Improving Customer Service With Courier Software

Improving Customer Service With Courier Software
Courier companies have a number of different ways that they try to improve the customer service that they offer to their clients. One of the ways they do this is by introducing new courier software into their business. The right courier program can provide customers with faster, more efficient service, and can even help save them money. The Courier Complete software program is a perfect example of a suite of software which can improve almost every aspect of the customer experience with a courier company.

The first thing that courier software offers customers is a much more enjoyable experience when making requests of the courier company. This is one of the largest ways that this software can improve customer service. For instance, in the past, in order to place an order or find out where your package was, you could easily expect to spend a great deal of time on the phone just to make a simple request. Now, you can simply go the website of your courier company. Most courier companies will use software that will allow you to quickly and easily place your orders online, as well as having a great online tracking system that might even include GPS tracking. This feature lets customers know exactly where their shipments are in real time.

Courier software can also improve customer service by allowing couriers to respond to customer requests in much less time than they were able to previously. When a customer places an order with a courier company now, the courier can quickly look up the available couriers electronically to find the one that is in the best position to go and make the pickup. Then, they can electronically dispatch that driver to make the pickup. The way that the software can assist in this process can easily be seen with the results in pickups that are much quicker than those which courier customers would have been able to receive before the introduction of this type of software.

Courier software can also provide things like automated billing which will sync with the accounting software which is being used by their clients. This means that the customers don’t have to waste any time manually entering that information or checking it for accuracy, as the entire process can be entrusted to the software. All of these features help show how software can save money for the clients of couriers, because they are all time saving features.

Calvin Couris is a consultant for courier software and courier business software companies as well as international courier service businesses.

Customer Service Means Total Client Care.

Customer Service Means Total Client Care.
In a modern marketplace brimming with competition and no end of purchasing options, the smart investor needs to know that his telecommunications needs are backed by a complete customer service dedication that encompasses more than a remotely located help desk. AT Electronic and Communication International Ltd. is dedicated to providing global clients with the confidence of a business model built on the concepts of an established worldwide dealer network, extensive personnel training, fast delivery, and on-site support.

Military and industrial operations depend on telecommunications equipment for survival in the field and for profitable operation. Every hour’s delay between order of new or replacement equipment and the delivery of that equipment can exact a cost in profits, materials, consumables, or even lives. AT Electronic and Communication International Ltd. understands the immediacy of the need for radio and satellite communications equipment, and for the handling of data in the field or at base. Fast delivery is one of the core concepts in their business model, getting communications equipment into the hands of the client as soon as possible. This ability is supported by the worldwide network of distributors and supplier that make global communication possible, built on established relationships and proven capabilities. Unnecessary waiting is unacceptable.

On-site support and an extensive personnel training program go hand in hand, forming the basis for reliable operation and installation of telecommunications equipment in the field. Since AT Electronic and Communication International Ltd. not only distributes, but also manufactures their own telecommunications products, the client is assured of professional technicians completely familiar with their own equipment. By effectively passing on that information, the technicians provide the client with trained personnel who are constantly available to operate and maintain expensive telecommunications equipment in the field or at base. By providing these trained personnel with the additional support of professional technicians and other on-site services, the client receives security in the continued operation of their equipment and a measure of protection for their investment.

The key to the this model of total client care customer service lies in the global network of dealers and distributors that AT Electronic and Communication International Ltd. has established during their years of operation. By tapping into the local sources of equipment, logistics, and information, they can reliably draw upon professional personnel and standardized equipment from anywhere in the world. By vetting these contacts for established capabilities and discretion, they are assured of competent and secure cooperation able to mobilized quickly in response to a client’s needs. Their global network is constantly evolving and changing in anticipation of the world wide climate and the changing needs of the client base.

AT Electronic and Communication International Ltd. takes customer service seriously. Their approach is a proven and reliable method that not only supports clients during unanticipated contingencies, but proactively anticipates the flexible needs of the client base in order to prevent loss of communications time and data. Constant training and continuing education are the hallmarks of the professional technicians tasked with maintaining on-site support and client personnel training. The global network of dealers and suppliers moves to provide clients with the fastest possible delivery and a reliable communications chain.

AT Electronic and Communication International Ltd is a global wholesale distributor and manufacturer of communication equipment. We carry satellite communications equipment, data communication equipment, radio communication equipment, wireless communication equipment, and more! Visit our website at and browse our huge selection of telecommunication equipment!

6 Steps to Nirvana in Customer Care

6 Steps to Nirvana in Customer Care

A customer service agent’s job is not restricted to answering phone calls, like we all would like to believe, and neither is it
mechanical and boring as it is made to sound. Look at the tens of spreadsheets an agent toggles between to give you the
right answer, and you will realize how complicated and stressful the job can be.  
An agent has to maintain strict quality standards, handle huge call volumes, deal with irate callers and adhere to strict
deadlines – all of which are undoubtedly stressful. Combine this with the current economic scenario of lay-offs, cost-
cutting measures, and rising workloads, and clearly employee morale can hit an all-time low. But we at WNS recognize
how that can impact our client’s business and take many measures to keep our agents happy and inspire them to deliver
better customer service.
Here are a few areas we focus on and the initiatives we undertake toward achieving the same:
Employee Engagement: Front-line employees are ambassadors of an organization, and there should be continuous
efforts to keep them aligned with the business strategy. Customer service executives must understand that they are a part
of a bigger whole, and must constantly work towards that. It not only builds their self-esteem, but also makes them realize
how important their job is. At WNS, Town hall meetings are hosted by business leaders at regular intervals to brief
employees on new programs. Communication calendars are published every month to keep employees informed on all
company initiatives.  
Open Communication Channels: I have always believed in ‘tell them what they need to do, but also listen to what they
want to do’. The leadership team must focus on two-way and ongoing communication by inviting feedback and
suggestions, organizing informal dialogues and face-to-face meetings. WNS holds skip sessions and team meetings with
agents on the floor to get a feel of the employee morale and resolve any concerns with the team managers. Night-walks
are conducted by team leads / business leaders, to spend time on the floor with agents. We also aim to provide flexibility
with rosters to accommodate leave / shift requests, and have set in place secure grievance and complaint handling
Recognition and Rewards: Recognition is an integral part of employee morale. Who would not want a pat on the back!
Progress made by individual employees should be awarded and appreciated publicly to retain talent and accelerate
Celebrate their achievements through formal channels, team meetings, bulletin board announcements, cash incentives
and awards. WNS initiatives such as Blooming Tree, weekly rewards on performance, the Kalpavriksha Recognition Tree
for agents who get appreciation calls, issue of Green Flags for handling calls effectively, continuous projection of
achievers, coffee with the leadership team for top performers are compelling initiatives to boosting agent morale.
Encouraging Innovation: We believe that some of our best business ideas have actually come from the floor! Our
Brainwave program encourages innovative ideas from all the employees in the organization. Our experience at WNS
shows us that this allows employees to have a sense of ownership. Always remember that the contact center staff
receives direct customer feedback on a regular basis and their insights can provide valuable ideas. – Insights – Blogs – Customer Care Outsourcing  

Investing in Training and Development: Employees need to be constantly upskilled on best practices. This helps
increase their commitment to the organization as it chalks out a path for professional and personal growth. At WNS, we
ensure that at least 10-15 percent of the employees undergo training and development exercises. We conduct Manager
Marathons, where managers compete on parameters such as performance and other critical areas (attrition and
unplanned leaves). Senior agents are given additional roles and responsibilities in an effort to break the monotony of day-
to-day work.  
Organize Recreational Activities: We believe that a break from the usual day is always welcome. Talent hunts, theme
parties, team outings help in team building and make the work place interesting. At WNS, a ‘fun committee’ comprising
agents and the HR team come up with new and creative ways to unwind while at work. These include parties to celebrate
success or process milestones, parties around important festivals, summer getaways, dance competitions, spot quizzes
and various contests. An interesting concept we recently introduced was ‘Call the Parents’, wherein supervisors took time
out to call family members and speak to them about the great work being achieved by the agent.  
Having happy, involved and committed customer care agents has a direct correlation to improved customer service,
increased efficiency and revenue growth. There is undoubtedly a tangible impact that happy agents have on the customer
experience, and at WNS, we strongly believe that employee happiness creates the optimal customer experience

WNS Global Services is a leading global business process outsourcing company. Deep industry and business process knowledge, a partnership approach, comprehensive service offerings and a proven track record enables us to deliver business value to companies.

Humanizing Customer Service

Humanizing Customer Service

Humanizing Customer Service!

Honestly, as a consumer are you seeing an increase or decrease in true American customer service?  Are the businesses you patronize doing all they can to maintain your business and keep you loyal?  If you’re dealing with a business on the phone do they sound sincere or are they just reading from a script?  Here’s another question; why do they need a script to remember basic human relation skills?  Why do some customer service reps act and speak as if they are Snooki or Kardashian wannabes.

My biggest complaint about today’s customer service experience is that the people sound so forced and rehearsed.  If you’re not waiting endlessly for an annoying phone prompt, you end up speaking to a poorly rehearsed human automaton.  Unfortunately we live in a world where our technology has surpassed our humanity.  Our customer’s and people in general are fed up with technology and are longing to get back to the basics.  Customer service has to be about people again.  Our customer’s deserve to be treated with a human touch and dignity.  My prediction is that businesses of the future will prosper not because they have the “Midas touch” but because they have the “people touch.”

Listed below are 16 actions that you can take right now to humanize your customer’s experience with your company.  If after reading these nuggets you think they are over simplistic– then you’re right, they are!  However, how many of your reps are using these tips on a regular basis, every day with every single customer?  How often do the basics get forgotten because they are “too basic?” How often are you reminding your reps about the importance of human relations skills?  If you’re interested in taking a step back to the basics, you’ll find your business taking a giant step forward to a level I call, “humanized customer service.”

Very little explanation is necessary for these nuggets since they are truly about common sense.  However, for your convenience I have divided them into “Basic” and “Advanced” categories.  I hope they help.

The Basics

1. Be polite, smile a lot, be kind and patient, sincerely treat them as if they are your best friend or relative.  (Read that again, it’s important.)

2. Constantly address your customers by name.  Learn to make small talk to help build the relationship and be an excellent listener.

3. Relish your interactions with all of your customers—even the grumpy ones.  Make them feel as if they’ve found a second home.  Be sure they leave the interaction feeling good about you, your company and themselves.


4.Remember their children.  Remember their names and birthdays.

5. Always ask for feedback or have a suggestion box.  Remember many fortunes have been made because of the nuggets our customers leave in a simple suggestion box.

 6. Accept full responsibility for errors and admit your mistakes.  Always be honest.  You can’t always be perfect, but you must always have integrity.

 7. Always deliver when promised and maybe even sooner.

 8. Tailor to fit their needs and find unmet needs. 

 9. Refer them to another company if you truly can’t help them. (Remember the movie Miracle on 34th Street.)

10.  Invite them to special events – or visit them.

11.  Patronize their business or company for an added WOW!!!

12.  Display or give out their business cards.

13.  Eat the tax, or shipping, or handling fees for great customers– if possible.

14.  Send them gifts or unique occasion cards such as anniversaries or birthdays.

15.  Sincerely saying, “thank you for bringing this problem to my attention,” and thanking customers for allowing you to fix their problems, and most of all saying, “thank you for your business.”

 16.  Think “WIN-WIN” and you will “WIN-WIN!”

I wish you luck & success!


John Eric Jacobsen was born to teach and destined to be a motivator.  In 1985 John founded “Jacobsen Business Programs, Inc.” (, a corporate seminar company helping people to succeed personally and professionally. 

John’s experience is what sets him apart. With a diverse background in business, sales, communications, theatrical arts, dance and acting; John has the unique ability to not only be a great entertainer, but also an amazing teacher.  He has trained and worked with over a half a million people and has performed or taught all over America on stage and on TV. 

Customer Service Downsizing

Customer Service Downsizing

Where did everybody go? You and I both have been in stores where it’s hard to find someone who is available or willing to help you. And when you find someone, just how helpful are they? It seems to me that Customer Service has been downsized in this economy.

According to MSN Money’s article “Customer Service Hall of Shame – How Companies were ranked”, 77% of survey respondents expect the following from their customer service experience:

Knowledgeable Staff – 44%
Friendly Staff – 18%
Readily Available Staff – 15%

Having a knowledgeable staff is number one with a whopping 44%. The good news is that we don’t have to downsize product knowledge when we downsize staff. Here are some high-impact, cost-effective steps you can take to keep your customers in the know:

1) Set the expectation – Communicate to your staff that product knowledge is a key to their success as well as yours.

2) Ask your customers – Do an informal survey and ask if they are getting the information they need to make purchase decisions.

3) Develop on-going training – Consistent product knowledge training and role-playing keeps your staff in the conversation.

4) Award product knowledge expertise – Recognize your employees who go above and beyond in communicating their knowledge with customers.

5) Share product questions – At weekly meetings, ask your staff to share product questions and how they responded.

6) Vendor participation – Ask your vendors to provide product training for your staff.

7) Product Events – Hold in-store events for your customers to learn more about your products and services and have your staff conduct the training.

As they say, knowledge is power. There is nothing more assuring for a customer to get answers they need about the products or services they want to buy. Make it easy for them. Choose to be a business that properly educates, trains, and motivates their staff to provide the best service possible.

Norma Huibregtse is an innovative Customer Relationship Consultant, Business Coach and Speaker. She is the Owner of Captivated Customers, an organization she founded to inspire business owners to captivate their customers and turn them into raving fans so that their businesses can experience increased profits and more fun. Norma has spent 20+ years in sales and customer service with both her own businesses and others. She is now dedicated to working with small business owners, helping them attract, connect and engage with their customers utilizing her high-impact Customer Service Smarts Program that will give them a competitive edge. Visit for additional information.

The Greatest Customer Service Trait

The Greatest Customer Service Trait

What is the greatest customer service trait? Without question – Empathy!

Customer service is far too often thought of as being nice and friendly. Although both these traits are important they do not necessarily set one part from competitors. The secret to great customer service is empathy. That’s the ability to get into the customer’s head and think like your customer thanks, to know their challenges and frustrations, to understand what makes them happy, to see their turn-offs, and understand what gives them pleasure.

 Leadership Examples

Nordstrom, Walton, and Penney all understood this important principle. It is why Nordstrom gave a refund to a customer returning automobile tires even though the store didn’t sell tires. It is why Sam Walton continued to drive an old pickup truck and live in a simple home despite having enormous riches. It is also why Penney is one of the most quoted leaders of all historical retailers.

How my financial planner learned about empathy  

Almost all professional salespeople I have met believe they give outstanding customer service. Yet in many cases they know little about their customer other than what they had to ask to fill out insurance applications or financial plans.

Russ, a financial planner, and I were talking one day about sales calls. He told me he was struggling with listening. I shared a story my attorney had told me about a client that was head strong and demanding. He was making an eloquent argument for his client before the judge. In the middle of his monologue he felt his client tap him on the side. He looked down to see that she was giving him a note that said, “Sit down and shut up”.

I told Russ that whenever I am having a discussion with a client or prospective client and feel the need to interrupt them I recall that sign. I actually visualize what it might have looked like in my mind. Then, I keep quiet.

A few weeks later I found myself sitting across the table from Russ once more. He told me that a couple days after our last get-together he was on a sales call with a client who had a huge problem with stuttering. As the man struggled to complete his sentences Russ felt an overwhelming urge to finish his sentences for him. Yet he told me that each time he started to say something he visualized that sign and was able to refrain.

When Russ finished giving the gentleman his value statement he asked what the man wanted to do. The gentleman told him he was going to invest his money with Russ.

As Russ got up to leave meeting the man asked him to wait a moment. He got up from the table and gave Russ a firm handshake. More importantly the man told him how great it was not to have been interrupted.

Russ’ secret, every time he thought about interrupting he could see the sign and thought to himself what it must be like to try and tell somebody something without ever being afforded the opportunity to complete his thought.


Russ showed empathy in action. When you master empathy you will constantly provide world-class customer service. Unfortunately empathy is a lot like humility. Someone who is truly humble is only humble until they realize they are humble. As soon as that happens humility is gone. Empathy is only yours as you work toward being more empathetic. When you stop your ability to empathize begins to fade away.

Author Rick Weaver is founder of Max Impact a leadership and business strategy development company. His white paper “You’re Not Running a Vineyard – so stop your whining!” provides insight into lame excuses for poor performance, is one of the complimentary resources available in the MaxImpact Resource Center