Wenden Build – China Textile City Of Technology – China Quote Wall Stickers – China Decal Wall

Wenden Build – China Textile City Of Technology – China Quote Wall Stickers – China Decal Wall
Wendeng adhere to market-oriented in order to lead as the basis, accelerate the concentration of textile industries, increase production concentration, matching the level of product awareness and collaboration, and gradually formed a new regional development advantages.

Wendeng the existing textile enterprises 4095, employing 13.8 million people. Textile industry cluster in promoting the process of development, the city has issued “Regulations on accelerating the development of the views of the private textile industry”, “on further accelerating the development of the views of the private economy” and a series of preferential policies to support business development. At the same time, screening of Shandong Yi Da, Wonder Group, Yun-Xiang embroidery, textile and some other Yinfeng larger, stronger, better growth of textile enterprises in the key development areas in order to key enterprises as a leader, in accordance with ” voluntary union, the product is similar to benefit-sharing, risk-sharing “principle, the formation of 12 private textile business of the Commonwealth, through the combined effect of reduced inter-enterprise integration costs and enhance competitive advantage. To lead healthy and rapid development of textile enterprises, the city adhere to the industry, academia, and research with the breach, the enterprise independent innovation as the main body to strengthen cooperation with domestic famous universities, research institutions of the collaboration, built the first textile industry, the province’s public Service Center, initially forming a set of information consultation, research, product display in one of the textile industry system and supporting service system. On this basis, the city’s increased efforts to promote the brand, and organized six provinces 30 City textile marketing activities, and guide enterprises to transform their marketing ideas, to widen business ideas and came up in Guangzhou, Hebei and other 20 districts held a large-scale marketing activities, sales of more than 2760 million.

To enhance product awareness, Wendeng always put a new brand strategy to promote industrialization as an important measure to task, has developed a series of encouragement, incentive measures, and guide enterprises to create famous brand and the city of rapid increase in the number of brand-name products and companies . At present, the city’s textile industry, already has three brand-name products in China, China’s two well-known trademarks, brand-name products in Shandong Province five, becoming a veritable “textile city.” In the awarded “China Textile Technology City” and “Top Ten of Shandong Province (Industry) industry clusters”, the recently Wendeng textile industry, also among the first batch of Shandong Province, the provincial list of industrial clusters of SMEs.

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Arsenal, Manchester City make the door preferred country than Buffon Kaopu Hart quotes

Arsenal, Manchester City make the door preferred country than Buffon Kaopu Hart quotes

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Arsenal guest Ai Wude a ball park in the case of leading by two goals Blackburn Lianban reversal, two clean sheets and goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski are related, although Wenger has criticized the referee after the game to maintain the Polish goalkeeper, but to Blackburn players even admitted that they Gunners goalkeeper is to use the soft underbelly of hard. In fact, whether or Manuel Almunia Lukasz Fabianski, Arsenal goalkeeper’s performance this season is very difficult to satisfactorily, following the opening of the transfer market to find a good goalkeeper is a professor of priority.


Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon two days ago, said the Premier League if the move of choice, the British media that Arsenal may be the next home, but it is in consideration of the transfer fee or salary, Arsenal and Manchester City to grab Buffon is not is a reasonable choice, “The Guardian” said Manchester City goalkeeper Joe leased to Birmingham – Hart is Wenger’s first choice, the transfer window opened to the Manchester City Arsenal ready to offer.

Manchester City this season, Hart will pick me leased to Birmingham, the results of which brave the entire season, the league 11 games zero closure opponent, was elected into the PFA team of the season the best, and almost certainly have been selected for England’s World 23 Cup list, and even marked with the main also promising.

Wenger concerned Hart a long time, when the latter last season as the main location is still struggling Manchester City, when Arsenal to have considered the introduction of him. But Hart’s outstanding performance this season has attracted the attention to former club Manchester City, their goalkeeper Shay Given dislocated shoulder six months to recuperate, the beginning of next season, will miss the game, so after the expiration of Manchester City intends to lease back Hart, a rainy day.

But despite the resistance encountered Manchester City, Arsenal is ready to offer in the summer, Hart, and Hart are still worried about his return to Manchester City if, back in Kyrgyzstan after the text is still his to lose his spot, he is also considering lease after the expiration of the possibility to find another way out.

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