Going Back To Your Ex Quotes – Broken Heart Poems and Quotes Can’t Bring Your Ex Back, But These 4 Tips Can

Going Back To Your Ex Quotes – Broken Heart Poems and Quotes Can’t Bring Your Ex Back, But These 4 Tips Can


Almost everyone has to face a breakup at one point in their lives. A breakup can be a very trying experience. And, even if you have faced multiple breakups in the past, it doesn’t make the one you are going through right now any easier.

Following a breakup, the first thing many people do is to wallow in their heartbreak. We look for broken heart poems and quotes to make us feel better. After all, we all want to find solace in the words of others who have been through what we are going through right now. Of course, what makes the pain even more acute is that we often want to get our ex back.

Trouble is, broken heart poems and quotes can’t get your ex back. And, after all, maybe the breakup was for the best. If your ex was abusive or violent, it is best that you stay apart and go find someone better – because going back to an unhealthy relationship isn’t good for anybody.

However, if your current breakup involves a relationship that is worth saving, here are 4 tips that can help you get them back.

1. Apologize to your ex:

Apologizing to your ex is the first step in getting him or her back. Of course, saying sorry alone won’t be enough to get him or her back, but it is definitely one of the important first steps. After a breakup, it can be easy to blame the other person for the whole thing. However, usually we ourselves are at least partly to blame for being in our current situation.

Focus your apology on 2 – 3 of the key mistakes you made in your relationship. Avoid going on for hours about how terrible you were, and don’t rattle off a list of a thousand things you did wrong. Rather, make your apology short and succinct. Of course, make sure that your apology doesn’t drag the two of you into an argument. If you say you’re sorry and your ex chimes in with their own example of how terribly you acted, make sure you don’t get defensive. Instead, just let them have their moment to vent – the painful moment will pass, I promise! Going Back To Your Ex Quotes

2. Take the time to talk about it

See if you can get your ex to agree to meet you for a cup of coffee or lunch. (Do not beg – just ask nicely and see what happens! If they won’t agree to meet with you just yet, just move on to Step 3).

When you meet, make sure to contain your deeper emotions. The last thing either of you needs is to make an already-unstable situation worse by crying or getting into a fight! Make sure your ex knows that your intention is not to blame him or her. Just focus on the key issues and talk it out.

3. Give him or her some space

At first, giving your ex more space may seem like strange advice. After all, isn’t the goal to get back together, not stay apart? However, observing this step is key. Spend a bit of time away from each other. Doing this will allow the heavy emotions to subside a bit, and even more importantly, it gives your ex the chance to miss you a bit.

4. Show them you respect yourself

In a situation where you want to get back together with your ex, it is always to your advantage to work from a position of strength, not weakness. Strength is beautiful, strength is attractive, and strength is the first component of getting what you want. If you seem desperate and needy, your ex will feel almost no motivation to reunite with you. Another way to respect yourself is to take care of the way you look. Put a little extra effort into your physical appearance. Start working out or taking walks. Do your hair a different way. Get some new clothes.

If you are searching for a way to mend your relationship and get your ex back, skip the broken heart poems and quotes. Instead, put your effort and energy into getting him or her back.  

Going Back To Your Ex Quotes

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