The Htc Desire Z Offers A Powerful 5 Megapixel Camera For Hd Video Recording

The Htc Desire Z Offers A Powerful 5 Megapixel Camera For Hd Video Recording
The HTC Desire Z features a powerful 5 megapixel camera for HD video recording and image capture for those special moments that you want to capture and share with friends. Social networking and other sharing networks such as Flickr and YouTube are all integrated along with the Sense intuitive user interface.

The handset features an internal GPS antenna and Maps application which provides maps instantly, featuring no loading time whatsoever, and no dead spots as you move around the onscreen map provided with location based information. The Locations app also provides location based services including local points of interest and more. When capturing pictures or videos, these are also Geotagged allowing you to save the location information to your media for reference later.

The Desire Z offers you both onscreen keypads as well as a slide out full QWERTY keyboard allowing you to quickly type messages, while you still navigate around the phone with simple finger touches through the HTC Sense use interface, which runs on top of the powerful operating system present, Android 2.2 (Froyo). The operating system is able to run multiple applications simultaneously, while also offering you the ability to download further apps to customise your handset. The phone features a large 3.7 inch display with WVGA resolution, and has the power of an 800 MHz Qualcomm processor to allow it to seamlessly perform multiple tasks, and run multiple apps. Internal storage offered includes 1.5 gigabytes of memory, while there is a microSD card slot present, for further expandable storage.

The handset has a 5 megapixel auto focus camera featuring a flash and face detection software also, along with special built-in effects such as vignette, depth of field ad others. Videos and images can be instantly shared through the combined text and multimedia messaging editor, or through the combined email accounts client present. Videos are recorded in High Definition quality at 720 pixel resolution respectively, and can be shared with other HD devices through the handsets DLNA connectivity offered. Media can also be viewed onscreen (the handset), through the Gallery app.

The HTC Desire Z is a powerful and stylish handset featuring great hardware, including a full slide out Qwerty keyboard, along with the onscreen keypads through the intuitive user interface offered by HTC Sense. Additionally, the handset features a large screen and connectivity offers media to be shared instantly on a bigger screen, or permanently tanks to the Bluetooth, microUSB connectors and the integrated social networking.

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