Viral Videos – How to Attract a Frenzy of Followers and Reap the Rewards!

Viral Videos – How to Attract a Frenzy of Followers and Reap the Rewards!

Viral Video marketing on You Tube is being used by many large and small businesses, as part of modern day marketing strategy. You Tube marketing has become a great way to get a message across quickly and effectively. Not all are successful… in fact many fail. Usually for the same reason, and that is because they treat it the same as television advertising. They put together a commercial or just slap up an existing commercial, sit back and hope to reap the rewards.

Using viral videos effectively you have to think of the customer who is searching You Tube, and put your self in their position. What are they searching for, what will hold there attention and how can you get hem to pass the you tube video on to others. ‘Viral Video’ is what you should be aiming for. Companies that create viral videos with characters and a bit of a story line can ‘covertly’ sell there products and services. If you’ve done a good job the viewer passes it onto there friends and so on, this will define viral video.

Companies and individuals that use ‘viral video’ marketing are 300 times more successful on You Tube than any other. Use this to your advantage and you ‘ll reap the rewards. Once you have the attention of your viewer the trick then is to keep them interested in what comes next. To do this it is important that you continually upload other video’s to your You tube channel. feeding the frenzy style, if you like.

If you upload videos on a regular basis, you’ll create the activity which in return will create the following you want to be successful. This is proving to be the most profitable way to promote on you tube at the moment. The most successful companies using You Tube at the moment are the one’s that are updating there You Tube channel from 1 to 3 times a week. You may think this is a lot of work, but you’ll find the benefits will out way the work by far.

Have fun with your videos, being creative and humorous should be the motto. Remember to leave your link embedded in the video so that your followers can find you. You’ll find if you stick to this strategy, then you’ll attract more and more traffic… which will be beneficial to your business. Many companies are starting to see the benefit in using this strategy, the smart ones have already implemented ‘viral video’ and are seeing the successes.

Anyhow that’s all for now and good luck with it all. This article has been a brief overview on how to reap the rewards from You Tube marketing using viral videos, there’s obviously ways you can streamline all this and become more effective in your viral video marketing…

All the best
Rob Hughes

By the way if you want find out more about Viral Video marketing you can find videos explaining more by visiting this site and checking out the affiliate page and if your serious about building an online business visit and let me know what you think! all the Best.

Positive aspects of Making use of Kitchen Extractor Followers

Positive aspects of Making use of Kitchen Extractor Followers
Lots of individuals who detest cooking due to the fact in the vapor that may be created through the fuel while in the fuel stove as they cook the vapor is regarded to become a nuisance on the subject of cooking but obtaining a very good kitchen extractor fan is usually in a position to type out the troubles that could be disturbing you it’s going to make certain you cook inside an anxiety cost-free atmosphere.

Kitchen extractor followers would be the finest to make use of to soak up this vapors which have been becoming created through the gasoline stoves as you cook. The goodness with these cooking followers, they by now have installed lights that may aid in lighting up the kitchen.

A single on the pleasurable experiences in your house is meant to become cooking and the truth is persons need to be keen to complete it, but with all the gasoline produced in the gasoline stove it gets to be really tricky to delight in cooking again and again once again primarily should you have to cook unique meals for any significant family members.

These vapors following turning out to be a nuisance in you respiratory procedure they’re identified to destroy the wooden shelves as well as ceiling while in the kitchen and in many cases go a step more by destroying the wooden cutlery this kind of as wooden cooking sticks which are uncovered to these gases producing the kitchen shed its ambiance.

With kitchen extractor followers there really should be rather small fear of a likelihood of this taking place an in reality cooking needs to be a memorable practical experience you will need to generally want t o appreciate considering that the air inside the kitchen is fresh new only sweet aroma emanating through the foods ought to be existing.

It can also be sure that your kitchen stays clear with much less and much less concerns of spoilt wooden kitchen shelves as well as the ceiling and in some cases make cleansing with the kitchen a simple procedure.

Setting up the followers is a simple job it is possible to set up on e just over the gasoline stove and proceed experiencing you happen to be cooking with out always performing additional modification inside residence.

With kitchen followers even those that have in no way loved cooking will generally be keen to become a part of any tasty meal that is definitely getting ready inside the kitchen.

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Why Number of Twitter Followers Can Be a Misleading Statistic

Why Number of Twitter Followers Can Be a Misleading Statistic

After joining Twitter, a lot of internet marketers concentrate on one goal – increasing the number of people following them.

There are three psychological reasons for having a large following:

1. It appeals to the ego.

2. “Number of followers” is an easily-defined and easily-measured metric. By focusing on increasing this number, internet marketers can get lulled by a feeling of satisfaction that they are making progress.

3. There is the lazy view of internet marketing as a numbers game – i.e. for every X person who sees your message, Y will buy your product or service. So, the more “bodies”, the better.

Marketers and gurus who sell to the internet marketing niche have taken note of this powerful urge and, as a result, there is no shortage of products and services aimed at increasing your number of followers. These techniques range from variations on following thousands of people (hoping they will follow back) to actually buying followers. For example, there are Twitter “outsourcing” companies that might charge from $ 700-800 to “provide” 4,000 followers.

But, beyond the psychological rewards, does artificially increasing your followers really impact your bottom line – i.e. increase leads, conversions, and/or sales?

The answer is probably no because simply having a large number of followers is meaningless unless:

1. Your followers are targeted – i.e. interested in your niche and products/services.

2. You have built a relationship with them

These principles are the real secret to Twitter success. Twitter combines the one-to-many aspect of email with the immediacy of instant messaging. Just like email marketing, Twitter is ideally suited to building relationships and branding – rather than hard selling.

The bottom line is that, rather than having 20,000 lukewarm followers, it is better to have 800 followers who are passionate about your niche, and are willing to interact with you. This can lead to new customers, new joint ventures, and new friendships.

Because Twitter is so brand new, there are not a lot of good, reputable educational resources out there. Our Twitter Traffic Machine video / course is one good and inexpensive way to learn more about Twitter and marketing / brand building.

Why Soccer Followers Like To Accumulate Soccer Mementos

Why Soccer Followers Like To Accumulate Soccer Mementos

Why soccer mementos and tokens are usually particularly made welcome by way of multitude associated with soccer followers these days? Probably it can be only for your enjoy associated with soccer or perhaps you person, but for several soccer followers, it can be for the reason that mementos may help all of them taking a storage on the match who has gone absent or discover some carrying around historical past.

Not all soccer mementos have to be associated with an individual sport or perhaps person, as common are usually items like mugs, cards and John Elway blue jersey that provides your financial institution some his or her group to discover or perhaps utilize every day. And so soccer night clubs are usually continually understanding your sales which can be manufactured from the following sort of marketing and advertising. Mementos, object and tokens are usually significant enterprise. Night clubs help to make a lot of fat on the sales of the items.

Autographed items are usually viewed as the best special and meaningful souvenirs, so they became common. Will no longer is it simply just in the younger years exactly who stand by touchlines intending thus to their heroes in order to sign a reserve or perhaps look-alike jersey; these days become males exactly who comprehend your profitability associated with providing brought in items online are usually as probably be found at the sidelines jostling to get placement. Autographed mementos could occasionally often be well worth a fortune, in particular when the following person is definitely mainly important or perhaps popular. Your money of which serious followers will pay to get a brought in photograph or perhaps wholesale NFL jerseys is definitely unbelievable, the most used bits will even offer to get countless fat.

Probably you would imagine soccer mementos became costly, actually you’ll find a lot of reasonable soccer memorabilia. To select a existing in your much loved you, shows via previous video games or perhaps admission stubs could be a person’s selections. Folks will certainly accumulate most situations and the volume of nationwide procedure choices in existence is definitely enormous.

In addition to NFL jersey authentic may also be common having followers being an reasonable solution to accumulate group connected object. Nowadays, whilst possibly not totally staying mementos, choices associated with soccer homemade cards have also come to be common having followers; all these hark returning to the days every time a sticker record could be published in conjunction with a entire world cup or perhaps Western champions and playgrounds could be filled with children swapping peel offs amongst each other. These days on the other hand, it can be as likely of which a grownup will be producing unit card choices, or perhaps at the very least setting up an effective buck via providing all of them online.

Soccer tokens are usually well-liked by most a long time associated with soccer followers, therefore, the revenue create by it can be remarkable. A multi-million lb sector associated with soccer mementos may be developed to match your fancies associated with soccer followers to show his or her customer loyalty and dedication for a die-hard enthusiast recommended to their boosting squads.

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How to Fake Twitter & Facebook Followers and Become a Social Media Expert

How to Fake Twitter & Facebook Followers and Become a Social Media Expert

Yes, well here we go again, another one of those, I’ve got  a list of over “9,000? Twitter followers so I’m a social media expert marketing forms has hit my desk today. Come along it says, “to my affiliate marketing driven roadshow and in 4 hours I’ll make you the expert, but there’s more, if you sign away your hard earned money right now, i have an e-book special for you, yes just for you, an E-Book that I didn’t write by the way,but I’ll pretend its mine, and all it will cost you is $ 89.00.”


I get emails like this every day, offering free product that I can sell or give away as my own, I get E-Books, money making ideas and lots of materials that I can re-brand, that’s not being an expert, that’s a faker.


These so called experts all have massive numbers of followers on social media sites like MySpace and Facebook and of course Twitter, and they fool you to part with your money.


Well don’t fall for it, because I’m going to tell you how to fake it, and then you too can be the instant social media expert, you know, the one who can’t get a job selling real estate so they opt for this easy money.


Ok this is how you do it, On MySpace and Facebook, you find as many people with similar names or interests as you and then send them friend requests, a lot will decline but you would be surprised at the number that actually come back and accept you, that way you build up your following very quickly, they never do anything with you but hey it builds your numbers. Next Twitter, there are a number of programs that will show you how to build big follower numbers and it’s funny but it’s nearly always around the 9000 mark. You can do the same with Twitter as you do with MySpace and Facebook, that is follow large numbers of people and I’ll guarantee you a fair number will follow you back, and you know the dead giveaway? look at the follower number next to the following number, that they can’t hide.


I know of one expert that actually sends out his flyers with “I have 9000 followers on twitter” so I must be good, well one thing he doesn’t tell you is he follows over 10,500. If you really want to get serious with this, have a look at the Twitter accounts with large followings, 99% of them are well known actors, celebrities or business people, so what does that tell you.


I have always taken the tack that to build a social media following you should earn it, build it on providing good quality information and advice and create the “Expert” tag through experience and generate your followers organically not by underhand means and faking it.


There are so many “snake oil” sales people out there you really need to hang on to your wallet.


So next time you get a flyer or an invite, stop and do some research first, the web and Google are a great place to find out information on your expert. How many articles have they had published?, where do they rank on Google?, What recommendations do they have and what companies have they worked with in designing and integrating a social media strategy. For example, I’ve just done a search on social media experts, and this person I’m telling you about doesn’t even rank on the top 20 pages.


Is this sour grapes? no, I just don’t like rip off artists who pray on people like you.


Mike Andrew owns and operates an Internet Marketing Consultancy on the Gold Coast in Queensland. To read more articles and get tips and advice on Internet Marketing visit

Get More Twitter Followers Today in 3 Easy Steps

Get More Twitter Followers Today in 3 Easy Steps

I’ve talked with many people who get frustrated with the amount of time they are putting into their Twitter account and the minimal results they are getting from their time investment. Part of blog marketing is pushing your blog links out to your Twitter followers but first you need Twitter followers. So the dilemma is, how do you increase your Twitter following? I recently learned how to easily and effectively amp up a twitter following. I’ll share this with you in three easy steps:

1. Twitter Search: Use twitter search to find people who are active in your industry. Click on their list of twitter followers and start following each of their followers. As you probably know, when you start following a twitter user, they will receive a notification telling them that you are now following. If they find that you are someone they would like to follow in return, they will follow you. This is a great way to let more people know about you who might not have found the opportunity to otherwise. The point of building a twitter following isn’t just to have more followers but the main purpose is to find people who would be interested in what you have to offer.

2. Twellow: is a great resource to track your twitter followers and those you are following. When you are completing step 1 of this process you need to keep in mind that there is a ratio of follower to following cap. You must have a certain ratio of people who are following you in order to continue following others. Twellow can help you manage this.

1. The “friends” feature on Twellow can show you who you are following and how many of them are mutually following you. After a day or two of following someone who is not a power tweeter, you can un-follow them in order to make room for others you would like to follow. For instance, I follow Peter Cashmore of Mashable who will probably never follow me but I want to keep following him so I wont’ remove him from my list. On the other hand, when I follow someone who only has 29 followers and they don’t follow me back I will probably stop following them.

2. The “Followers” feature on Twellow allows you to see who is following you in Twitter. You can go through this list and start following any one of your followers who you are not currently following already.

3. Repeat the process. Once you have completed these steps and have built a substantial twitter following you can be more selective about who you follow. Continually repeat the process to find fascinating people to follow and to encourage others to find your excellent content.

If you have other suggestions for increasing a Twitter following please do so in the comments below!

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Gain Twitter Followers – Your Source For a Massive Following

Gain Twitter Followers – Your Source For a Massive Following

The newest trend in marketing is undoubtedly social media and more specifically Twitter. With droves of people flocking to this site looking to cash in and fill their pockets with money created by Twitter, the masses want to know the answer to the key question: How do I massively gain Twitter followers?

When Twitter first started its rapid growth to its now empire status, there were many programs that taught how to gain Twitter followers, market to them, and make good money doing it. Unfortunately Twitter slapped a lot of those products and forced them out of the market. As the dust settles we are left with only a few standing, for how long I do not know.

I was fortunate enough to buy a few programs that taught me everything that I needed to know about making money on Twitter. Unfortunately there is only one left that I can share with you.

First let me give you some pointers on how to massively gain twitter followers.

The basic idea is that the more followers that you can have receiving your Tweets, the more people that you can expose to your websites, articles, ads, blogs, facebook page etc. You achieve this by simply tweeting an interesting message and a link to where ever you want to send them and Bingo.. Free Traffic. I currently have over 5000 followers and can get 20 – 30 people to following a link with every tweet. There are a lot of websites that you can use in conjunction with Twitter to automate the process of following, tweeting, unfollowing those who do not follow you back and much more.

Simple and Effective Techniques

One of the simple techniques that I use to follow a lot of people is to find a person that is in my niche and simply following all of their followers. I wait 3 days and then unfollow the people that are not following me back. Wash, rinse, repeat, Another helpful tip is to Google “Twittertise” to schedule your Tweets in advance when you are not going to be around.

These are bare bones techniques that work and work well. I can’t possibly give you all there is to know about Twitter in one article but I can lead you to one of the last remaining programs that will teach you how to make a lot of money on Twitter and have fun doing it. You can waste your time trying to find all of the secrets for free but I guarantee you it is beneficial to take a look at my website for all your tips, tricks, programs and websites that help you make a killing on Twitter. Twitter Online System

Ten Easy Ways To Get More Twitter Followers

Ten Easy Ways To Get More Twitter Followers
Ten Easy Ways to Get More Twitter Followers

If you are trying to build your social media presence, having a high number of Twitter followers can help raise your profile and connect you with other interesting and like-minded people. The good news is that you do not have to be a celebrity or a self-proclaimed “social media guru” in order to get a lot of followers. Here are ten simple ways to increase your follower count:

1)Initiate conversation. Talking to people on Twitter establishes rapport with other users. Not only will they start following you, but others who are viewing the conversation may enjoy the exchange and follow as well. If you are able to get a high profile or celebrity tweeter to mention you, that is even better. Their message will go out to thousands, maybe even millions of people, many of whom will start following you. Reply to tweets that you find funny or interesting. Or if you see something that you don’t agree with, don’t be afraid to reply and get a debate going!

2)Follow people that you find interesting. Many of them will start following you back. A word of caution: Do not follow too many people in a day, Twitter will think that you are a spammer and may delete your account.

3)“Live tweet” newsworthy events. Are you going to a popular convention anytime soon? Do you plan on tuning in to the next political debate, sporting event or awards show? Giving a real-time Twitter account of the event is a great way to get people interested in what you have to say, and you will pick up many new followers.

4)Participate in Follow Friday. Use the #FollowFriday #FF tag. Many people will appreciate the gesture and might add you to their follow list as well.

5)Make it personal. People want to know that they are connecting with a real-life person. Even if you are managing a business or organization account, you want to give your tweets a personal touch. Always tweet in first person, and use a friendly, informal tone.

6)Don’t self promote too much. While it may be tempting to plug your projects constantly, you run the risk of alienating a lot of people and losing followers. Use the 80/20 rule. Spend 20 percent of your time promoting your projects and the other 80 percent having conversations and interacting with people.

7)Post your Twitter URL anywhere you spend time online. Update your Facebook page so that your Twitter address is listed on your profile. If you have a blog, installing a widget of your Twitter stream will direct your readers to your page, resulting in more followers. You can also include your Twitter URL in your email signature as a way to pick up followers.

8)Be easy to find. If people aren’t able to find your page easily, they won’t be able to follow you. Use your real name in your profile and make your profile searchable.

9)Use #hashtags whenever you can. The use of hashtags makes it easy for Twitter users to quickly search for a common subject. For example, #fem2 is a common hashtag used for tweets about feminism. Anyone who does a search for #fem2 will see other’s tweets about the subject and can reply, retweet or follow the person.

10)Retweet other’s tweets. If you see a tweet that is funny, informative or controversial, retweet it to the rest of your followers. The people you retweet will appreciate it and many of them will follow you.

If following all ten steps look overwhelming at first, try carrying out one or two methods at a time. Then you can gradually add more steps as you get the hang of it. In no time you should see an added increase in your followers.

by Eric Rice
Lone Wolf Inc

Eric Rice is the creator of Lone Wolf Inc and a main thought leader in social media monetization practices.  His experience and creativity in the social media space is utilized daily to design innovative content, delivery, and targeting.  Eric has built 3 other companies on the premise of social media marketing with his own money and has been designing and implementing successful campaigns for more than 3 years.

Top 4 Proven Ways to Get Targeted Twitter Followers

Top 4 Proven Ways to Get Targeted Twitter Followers

There is no doubt that Twitter is one of the highly utilized social media these days. This is not only used to give your friends updates of your daily activities. In fact, businesses especially online enterprises use this medium to boost their sales. They make this possible through getting targeted Twitter followers.

Having people following your tweets are very important because they are the ones who read your posts, visit your website and buy your products. In short, these are your potential customers. If you want to make use of this system to your advantage, take note of the following hints.

1. Follow those members whom you share common interests. You can do this by checking their profiles and see if you have common grounds. You see, these followers are likely to read your posts and visit the links you tweet. 

2. Follow as many members as you can. Even if you don’t check their profiles yet, these members can be converted into massive traffic for your site. When these twitter users enjoy your posts, they will likely to follow you back. 

3. Make useful and quality messages. Don’t allow yourself to sound too promotional. Yes, you are using this medium to promote your business, or your products and services but never post tweets that directly promote your business. Try to create messages that are useful and will sound as if your followers will learn something relevant from your messages. Followers are clever that they do away with sales pitch type of tweets. 

4. Use software. Nobody is telling you that this is bad. There are many Twitter added software in the market both free and paid programs. These software programs can help you get targeted twitter followers because you have an option to search using keywords. Not to mention that these software programs so also allow you to schedule your updates so your Twitter account runs on autopilot.

Getting targeted Twitter followers is not difficult at all. As long as you make quality posts and you follow those who follow you then you are good to go.



For more tips and resources using twitter visit TwitterExpertIn24hrs

6 Tips To Find Followers on Twitter Relevant To Your Business

6 Tips To Find Followers on Twitter Relevant To Your Business

If you think you have many followers and you follow many matters, then you are wrong. It really does matters, if your followers are ones who have interest in reading what you post and show interest in your Tweets. It is no point in twitting to folks who are not at all interested in your tweets.

The first and the most important thing – do not to spam using your Twitter account. Do not say to your followers, “Just wanted to say hello” and other stuff like this. Do not try to push your product and say “if you buy this you get this free gift”. Twitter is a nice tool for micro-blogging. One has to use the AIDA principle here – Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action.
Use the search option on Twitter to follow like-minded people. Check the profile and their messages and if it interests you or your business, then follow them. Follow those who will feel that they have an advantage from you for following as well.
Apart from just following people with an intention that they may follow you back, your own tweets should stay relevant, to have your follower count grow organically. Just do not follow as many people as you like and forgot about tweeting valuable content.
Also, keep a track if the ones you are following are following you or not. In case they have not followed you for some time, unfollow them and click the follow button again. This will send another email to the person, and you may get another chance to tell them about you. May be, they change their mind now. You have to do this for whom you consider are very important to you for them to follow you.
Share good and quality content pertaining to your industry and business. Not only of your own interest, but you need to consider the interest of the ones who follow you.
If your business has different or varied interest, have different Twitter accounts for each interest. Just the way you use text ads and landing pages in PPC. You setup a different adgroup for each set of keywords pertaining to your business. Like-wise set-up different Twitter accounts and mange the accounts by following and have followers which pertains to the same interest.

There are many more tips and ideas to help you out in increasing the followers, but I feel these are the best ones. I would like you to share your best tips and ideas to increase the Tweet followers which can help in one’s business.

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