here are some tips to build one way links.

There are a lot of ways on how you can make one way links. The most common way is to request a link from one website, however, this method is not really that effective and there are a lot of webmasters that does not really give out their links more often because it leaks the page ranks. Another method is article marketing. In order for you to get one way link through this method, you have to post articles in various article directories and each of your articles must have a resource box that contains the URL of your web site. You can also do this thing through article submission. The method is just the same and it can help you gain tons of one way back links. Another common method is through social bookmarking. But then, if you really want to create high quality link backs, you have to promote your site in websites that are related to your own that is within your niche.

One of the most common tips to build one way links is to get a back links from a website using the keyword that you want for your anchor text. This may be a bit difficult to accomplish but there is an automated way in order to do this step that can help you get hundreds of one way back links. What’s good about this is that, they are mostly dripped fed, which means that back links are accumulated every now and then. Even more, this can only take ten minutes of your time to set up and you can leave it alone to do other things. Since it is autopilot, it can grow your back links without much workload.

When working with such online directories, whether it is an article directory or social bookmarking sites, remember that you still have to be responsible for everything that you submit. You cannot just simply submit and forget about it. Sure you can do other things aside from this advertising campaign, but be sure to constantly check all your submissions. The Internet has so much good things to offer, but it also offer some bad things. Thus, you need to keep all the good ones. In this way, you will be able to build your one way links that can help you generate more and more website traffic everyday and can help you succeed in the long run.

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More Free Christmas Card Verses And Quotes That YOU Can Use To Make Last Minute Christmas Cards Or To Send Your Own eCards!

More Free Christmas Card Verses And Quotes That YOU Can Use To Make Last Minute Christmas Cards Or To Send Your Own eCards!

Hello folks, it’s almost Christmas and if you need to send some nice Christmas Greetings via e-mail, here are some verses that YOU can copy and paste into the body of an e-mail, then change the font, the size, and the color!

Or…if you are making homemade greeting cards or Christmas cards, then you can use these as well!

Seasons Greetings for the Happiest of Holidays!

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family the very merriest Christmas and the happiest and healthiest New Year!

Then you can add: We are Happy to have you as Neighbors! Of course, “we are” can be changed to “I am,” and “neighbors” can be changed to friend, co-worker, colleague, et cetera!

Here are some nice quotes from famous people that might be good on a Christmas Card:

“They can because they think they can.” – Virgil

“I finally figured out the only reason to be alive is to enjoy it.” – Rita Mae Brown

My name is Father Time, a self-help writer and speaker and I also write greeting card verses…Here are some FREE Christmas Card Verses YOU Can Use!

“How casually and unobservedly we make all our most valued acquaintances.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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“Many a friendship–long, loyal, and self-sacrificing–rested at first upon no thicker a foundation than a kind word.” – Frederick W. Faber

“One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.” – Euripides

When you need to send Gift Baskets to friends and family out of town, but somewhere around the contiguous 48 United States…Come See Some Awesome Gift Baskets!

Have Fun and Many Blessings!

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Unlimited Free Traffic With Seo Services

Unlimited Free Traffic With Seo Services
There are many ways to overcome these obstacles, and in fact twitter and face book, along with you tube videos can be utilised very effectively and a huge following obtained within a week or two, but to explain all of these techniques.

One of the most dominant contributions article marketing currently offers is it lets you pre-sell merchandise in the most effective practical way. Pre-selling is an approach that every single online marketer has to know about, as well as how to do, in order to entirely exercise all that is obtainable in marketing.

I have purchased many traffic books and courses from gurus, all excellent resources that I do recommend, but I felt I did not understand how to actually implement the abundant information because of my experience level in the beginning.

Many people waste tons of time and money in an attempt to generate traffic from the engines, but they never find anything that works. Nothing works because they did not lay the foundation for a powerful website, and they did not take time to understand some basic fundamentals.

Well one of the rules of marketing is to get traffic that is targeted to your specific product or business. If you don’t find targeted traffic, you will have a hard time converting your traffic into sales and profit. The easiest way to do this is by using a targeted web traffic spurning campaign.

it’s really not easy to increase traffic to your website without paying for it. You’ll spend countless hours trying to determine what methods are best, but trying to choose which methods to use can be tough.

Some of these advantages depend on the area and product you are marketing as well as which article directories you are submitting your articles.

The first is by doing it manually. This entails a boat load of work because you have to analyze the number of backlinks, Page Rank, presence of keyword in the page title, URL, meta description, meta keywords and the nature of backlinks, etc.

The best part is it’s free! Getting free traffic will give you a leg up on any competitors in your niche because they are probably having to use paid methods to drive traffic to their site.

The Internet is a breeding ground for spammers, so search engine programmers are constantly looking for ways to defeat those spammers. They are constantly updating the code to look for common spamming techniques and known ways people try to game the search engines.

Also, if you can figure out how to obtain those free traffic hits with little to no work, your website will practically become a traffic superhighway that will receive hundreds, or even thousands, of visitors per month.

If your site happens to use any of those “spam” techniques (sometimes referred to as blackhat SEO), the search engine will assume you’re a spammer and harm your ranking as a result. If you’re hiring an SEO firm to handle your website marketing, make sure that they only use white hat SEO.

Read about one way link building also read about seo services and keyword ranking

3 Key Elements To Look For In A Free CRM Software

3 Key Elements To Look For In A Free CRM Software

One of the good things about the internet is the unlimited resource for free software. So, if you’re new in business or looking for some ways to save on software investment, it is a good idea to try out one or two free CRM software systems. As you may initially need some kind of communication and contact management tool, utilising a CRM software will be of great help to you.

A CRM software is the main tool that is being utilised for the customer in communicating with the sales department since it involves many different people within their respective organizations and each with their own different methods.

There are different types and variations of CRM but let us focus on the 3 core elements which are vital to a meaningful Customer Relationship Management.

Key Element No.1 – Customer Service
Customer Service or the Frontliners are responsible for selling products and services to your customers, communicating with your customers with regards to marketing, as well as with the after-sales services. They are the ones in direct interaction with the customers. Each interaction with the customer is recorded and stored within the CRM system where it can be extracted by other employees when needed. Hence, making sure that your initial interaction with the customer is a positive one.

Key Element No.2 – Sales Force Automation
Sales force automation or SFA allows the sales team to record each interaction with customers, the details of the contact, and the necessary follow ups. It enables the sales team to perform better at the same time avoid duplication of work. Given that your sales team is in constant look out for sales opportunities both with current and prospective customers, it is extremely important that contact information and customer data for both existing and prospective customers are recent and updated in your CRM software in order for the sales team to achieve the highest level of customer service.

Key Element No.3 – Campaign Management
Acquiring new customers is mainly the goal of the any sales team. Targeted marketing materials are aimed to a group of specific customers sometimes with special price quotations and special terms to lure them into buying your product. CRM software is useful here in recording the details of the campaign, customer responses based on the campaign and evaluation of the campaign results. Acquiring and retaining your customers will be easy once you have a systematic way of pointing out your customers’ wants and needs accurately.

Your CRM software must have these three essential core elements for you to attain a successful and effective relationship with the customer. Once you try one or two free CRM software, you will then have a clear idea what features are important to your business. Free CRM software or otherwise, the truth still remains that these 3 core elements are the key to a meaningful customer relationship management so it is your responsibility to ensure that these 3 elements are in your CRM software.

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Last Minute Homemade Christmas Card Makers! Need Good Verses And Quotes? FREE Christmas Card Verses!

Last Minute Homemade Christmas Card Makers! Need Good Verses And Quotes? FREE Christmas Card Verses!

If you make your own homemade Christmas Cards and you do not know what to write inside, there are some great Christmas Card verses that YOU can use in a minute, as well as some great quotes from famous people! Please remember WHO was the one to “hook you up!”

“What is Christmas? It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future. It is a fervent wish that every cup may overflow with blessings rich and eternal, and that every path may lead to peace.” – Agnes M. Pharo – American Writer has awesome information, don’t they?

“Do give books– religious or otherwise– for Christmas. They’re never fattening, seldom sinful, and permanently personal.” – Lenore Hershey – Editor-in-Chief Ladies’ Home Journal

You can find some FREE Christmas Card Verses Here and you will love using them inside your own homemade Christmas Cards! People love it when you make them a card, it means so much more than a store bought card!

My name is Father Time, a self help writer and speaker, and also a writer of greeting card verses. My website at features more FREE Christmas Card Verses that you can use, and I even have a great, and inexpensive eBook of Love & Friendship Verses that are great for the rest of the year!

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Christmas is an awesome time of year, and there is nothing wrong with treating yourself! Here is another great quote:

“Christmas, children, is not a date. It is a state of mind.” – Mary Ellen Chase – Teacher, Scholar, and Writer

Happy Holidays and Many Blessings!

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Twitter – The Free Way to Increase Your Followers

Twitter – The Free Way to Increase Your Followers

Twitter is an interesting idea. Its basically a computerized global text, just like you do on the phone. Its not as restrictive as face book (limit to 5000 people), however it also is not as personal, but its a great way to keep up, by tweeting. That’s what the message is called. You can also Dm, direct message.

You basically have followers and Following. Followers are people that follow you, or that see your messages. Following are people you follow, or receive messages from them.

So its a form of networking, a lot of time with people you don’t know. As with any form, of networking, I don’t recommend selling straight off the bat. On facebook and twitter, a lot of people hit you between the eyes. Like all forms of networking, a relationship needs to be formed. So a good model I have learnt is 30% social, 60% information and 10% promoting sales.

But first you need to build your list. So here are a number of great programs that are available free. That will help you build your list.

Tweetdeck: a great way to keep an overview of your tweets, direct messages etc are all displayed and you can reply here. This allows you broadcast your tweets, across multiple networks, incl. MySpace, Facebook and of course twitter. So one entry goes a long way

Tweetspinner, is on of my favourites. You can track keywords and follow people that tweet about these keywords. Also you can set ratios and follow people back quickly.

Twubble is another way to follow friends of friends. Its time consuming but good

These have allowed my in 3 weeks increase my followers by 3000. Not bad!

There is also a theory that Twitter have a magic number of 2000, you need to keep your followers and following balance within 7%. I don’t know if this is true, but look after it, just in case. If you have more followers than you are following, twitter loves you.

These are the tools I have used to go from 40 follows to 5000+ in five weeks. I know people tell you that they are other ways, this is how I actually did it.

happy tweeting

Anthony Mc Carthy, the ‘Irish Marketer’ has over twenty five years experience in business. If you want to make money then go to where you can take the first step into internet marketing and making money on line. It will help you to take the first steps into the field and also into business. A lot of fledgling internet entrepreneurs, have no business experience. or don’t know the steps to take to having a business on line.

How to Gain 1000 Followers Every Month For Free on Twitter Without Any Software!

How to Gain 1000 Followers Every Month For Free on Twitter Without Any Software!

Twitter is an excellent exercise for mind, you must focus on how  you can describe with 140 characters the ideas that you want to share with other Twitter users.

As for the Internet marketers, this is a huge advertising opportunity. Unfortunately, many of them doesn’t realise that a blatant advertising gives no result on Twitter. The best way to make business on Twitter is to find people which are interested in your niche, to follow them, to contact them when they follow you back, and to start building a relation with them, before trying to sell them something. Of course, this takes time, but nothing in this world is easy.

Back to the free method which helps you to gain 1000 followers every month without any software, the first solution is in your Twitter page. Log into your Twitter account, and on the top right of your page you have the option “Find People”. Click on it and a new window will open, where you have four options to find people. The last one is “Suggested Users”. Click on it and Twitter will show you various users which you can follow. Usually I find about 300 every week. You may select them one by one or you may check them all, and Twitter will charge to follow all of them in your name. Not all of them will follow you back, but we will talk later about this problem. Anyway, at least half of them will follow you back for sure.

The second free source to gain followers on Twitter is Twellow, the Twitter’s “Yellow Pages” version. Type in Google search “” and you will be pointed to their page. Sign up for free with your Twitter account, update your profile, specify your interests, and then type in the search box from the top of the screen the niche you are interested in. In the moment I am writing this article there are 613,7 million Twitter profiles and 5,1 million Twellow profiles in the Twellow’s data base. It is hard to believe that you will not find few thousands people to follow, no matter what your interests are. Follow about 300 profiles at one time. The “follow back” rate will be the same like in Twitter. I can guarantee you that you will gain at least 250 followers from the both sources every week. I have gained 300 followers in the first week and 400 followers in the second week.

Now you will say: “What about the rest?”. It’s true, Twitter gives a qualification degree considering the number of people you are following and the ones which are following you. The solution is simple, another online free tool, where you don’t have to open an account. Type in Google Search “Twitter Karma”, and the first option you will see is “Your Twitter Karma”. Sign in with your Twitter username and password, click the “Whack” button, and in short time you will see all your Twitter account, divided in “only following”, “only followers” and “mutual friends”. On the top of the page go to the option “Show all”, check “only following”, go to the bottom of the page, click on “Check all” and then click on “Bulk unfollow”. When the operation is done, go to the top of the page, check “only followers”, again, at the bottom of the page click on “Check all” and then “Bulk follow”, and that’s it. It takes some time for each of the two bulk operations, but you don’t have to wait there, you may do whatever you like and come back later to see if it’s done.

Repeat these three operations every week, and you will gain at least 250 followers per week without any doubt. I am doing it for two weeks and it works like clock. Not to mention that I have met few good friends on Twitter. This is how you can gain every month for free 1000 followers on Twitter without any revolutionary software and I see no reason that you can not do it.

More useful information you can get at the author’s website, Affiliate Marketing Step By Step and at his blog, I Am An Affiliate. There are also a lot of gifts for you there.

Hassle Free Tips On Printing RFID Tags

Hassle Free Tips On Printing RFID Tags

Radio Frequency identification is the latest system of identification to be applied to businesses and products. RFID tags are printed with special labels printers and encoders.

While there are many designs, standards and protocol that may be adopted for printing these tags, a set of hassle free tips can be delineated that would encompass the best practices in the field. Smart label printers and encoders use a media system with an RFID inlay, which is a combination of a chip and an antenna. This is generally implanted inside the material of the label. The use of radio frequency transmission by the printer enables the RFID encoder inside it to write the data on the tag. The transmission focuses only on the location of the tag inside the label, while the graphics, text and the barcodes get printed in the customary manner.


Some of the tips to make printing of tags hassle free include:

Selection of Media is important since it must fit in with the printer and application. This is imperative for RFID tags since they characterize minimal interference, have a large reading range, and provide data integrity. These characteristics are possible only with smart labels of the best quality. The smart label has to be able to transfer data precisely and accurately while protecting the inlay and avoiding interference of any kind.
Chip position must match the Printer and Encoder: Businesses needing smart labels need to be aware of their inlay requirements, designs and frequency of their applications. The media they select must be aligned to the model of the encoder and printer so that the encoding process is smooth. The media provider has to keep in mind the specifications of the printer while designing smart labels and printers carry a list of the designs they support.
Smart labels must not use foil or metal-based labels since they interfere directly with RFID. They limit its range of operation and also impede the encoding process.
Liquids also interfere with the functioning of the RFID system. They tend to absorb RF signals and prevent them from being read. The adhesives put on label media are a liquid source, attracting water, which again leads to problems of performance efficiency. Hence synthetic media and laminates are preferred since they do not absorb water.
Smart media labels work within a wide temperature range and this must preferably be kept between –51 and +95 degrees centigrade.
Electro static discharges must also be restricted and their risk increases at higher altitudes with low humidity levels. ESD tends to adversely affect smart label performance, and therefore protection must be provided from it.
The choice of a printer must be made after considering their deliverables and preference must be given to printers having flexible error settings so that external intervention is not always necessary each time a problem arises and can be resolved by adjusting the settings.
Printer placement at a reasonable distance from other RF products also helps to increase efficiency of the printer.
Success of the encoding process would be higher if the printer could perform tag quality checks at two levels, once before receiving the data and next after the data has been written on the chip to ensure its accuracy. The purpose behind this is to guarantee proper alignment of the label edges so that the tag can be perfectly encoded.
Printers must be programmed to retry encoding after a failed attempt because often a second attempt is successful. If on the other hand, the printer issues a warning after a failed attempt, this may lead to wastage and reduce the yield rates.
Damaged labels must not get printed and must instead be stamped with a “void” message and segregated from the ones ready to be printed.
RFID systems must adopt powerful printers, which can be programmed to issue warnings about persisting problems rather than have to be switched off. A shut down can trigger a different set of problems.
Optimum placement of the label is important, and this must be away from liquid and metal.


If all these steps are followed and checks carried out before the system becomes functional, printing RFID smart labels would indeed become hassle free for a long, long time.

Bar code Scanners are actually utilised in just about every single sector, they help to keep on top of stock and check the items that will be moving around your building, deciding on a Bar code Reader is dependent upon your requirements. In some situations you will additionally find that you will need a bar code printer, deciding upon the Zebra TLP2844 printer is a wonderful choice, it’s small and portable but will cope with needs of many organizations

Get Free Security Quotes From National Alarm Companies

Get Free Security Quotes From National Alarm Companies
Are you worried about the security of your home? Burglary has become a common activity these days. Whether you are at home or not at home you need to make sure that your home is safe and secure. But how can you protect your home from these burglars?

Previously people had no ways to make proper safety arrangements before leaving their home but now with the help of the home alarm, systems you can surely avoid any kind of harmful activity. The alarm system will help you protect your belongings as well as your family members from the intruders.

It has been found in a research that at least 2 million burglaries tale place each year in the United States. In most of the cases the target of these burglars are the residential homes.

This is the reason why you can install the home alarm, system, for monitoring, your house. There are certain companies which can provide you with some of the best home alarms. But like every other object the home alarm systems has its pros and cons.

This is the reason why it is always better to go through the home alarm systems review before you choose one for your home. The first advantage of the alarms is that it provides constant security to your home as well as your family members.

The home alarm system which is constantly monitoring is always better for the safety of your family. Other than the security of the objects it is also important to ensure the security of the family members especially when they are at home. Installing the home alarm system can surely give you some peace of mind.

You can go through the system reviews on the internet. People who have already used this product can help you with proper details regarding this monitoring system. They can also help you find out which are the best home alarm systems companies available these days.

There are different kinds of systems available these days. There is an alarm which will help you to detect an intruder when the alarm is on. The other type of alarm available will detect if there is a sudden change of temperature in a room.

Whichever alarm system you buy will notify any kind of unnecessary activities. There are certain things to consider while purchasing these alarms. The home alarm system reviews will surely give you some idea about the best home alarm present in the market.

Though these alarms have lots of advantages still there are some problems related to this. One of the major problems is the cost. There are lots of people who are unable to afford these systems. The home alarm systems reviews are usually available for various companies that offer these systems.

If you search for these items on the internet then you can surely compare the prices quoted by these alarm companies. You just need to fill up a simple form to get free quotes from the national alarm companies.

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