Nippon Rfid Tags To Facilitate A Mixed-use Electronic Products-rfid, Tag – Silk Screen Printing

Nippon Rfid Tags To Facilitate A Mixed-use Electronic Products-rfid, Tag – Silk Screen Printing
In the retail supply chain, RFID technology has become effective retailers and manufacturers the tools. However, according to Auto-ID Labs Japan, a group of researchers said the technology for consumers, their value is limited. Japan’s Keio University, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Media and Governance JinMitsugi to lead this team of researchers has developed a hybrid prototype RFID tag will enable consumer electronics products easier to use.

Mitsugi said that Japanese consumers to buy products from the store will receive a warranty of quality books. The above items have the date of purchase, consumers will sometimes lose the warranty book, so when buying the product is easy to forget. In this case, the lab developed this label, you can message directly to the memory to a laptop or other consumer electronic devices, Mitsugi, said the label “record label.”

Mitsugi early October in Bonn, Germany, EPCglobal Joint Action Group (RFID RF Express Note: The abbreviation JAG, its members come from a variety of industries and technical operations group, its activities aim to assist the development of electronic product code (EPC) standard) briefed the meeting on this label prototype.

The label contains a passive EPCGen2 prototype chip can be wired to connect to a large number of labels can also be connected to another chip?? A low-power microcontrollers from Renesas Technology specifically for General consumer electronics product design and production. Mitsugi said that this chip for electronic equipment and record labels to provide data exchange between an effective means. For the realization of embedded devices with the exchange of information between the chip uses a simple communications program, rather than EPCGen2 communication protocol. Because the latter used anti-collision algorithm and other programs to send and receive data. This EPCGen2 program may give consumer electronics bring some cumbersome.

Using this prototype, the record labels through the USB port to connect to a laptop computer. In commercial applications, the tag will directly access the computer or other electronic devices, if only these devices can support readable text, blinking LED, or any establishment of information exchange with the consumer’s display can not require customers to purchase RFID reader. Mitsugi said, more importantly, EPC chips and sub-chip will be integrated into a chip. After the chip will support integrated label EPCGen2 air interface protocol for communication between chips and devices need to develop the program.

In the electronics manufacturing process, the record label’s chip will be incorporated into the EPC serial number for tracking the supply chain of devices. Consumers to buy products, labels can be used to record product quality assurance or other data. The information stored in the tag device can be read out through the display screen, then the consumer can access the data without the use of RFID reader. In this way, consumers can easily determine whether the product has been purchased, without further contact with the manufacturer to confirm.

Course, the tag data can be obtained by querying the device, allowing the technician can not operate in the case of the computer can access the information on computer maintenance. Manufacturer or the recycle bin can use RFID readers to access the device specifications data, which simplifies device removal and recovery procedures.

In addition, the record labels can collect safety data. For example, the record label can be connected to the temperature sensor. Then the manufacturer can be related to temperature and use of data links, to facilitate a better understanding of the battery overheating caused by fire or explosion.

It Mitsugi said that in the retail supply chain applications, the aviation industry staff have expressed interest to the record labels into aircraft parts, aircraft used for the collection and maintenance of historical information. The application can also be used the same type of car or truck, in addition to the built-in sensor part, the record labels to track parts can be exposed to external conditions.

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quot;Sanmeizhenhuo” wave stove exploded in early spring 2006 consumer – electronic oven, microwave ovens, Galanz – HC Network Appliance Indus

quot;Sanmeizhenhuo” wave stove exploded in early spring 2006 consumer – electronic oven, microwave ovens, Galanz – HC Network Appliance Indus


March, slightly cold,

Microwave ovens

Market has been hot ever. It is reported that, since “


Sanmeizhenhuo – light breakthrough “campaign started, the major home appliances


Halogen Cooking Pot


Warming up, snapping up hot scene staged. Many consumers have pointed out: “Galanz brand ring, the product is good, affordable enough!”

“Light” Love


“Sanmeizhenhuo” Early Spring Warmth



Person in charge, III, April chill of early spring, the breeding of bacteria are most vulnerable, at home, purchase a bactericidal


Function of light household appliances has become first choice for health. Now, buy a chance to enjoy special Galanz wave stove, get purple pot,

Rice cooker

Hotpots and other super-luxury gifts, many places to carry out on-site lottery, “Cooking Contest” for the consumer to create a unique benefits! Coincides with the season, Galanz activities have no doubt sent out to carefully care for consumers.

According to authoritative sources noted that the ultra-violet disinfection, more than a certain wavelength is harmful. Steady light is bactericidal, in the use of which will not change. The technology upgrade through the “Sanmeizhenhuo” light technology, is a world leader: It combines shower ball microwave, direct circulation light, three-dimensional polymer light shooting, multiple cutting-edge technologies together so that the efficiency of scale and perfect wave stove heating upgrade faster


, Healthier, safer and more efficient. “Sanmeizhenhuo” wave stove highly popular shows that consumers increasingly rational.

“Fast” cooking music



To lead a harmonious consumption

Also seen in some stores, “Glanz PK light cooking contest,” set off a Road festive heat! It is reported that the activities for the public purchase at the scene, “favorite” products, can easily participate in activities with prizes, received unanimous praise.

The past two years, “

Super Girl

“PK Competition swept the country, while” Sanmeizhenhuo “Halogen Cooking Pot’s fast, smart cooking, microwave cooking experts to the general ease,” title “! In the” light cooking PK Glanz Competition “during the event, consumers can participate in Marketplace colorful


, Q, cooking and other activities. Through several rounds of elimination, the final two will be the ultimate consumer PK, Ping Chu final rankings, win prizes!

According to “the PRC, market research report”, Glanz has been reelected 11 consecutive years of sales and market share in China’s microwave oven double entry title. Last year, global production and marketing breakthrough in microwave oven light Galanz 20 million units, nearly Qicheng domestic market share, about five percent of global market share. The absolute leader in the market situation, consumers return Galanz also always keep in mind, service to the community, to create a good environment for consumption, show a “world leading brand” good style.

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