Traffic Evolution

Traffic Evolution
Leverage Our 30+ Years Of Combined Experience
And Millions Of Dollars In Online Media Buys To
Leap-Frog Your Business To The Next Level
Traffic Evolution is designed to take you by the hand and get you up to speed immediately. It reveals the top “up to the minute” sources for paid traffic while also training you on the best way to make money with them.
Traffic Evolution is an 8 hour video training course that teaches you how to buy paid advertising like banners, clicks, CPV ads, email blasts, contextual links, and more.

Here’s what you get, and how it helps you:
Module 1: The Secrets & Benefits Of Paid Media Advertising

Discover the different types of available media and learn why the industry is exploding.
Know when and how to use paid ads as a profitable marketing channel
Achieve scale and roll out your campaigns to the mass market.
Use Paid Media to build your list quicker than you ever thought possible.

Module 2: Industry Terms And Conditions

Most effective ways to communicate with industry professionals.
How to get the best possible media for you at the lowest price.
Set up your accounts with spending and performance safeguards. (How to never spend a penny more than you want to… very important during your initial tests)

Module 3: Understanding Your Metrics

Analyze your results to find out your return on investment.
Exactly how (and what) to track for display, text, email, and pop-up ads.
Using an analytics or stats program and how to understand what you’re seeing.
Using 3rd party Ad-Trackers to easily keep track of your results.
Tricks on using your own domains for branding and tracking.

Module 4: How To Create High Traction Ads That Make You Money

Understand different types of accepted advertising units to exploit different opportunities.
The three secrets that make a great ad (Could single-handedly make your ads profitable)
Learn the basics of Text ad creation. (It’s easy -when you follow these steps)
How to create trackable Email ads. (How to know exactly where your sales are coming from)
Understanding display ad design and using animation. (Some of this will surprise you)

Module 5: Landing Pages & Direct Linking

Boost affiliate earnings with custom landing pages. (Affiliates: This is critical info you can apply to everything you do)
When to direct link to your sales page.
How to overcome advertising restrictions. (This can open the floodgates for extra sales)
The special squeeze page that customers (and ad networks) love. (And you’ll love it too…)
Creating social proof and credibility. (Even if you think you’ve got this covered, you’ll learn some crucial and profitable things here)
How to easily test traffic quality. (This alone is worth the price of the entire course)

Module 6: The System In Action

What you need to know when testing new ad sources. (This will keep money in your pocket)
Establishing relationships and getting credit from advertising companies. (very important -and easy, when you do it right)
Price negotiation strategies. (These tips can single-handedly make a campaign profitable)
Creating industry relationships that pay off now and later.
Moving from a CPM model to risk-free CPA model (Meaning you ONLY pay when there’s a sale. This is a game-changer.)

Module 7: Top Paid Ad Sources

Responsive banner ad source with free banner building software. (I love banners, and after this you will too)
Dirt-cheap, highly targeted banner network reaches Yahoo and other top sites.
Best CPV and Contextual ad sources online. (Literally steal your competitors’ traffic, it’s all explained)
Non-Google PPC ad sources
Rent legitimate email lists. (This can be hugely profitable when you know these resources)

Module 8: Quick Start Guide

How to get started quickly, even if you have never bought media in your life. (No worries, it’s all step-by-step)
The two easiest kinds of advertising campaigns to run. (You don’t have to learn everything at once, just learn one thing, make it profitable, then move to the next…)
How competitors can help you figure out the best place to buy ads. (Put on your Private Eye hat for this…)
An incredible little-known site for doing free research as you get started.
The three best types of offers to start with.

You’ll Also Receive Our Powerful Step-By-Step Demo Videos!

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