Blogging and Social Media to Boost Your Website’s Traffic

Blogging and Social Media to Boost Your Website’s Traffic

Below are the three campaigns that can be applied by any marketer as a part of his strategy and the details on how blogging, social media and SEO should be used in each step.

Posting articles as blog post. Start creating articles that offer value to your readers and subscribers. Make it as captivating, noteworthy and valuable as possible.  Tweet it on your Twitter, post it on your Facebook and if possible bookmark it on Digg. It will be great if you ask for feedbacks regarding your posts. Ensure that your articles contain appropriate keywords which are placed all over the article page accordingly. Feature a number of links that connects to additional information. Furthermore, create articles as many as you can in order to be indexed in the search engines.

Keep track of the comments for your articles. Review other blogs. Interact to those people who commented on your blog. Create an RSS feed for faster and easier tracking. Check out social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to find out who’s talking about you. Reply and communicate with those persons who are discussing about your company. In that way, you can create new connections and relationships. Keep an eye on Google Alerts to determine those who are backlinking to your site.

Advertise your content as well as the reviews pertaining to you. Every time you find a blog post that shares positive comments about your blog, you may also want to create a related post on your own blog and link back to them as you submit the same post to Digg or StumbleUpon. You can also tweet about it on your Twitter. If someone publishes an article recommending your company or one of your products, advertise that write-up through social media sites too! Third-party endorsement is very helpful. Thus, spend time to advertise it to as many people as possible.  By promoting a blog that links to you, it will surely boosts that article’s traffic, plus there are chances that someone will link to it. It fortifies the inbound link to your site, thus will give you a better SEO.

SEO & Social Media Marketing Guide will teach you how to boost your sales online without needing some start-up capital or an advertising budget and technical knowledge.