Open source software development and offshoring ? What’s the dual benefit

Open source software development and offshoring ? What’s the dual benefit

Open source software development in offshore nations is offering the clients cost reduction in two ways, open source software development tools and resources at no extra cost and low offshore development charges. Along with this, it’s established now that this low-cost benefit comes without any quality compromise through a highly skilled community. That’s a win-all situation.

Open source software development has come of age in delivering solutions. Today when it is of a greater necessity, it also has built up a huge fan following among the developers and users. While software development itself has become a costly affair, many businesses are taking the route to open source software development and another branch is marching on the outsourcing or offshoring path for approaching it. The result of this is a dual cost-effectiveness.

Offshore countries like India have been receiving a great number of outsourced software projects, and over a good period of time catering to clients expecting a low cost of project development and high quality of software products, Indian software application developers have tremendously brushed up their skills of developing high-grade software performing some very critical business tasks for various industries and companies.

The new dimension of open source software and web development is picked up very well by the developing countries. The low cost of infrastructure and inexpensive manpower combined with a great expertise on the open source platform puts them at a greater advantage over in-house software development or local high-charging software development companies in the developed countries. To add to this, many governments have learnt to use their national skills to empower the country’s economical strength by bringing in and implementing liberal IT policies for software development and exports.

Open source software development services in the offshore industry constitute a wide range of customized software solutions, the current trend in software development. The idea is to cater to the client’s exclusive need and delivering a specific software application that no one else is using. This leads to maximum software usability and client satisfaction as the end result. Offshore web development expertise lies in web application development, graphic design, web design and development, Ecommerce websites, website maintenance, and internet marketing. Spanning over vastly varying domains from different sectors of the entire industry, the capabilities of offshore software professionals have grown enormously whether it’s meeting the deadline, providing round-the-clock real-time assistance, or delivering a quality product. Many organizations worldwide resort to them for their varying software needs, be it telecommunication, CRM, healthcare, financial, media, or Ecommerce applications.

Emphasizing again on the project cost, I would say when open source software development itself is an economical medium with free to download tools, the cost burden further slips down with clients having to pay only the application development cost. The cooperation of the custom software development companies extends a step further as they make themselves available as per your time zone and convenience. Their individualized, agile approach to open source application development projects is enough for you get a high functional advantage. And mind well, they are best known for their integrated and automated solutions which can be upgraded to your existing software. As far as customized applications are concerned, they have an entire range of flexible solutions to serve you that can be refined or evolved to your scalable needs.

Indian software developers are doing all important tasks for the business environment like creating Ecommerce sites using open source technologies that are extremely interactive and of the quality that brings the company in a professionally appealing light in no time. Isn’t that a welcome departure from the generic and mundane call center work done here!

Indian developers have brought on the rise the phenomenon taking on the most complicated software development jobs, which is not even affected by any Indian currency devaluation. It’s ongoing and flourishing with the help of web portals where these competent people can be accessed upon for their services. Many of the companies here are one-stop destinations for your open source software or web development needs.

The author, James John, an associate with Viteb which is an offshore software development company based in India and US, has written several articles covering open source software development and offshore web designing and web development to share his vast experience in this field working with some of the leading software development companies.