Is There a Better Twitter Soon to Come?

Is There a Better Twitter Soon to Come?

With the introduction of the new Google Caffeine and talk about Twitter links being given more clout as backlinks, the market is primed for a solid integration between social media marketing and building backlinks. One question comes to mind, however. Is there a better Twitter soon to come?

MySpace was the first social network to really hit the mainstream. After a few years, FaceBook came into the picture and took social networking to a new level. Mobile applications for cell phones for each of these social networks broadened the gap between MySpace and FaceBook. FaceBook was touted as being more user friendly from a mobile point of view.

In regards to backlinking, mobile users were now able to use these mobile applications to share their favorite websites and articles without ever logging into their desktops or laptops. How is that for building backlinks?

With the rise in social marketing running parallel to social networking, Twitter was the next big website partner. With Twitter, users could share links more quickly and efficiently with their fellow Twitterers via Tweets. These small snippets of information were easy to create and brought back the need for a strong call to action. But, just like MySpace, is there a better Twitter on the horizon that will be released in time for the indexing of microblogs? Have you ever heard of Yahoo Meme?

Yahoo Meme is being called the Twitter clone, but with a few changes that could make all the difference to social marketers. Among these changes is the way the social network allows comments. In order for a comment to be posted, the story needs to be reposted to your feed. This means every comment is a repost of the original story. Unlike Twitter, users do not have to “follow” a user in order to comment. For the social marketer, this leads to increased visibility among people they are not currently associated with.

The service also allowed for sharing videos and MP3 files. This is great for the marketer who utilizes YouTube and podcasts as part of their marketing campaign. The more viewers and listeners, the more leads that media could establish.

There are cons to the Yahoo Meme service, which could be the reason it has yet to go live in the United States. The service does not have security measures which means every post is public. An API has not yet been established either, which means third party applications are not currently being developed. This could drive the service back a bit unless they establish an API soon and get the developers working on empowering the newest social giant.

Yahoo Meme is not currently available in the United States for public use but is being privately tested by invited guests. If Google Caffeine increases the validity of microblogging backlinks, Yahoo Meme could be poised to take over the Twitter everyone knows and loves. If not, it will provide an additional social networking source for gaining backlinks. The power of social media is just beginning.

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