Google’s Solution To Businesses

Google’s Solution To Businesses
Most people would never think of conducting bad business to produce poor online reviews and chatter to generate more backlinks. I never have, but I guess if you weren’t worried about sacrificing your personal integrity as well as your business’, the plan might have been effective. Until now…

It is the natural tendency of most people to take the time to place a formal complaint about a business when they have been mistreated. Sure, they might verbally express their satisfaction with a business’ exceptional service, but they usually don’t go the extra mile and publish these thoughts.

A New York Times story describing a woman who was terribly mistreated by a company that sells discount designer sunglasses, sheds light on businesses that use negative online publicity to improve their organic search engine rankings. This company consistently treated customers so poorly that the police even became involved, but the negative online chatter surrounding the company skyrocketed their site to the first page on Google.

After reading the story, Google immediately gathered a team to address this type of link building strategy. They brainstormed a multitude of potential solutions including:

* Blocking offenders
* Using sentiment analysis to turn negative comments about a company into negative “votes”
* Improving the sentiment analysis system to account for the negative comments
* Listing negative comments for merchants next to their results in Google

However, the first solution would not solve the problem for every offender using this type of strategy; the second solution could not properly attribute negative “votes” from large publications like The New York Times that simply mention the business; the third solution might relegate controversial topics in the results because of seemingly negative sentiment; and the fourth solution would not inhibit the ability of a company to use this negative strategy to increase their organic search engine ranking.

Google ultimately settled on a solution that changed the algorithm to detect poor merchants in various content types and reflect this negativity in their search engine ranking. Due to the fact that people are trying to manipulate the algorithm in their favor each and every day, Google did not reveal the specifics of the changes. However, with this algorithmic modification Google makes it clear that being bad to customers is bad for your business both offline and online.

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Automation in Today’s Businesses

Automation in Today’s Businesses

There are many reasons on why a lot of companies are considering implementing or have already implemented automation in every aspect or processes in their business. There are also businesses wherein automation is very much vital such as in gas exploration and power generation wherein these companies rely on the accuracy and safety that automation has to offer. We all know that these types of businesses are very dangerous for human beings if they themselves will do the task. With this reason, automation is indeed a very much important factor when it comes not only to the safety of the workers but also for the accuracy of the process itself.

Automation has a lot of advantages such as the increase in productivity level of a certain company especially those that are in manufacturing industry. In manufacturing industry, there is what we call the assembly wherein the factory is putting up together the raw materials in order to produce a certain item or product. This process can be done by either manual labor or just by automation. When we are talking about precision and accuracy, there is no doubt that automation wins. Also, when it comes to long-term expenses, automation also has the advantage over manual labor.

Setting up an automated system may be very expensive at first since all the machineries and devices that you need are not that cheap. This is to ensure that every process that your automated system will do is accurate and precise. In other words, the reason on why it is very expensive to install an automated system is because of the quality of the hardware and software that you need.

Even if it is expensive at the beginning, you will still be able to save more money in the long run since you do not need to spend for salary monthly. All you need to is maintain the system that you have and that’s it – your very own automated system.


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SEO for Small Businesses Part 1

SEO for Small Businesses Part 1

You must have heard that for small business, use of social media can bring in new and improved results, however still search is given the priority. For your knowledge you must know that the thin line between search and social is almost vanished from the scene both in terms of technology and usage. You just have to ask yourself a simple question that can search engine marketing work for small business? Now you have to consider numerous factors before finding answer to this simple question. First know more about search in detail.

What is search?

Search is seen as the cornerstone of any online marketing and businesses use of certain keywords, you allow your users to type a certain phrase and get the desired search results. With this business expect a good search ranking which is important for the business growth. These rankings improve the visibility of the website and promote it in the online world. Though it is a time taking task, however it offers great results in the long run which helps the business grow.

Why Search?

Whether you have opted for pay per click advertising or search engine optimization, you should understand that both are important aspects of any online marketing campaign. Ideally you are offering people what they actually want without disturbing or interrupting the people. Through search, you are giving them what they are actually looking for at that particular moment. You will come across many ways to approach search, however you have to be careful in terms of small business and learn of it is the feasible and right method for it.

Now you must be thinking that how great this sounds, however running a search engine optimization campaign for small businesses has to be done very carefully or else it will spoil the whole show. You just cannot get on with the things which sounds or looks great to you. Unless it is not practically proven, you cannot kick start with it for small businesses. If you think that SEO is a simple approach, then you have to update yourself because with tight budgets and time, you might come across many problems. You just have to think logically and practically, so that no wrong step is taken which can actually prove fatal for your website. For many business, search marketing works wonders for small businesses as it is the single best to market your products and services. Still you have to know about it in detail before just plunging into it , because with small business you just cannot take risk.

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