Airbus Military Air Tankers, Do They Have Built In Active Matrix RFID Satellite Tags Embedded Inside

Airbus Military Air Tankers, Do They Have Built In Active Matrix RFID Satellite Tags Embedded Inside

For those that closely follow international military intelligence circles, we know that Iran purchased Russian mobile anti-aircraft missile launchers that have secretly discreet RFID active matrix GPS location devices inside them, that only turn on with a certain frequency. These frequencies of course are maintained and know by the Russians and thru a secret agreement the US, China and have been shared with Israel too. Basically, all those Russian missile launchers are toast on first strike.

Obviously, no nation in their right mind would ever export advanced weapons technologies that they themselves had no defense for, since Russia doesn’t they installed those secret devices with secret codes to turn them on. Now then, when a nation buys military technology from a foreign nation they must consider this. Why would a country buy foreign military technology? Well, there are some reasons:

They cannot make it themselves
They are buying from a well-trusted source and nation they trust
They cannot build it for the same price as they can buy it

So, now let’s consider the US Military’s purchase of Airbus Military Tankers over Boeing’s bid offer. Boeing said it can match the price. Number one is not a viable reason and number three is not viable either. So let us look at item number 2, do we totally trust France? Well, the answer should be a flat out NO, why you ask? Because, France was amongst the nations that put out a media hit on the US over the Iraq War and later we find out it was because they were knee deep within the “Oil-4-Food” scandal.

It appears France was working with our enemies and they are dear friends with the Syrians and trading partners. Although they have no love of Iran they have little love for Israel either and often side with groups like Hamas and Hezbollah, citing their rights? Those are international terrorist organizations. So I ask if we buy Airbus Air Tankers for our military; how can we be sure that they have not installed; Built in Active Matrix RFID Satellite Tags which are Embedded somewhere into the airframe. Answer me that? Yes, I’ll wait until hell freezes over for my answer.

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