How To Get Rid Of Skin Tags To Improve Your Appearance

How To Get Rid Of Skin Tags To Improve Your Appearance
You can get to learn how to get rid of skin tags to improve your appearance. Skin tags are a benign tumor type of polyp that mostly occur where the skin has creases. Even though they are quite unsightly skin tags present no health risk. Because they are ugly most people like to remove the ones that are visible.

The theory is that skin tags are created when skin rubs together in areas where there are creases. Skin tags also tend to form where people sweat. This is why you mostly find them under the arm pits, on the groin area, or the neck. It is not uncommon to see them on the eyelids as well. Most of the time they are not painful. They cause no health problem although they can become irritated by clothing, shaving or jewelry. They may burst if they become very large. There is a propensity for obese people to get them.

Most of the time doctors will suggest a simple home remedy that has been used for quite some time. A piece of thread is tightly tied around the base of the skin tag. The skin tag begins to shrivel as the blood supply is choked off. After a few days it will simply fall off. There will be no sign that the skin tag was ever there. It can be difficult to tie a thread around a skin tag yourself. This is why some people have their spouse or family member wrap the thread around the stem of the skin tag for them.

Another way to get rid of skin tags is simply to scratch at it. This method might not work on large skin tags. There will also be some pain and bleeding involved. This method is probably not the best approach to remove these ugly disfigurations.

Recently, over the counter ointments have come into the market that will remove skin tags. You can buy these ointments without a physician’s prescription. You can buy them at a drug store, large supermarkets, and online on the internet. The ointments freeze the skin tag. It may take several days, but the skin tag dries up, shrivels and falls off. There are no scars, bleeding or other indications that the skin tag ever existed.

If you have just a small number of skin tags in places where they are not visible you might consider just leaving them alone. They pose no health problems and nobody can see them so why hassle trying to get rid of them. However, if you have a large group of skin tags on your neck it may create psychological distress for you. In this case, you probably will want to use the ointment to freeze them so they vanish.

Using an ointment to freeze the skin tags is a more practical removal method when you are dealing with a large group of many skin tags. It would be difficult to tie thread around 20 or 30 skin tags. The reviews of the skin tag removal ointments are very good. The freezing ointments appear to do a good job in permanently removing them.

Even though they are not a serious medical problem, it is understandable that those who have them want to learn how to get rid of skin tags. Especially if the skin tags become irritated by jewelry, shaving or clothing. There is also a chance that an extra large one can burst. Using an over-the-counter solution to make them vanish may be your best option.

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