5 Simple Steps to Branding Yourself Online

5 Simple Steps to Branding Yourself Online

Commenting on Blogs – Growing Your Network

With so much repetitive content online, it’s really important to add the human or personal element.

One way to do that, as well as demonstrate your expertise, grow your reputation online (your personal brand) AND get useful backlinks to your website or blog is through commenting on other blogs.

Blogs have evolved. They are no longer about a one-way distribution of content but are an opportunity to encourage one-to-many dialogues.

As a blog owner, comments are invaluable because they inform you as to what your readership is actually thinking (& feeling), allowing you laser-like focus in delivering only the best, most relevant, content back to your readership. So it’s a win-win.

BUT there is an art to what constitutes best practise when commenting on other blogs.

Let me explain in 5 simple steps:

1. Signup at Gravatar [upload your picture].

Not only will your face now show up on your own blog but also on every blog that is Gravatar enabled. How’s that for personal branding?!

2. Add your name and title

Instead of just writing your real name in the first box (as most do), think about who you are known as (or want to be known as)

or what your most relevant keywords are. Enter that as well.

For example, sometimes I put “Noel Lyons – The Exercise At Home Coach” or “Noel Lyons – Fitness Business Coach” etc depending on the content of the blog I am commenting on.

This way you now have “keyword rich anchor text” linking back to your website or blog. Plus you have just branded yourself.

3. Add Specific Blog Post URLs [versus your homepage url]

Instead of entering your home URL eg yourdomain.com attract deep links by entering where you can specific blog post URLS relevant to the content you are commenting on. eg yourdomain.com/blog/readmyposttoo [This ties in with step 4].


If you are truly looking to grow your reputation online and attract followers, try to add to the conversation.

Redirect readers to a relevant blog post you have written on the same subject, another resource or a comment you feel is an valuable addition.

Brief comments like “great” + “nice one” can easily be mistaken for comment link spam (with the sole intention of getting backlinks to your site)! [This ties in with step 5]

5. Target High Traffic or High PR Blogs

It’s often not worth commenting from a SE rankings perspective on blogs with a zero or low PR rating.

Indeed, certain associations can see you get the cold shoulder from Google too!

So use automated blog commenting software which helps use locate high Google PR blogs and blogs which actually link back to you (eg “dofollow” blogs like mine versus “nofollow”). See my free blog commenting software which comes with my free bronze membership at PTO.

It’s not just about PR though; certain blogs can still be highly targeted or high traffic and yet have a low or non-existent PR rating.

These are worth targeting too!

Plus if you can, be one of the first three to comment on a high traffic blog

Because when you read a post, these are the comments you tend to read too, as we all like to know what other people thought about it as well.

Here software like Comment Sniper is especially useful as it alerts you straightaway when a new post is published.

Some say blog commenting is not an effective use of time. I say it depends


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