Dell Streak Android tablet unveiled

Dell Streak Android tablet unveiled

The Streak, or the Dell Mini 5, proved to be equipped with a multi-touch screen, 5Mp camera, GPS, a powerful 1GHz processor and social networking provision. At 220g, it is no lightweight. Around the sides are a power button, volume rocker, camera shutter, 3.5mm headphone jack and power/sync port. The back is made of rubberized plastic and contains the camera lens and dual LED flash. The Dell Streak is powered on an adapted version of Android 1.6, though it will receive an over-the-air upgrade to version 2.2, though no-one at Dell or at O2 with an exclusive on the Streak.


In addition, the screen is capacitive and nicely sensitive to the difference between brushes and taps. It is also multi-touch, letting users pinch and zoom on web pages and when viewing pictures. It supports multitasking, so users can download large files within e-mails as browsing the web and listening to music. The onscreen Qwerty keyboard is spacious and separate numeric keyboard is also attached to this device.


Dell Streak Android tablet features UMTS / GPRS / EDGE class 12 GSM radio


The screen is big enough to offer a numeric ‘keypad’


Upgradeable to Android 2.2


Does the honours as an e-book reader too


A user-accessible Micro SD slot expandable up to 32GB. That means you can store lots of movies, music, photos or other kinds of files


VGA front-facing camera enables video chat functionality down the road


Mobile browsing needn’t be a squint



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A User Review Of Sendy Posterous Client 1.6.1 For Android Phones

A User Review Of Sendy Posterous Client 1.6.1 For Android Phones
Posterous is a very well-known service for hosting blogs that is simple to use and at the same time gives you access to features that are quite advanced, such as integration with social networking sites such as Flickr, Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, and many more, as well as custom domains. The integration with social networking means that your blog post links can be published to the social networking site of your choice, as updates of your status. There is an iphone app available from Posterous, but they do not yet have an official Android app on offer. Before this, anyone using Android has had to make do with using email to send their blog posts. There is now third-party free app that goes by the name of Sendy, which gives you another method of texting posts and sending photos to your blog hosted by Posterous, but the app is only in beta development at this point, and still has a number of bugs that need to be worked out.

Using Sendy is really easy. You need to sign up for a blog on Posterous over the web, and then choose the social networks that you want the links of your blog posts to be sent to. After then opening Sendy, you need to enter the credentials for logging in to Posterous blog. Now, you can start to post both photos and text right from your Android phone. You have the option for links to your posts being auto-posted to all of the social networks on your list, or posts can be made private.

Unfortunately, you can only use Sendy to attach photos, and not sound files, documents or video. This is really a pity, because when using email, all of those options are very easily attached. This means that, in effect, Sendy doesnt have the standard of functionality of, for instance, Gmail. Another problem is that while sending posts, Sendy often seems to crash, particularly when youve attached a number of different images. Gmails app, by comparison, has no problems at all when sending attachments.

Sandys developers report the app is still in the very early Beta stage of developments, and that there are many fixes and even improvements to come. At the moment, the only real advantage of Sendy is that its a dedicated Android app. Hopefully, in the future, it will have more to recommend it.

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