Tags Applied On: Another Use Of Bar Codes (on)

Tags Applied On: Another Use Of Bar Codes (on)

Almost every Package Magazine or any packaging and product distribution of the conference have spoken with the RF Label Substitute Barcode . This will help Printing And the development of bar code print buyer another use, or check the print quality as the reference. You might think that this proposal itself has limitations, because bar codes can only monochrome printing, while most Carton More than one kind of color printing business. Anyway, if you have bar code checker, then can easily achieve this vision. It is noteworthy that the light has not qualified for the bar code reader task.

History Bar code originated in the 20th century, 70’s, with different designs. However, all the bar code printed a long article by the composition of these principles are based on the coding strip strip width and spacing. Almost any of the goods into cardboard boxes are printed with bar codes. Today, bar codes in the supply chain has become the main tool to identify products.

1995 year, have encountered some problems: printing in Corrugated Carton on the bar code and sometimes not literacy. At that time our customers that this is printed, but in fact, the same carton production quality products for many years. As it turned out only to those customers at that time to start large-scale use bar codes, but not to verify that bar code printing, but also to realize that no problems.

As you need Measuring instruments Readability of the bar code to provide quality assurance, so print out the bar code still can not properly verified. Some press equipped with bar code readers, bar code reader it can only mean that bar code readers. Therefore, the bar-code verification has become a topic of concern carton industry. As we understand it, bar code may disappear from the packaging, but the bar code verification equipment, the printing process in the analysis there is still useless.

Problem The introduction of bar codes, people find the actual printing process affect the bar code strip width. Printing proofs found in the bar code strip widened compensation solutions that reduce the strip width. The use of bar code validator to check the bar code, the validator will bar the average of all the long strips of paper strip widened value. We are interested in is the value.

If the bar code strip when the width of the print relative to change the original design specifications, then the printing process will lead to “strip widened” error. The error produced a number of reasons, such as:

Raw materials Characteristics; printing Roller Roundness; Printing Equipment Degree of alignment in the cylinder;

Check the alignment of printing equipment in the drum level is very important. Pressure points to reach the printing device to check the printing drum is uniform between the slot width is not always easy. In fact, many plant operators are not aware of the printing roller is not aligned, continue to adjust the printing device to compensate for deficiencies. If you find that these operators are talking, they can accurately describe the problems encountered, but could not and the gap between the roller or rollers are not aligned error linked. Therefore, the need for a Test Methods operators daily work, problems encountered and the printing condition of the equipment together. We need to quantitatively estimate the printing effect, the effects connected to the specific process.

This article deals with the printing pressure deviation, specifically from the poor impression.

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