Follow Your Bliss

Follow Your Bliss

“Follow your bliss.” This is a quote by Joseph Campbell. This is the man who wrote about the power of myths in our lives. He also firmly believed that we should find what brings us joy in our lives. He lived what he believed. He grew up in a wealthy family and he could have gone to any Ivy League college. Instead he chose to travel through Europe pursuing his dream. He came home, eventually went to the college of his choice. More importantly he became an influential author and lecturer. This was his dream.

Now, how do we know what our bliss is? It’s easier than you think it is. You can go back into your childhood and remember, “What did I love to do?” Children have no agenda as we adults often do. They know how to enjoy life. Just watch a baby or a toddler get lost in the beauty of a leaf or a bug. Bugs are fascinating, especially to little boys. I have watched my grandsons get down on the ground and watch ants and other insects. I have had the joy of getting down on the ground with them and truly enjoying the journey of these insects.

How else can you follow your bliss? I will sometimes ask clients, “What do you love to do? Do you love it so much that you would do it for nothing?” I am not advocating working for nothing. I am advocating doing what you truly love to do.

What is very sad is that some of us have never asked ourselves that question. We have never been guided to ask ourselves that question. We may believe that work must be drudgery or it isn’t work. We may believe that to become an adult we must be serious about life. We may believe that being a responsible adult means that all the fun in your life is over. You may believe that fun in only for children.

Think again. Perhaps there is a different way to look at life. All the great artists of the world loved what they were doing, Picasso, Chagall, and many others. If you love what you’re doing, you also will live longer. Many great artists have lived long and fruitful lives. One reason is that they loved what they were doing.

What if, each day, you found something that you loved to do. It could be as simple as being out in Nature and going for a walk. As you walk you absorb all the beauty of Nature that is around us. You might truly enjoy music. You might take time each day to chose your favorite music and let it uplift your spirits. Start with the simple things of life.

The most important part of finding what you love to do is that it will lead you to your purpose. We want our lives to be purposeful. We want to know that we’ve made a difference on this earth. When you “Follow Your Bliss” you find your purpose.

Your purpose might not be to be that great artist. Your purpose might be to help the people in your life in small ways. Your purpose might be to be a loving parent, a loving spouse, and a good neighbor. Your purpose might be to be the best you that you can possibly be.

If you find what you love to do you will be one of those lucky people who look forward to doing your work. Your work will be fulfilling, rewarding, and will bring you joy. Maybe that’s what life is truly about.

Dr. Myrna Sarowitz

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