File Recovery Software vs Data Backup Software

File Recovery Software vs Data Backup Software

Data loss or data getting deleted is something that is common and one that cannot be avoided completely. However, there is the group of wise users who regularly backup their data and ensure that even in the worst data loss scenario, they do not end up losing all the data that they have. However, there is the other group, which feels that taking a backup of the data is just doing a little too much, and hence end up losing data. There have been various software that have been developed to serve the needs of both the types of customers. While file recovery software has served the purpose of people who avoid taking a backup, there have also been backup software that have been developed to serve the needs of people who regularly backup their data.

Among the section of people who ensure that regular backup is taken, there is always a tendency to leave out certain application data or particular types of files while taking a backup. This usually happens in case of Outlook. People usually tend to avoid taking a backup of their Outlook data, either because they feel it is not of much importance, or because they are not sure about the method to be followed. However, there are others who feel that they can backup Outlook by taking a copy of the PST file. This is a misconception, as an Outlook backup software is essential to backup Outlook completely, i.e., to backup all the items present in Outlook.

If the user fails to backup Outlook or any other file for that matter, there are chances of the data getting deleted, in case of a data loss scenario. If the user has the latest backup, he need not be worried, as the data can be taken from the backup files. However, if an updated backup is not available, there is no other option than going for a good Undelete software. There are many file recovery software available for download on the internet. However, only a handful of them are useful. The user needs to select the best software from among the ones that are available and he also needs to know how to recover deleted files in a proper manner. This can be done by either reading reviews of experts on various technology websites, or by downloading the Trial version, trying the software, evaluating it, and later buying the software if you are satisfied with the results. This makes sure that the user gets the best product suited for his needs.


PC Mag Awards its 2010 Backup Software Editors Choice

PC Mag Awards its 2010 Backup Software Editors Choice
And the PC Mag winner for backup software is…

StorageCraft’s ShadowProtect backup and disaster recovery software. If you have not heard of this company, take a quick look at their website. They form the backbone for many of the large backup software vendors servicing the backup and disaster recovery market.

PC Mag has once again awarded StorageCraft is Editors’ Choice Award for its drive image and backup software category. We thought you would enjoy some of the quotes from the review…

“StorageCraft’s ShadowProtect Desktop has been PC Magazine Editors’ Choice for drive imaging, and version 4.0 upholds the tradition”

“…new features that make it easier and faster to get your system up and running from a backup even after a complete hardware breakdown makes your original hardware unusable.”

“ShadowProtect Desktop doesn’t offer features that you can’t find elsewhere, but it performs those features more smoothly, reliably, quickly, and easily than any rival software”

“Like previous versions, it also includes a Hardware Independent Restore feature that lets you restore a backed-up image of a Windows system to completely different computer hardware. This is something you normally can’t do simply by copying a system from one computer to another, because Windows often won’t boot if it doesn’t find the hardware on which it was originally installed.”

“ShadowProtect’s new version adds a feature called Virtual Boot that lets you run a backed-up system as a “virtual machine”…The Virtual Boot feature automates a complex series of steps that you could also perform manually, using a ShadowProtect drive image and a VirtualBox or VMware Workstation.”

“But if your data and your system are of critical importance to you, you’re simply being reckless to operate without a local back up—preferably a complete drive image. And for drive-imaging software, there’s simple nothing better than ShadowProtect 4.0, our Editors’ Choice.”

“Still the absolute gold standard in system-backup products. Essential for anyone who relies on data stored on a computer.” PC Mag, 2010

The Benefits Of Using Pc Backup Software

The Benefits Of Using Pc Backup Software
In the world of business, you want to cut costs where you can. After all, it’s pretty basic business knowledge that tells you that your company income minus its expenses are profit, so you do what you can to cut expenses and therefore boost your profits. So often, however, companies cut expenses on important tools such as PC backup software only to realize their mistake later. This type of software helps you to ensure that your data is available in the event of a disaster such as a system crash. You certainly can cut costs and perform your own backups, but with the many benefits of using this type of program, why would you?

When you perform your own backup of data files, your saved data is only as safe and usable as you make it. If you are having a busy few days or even few weeks, you likely will let the backup of your files pass to the backup for a little while. Yet if disaster strikes during this time, as it so often inevitably will do when it’s been awhile since your last backup, you are going to be in a real jam as you work to recreate data that has accumulated or been altered since your last backup. If you don’t have time to do a quick backup, you certainly don’t have time to spend days or weeks recreating files! PC backup software takes the guesswork out of your backups. It provides you with the ability to perform a backup on a scheduled basis so you can pretty much go about your daily activities and rest assured that your data is being saved as often as each day if you like. If your system does crash, you will feel much less stressed knowing that all of your files are right there and are available to you if you need them.

Not only does this software allow you to schedule a backup and restore data if necessary, but PC backup software also has other features such as verification notifications when backups were successful and the ability to more easily manage your backup events. In business, time is money, and you simply cannot afford to not have the benefits of this software working in your corner.

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