PC Mag Awards its 2010 Backup Software Editors Choice

PC Mag Awards its 2010 Backup Software Editors Choice
And the PC Mag winner for backup software is…

StorageCraft’s ShadowProtect backup and disaster recovery software. If you have not heard of this company, take a quick look at their website. They form the backbone for many of the large backup software vendors servicing the backup and disaster recovery market.

PC Mag has once again awarded StorageCraft is Editors’ Choice Award for its drive image and backup software category. We thought you would enjoy some of the quotes from the review…

“StorageCraft’s ShadowProtect Desktop has been PC Magazine Editors’ Choice for drive imaging, and version 4.0 upholds the tradition”

“…new features that make it easier and faster to get your system up and running from a backup even after a complete hardware breakdown makes your original hardware unusable.”

“ShadowProtect Desktop doesn’t offer features that you can’t find elsewhere, but it performs those features more smoothly, reliably, quickly, and easily than any rival software”

“Like previous versions, it also includes a Hardware Independent Restore feature that lets you restore a backed-up image of a Windows system to completely different computer hardware. This is something you normally can’t do simply by copying a system from one computer to another, because Windows often won’t boot if it doesn’t find the hardware on which it was originally installed.”

“ShadowProtect’s new version adds a feature called Virtual Boot that lets you run a backed-up system as a “virtual machine”…The Virtual Boot feature automates a complex series of steps that you could also perform manually, using a ShadowProtect drive image and a VirtualBox or VMware Workstation.”

“But if your data and your system are of critical importance to you, you’re simply being reckless to operate without a local back up—preferably a complete drive image. And for drive-imaging software, there’s simple nothing better than ShadowProtect 4.0, our Editors’ Choice.”

“Still the absolute gold standard in system-backup products. Essential for anyone who relies on data stored on a computer.” PC Mag, 2010