Article Marketing – Uncover 4 Secrets to Advance With Article Marketing

Article Marketing – Uncover 4 Secrets to Advance With Article Marketing

Building inbound links for your website is very important in pulling up your search engine ranking. Today, thanks to the advent and popularity of article marketing, you can now build hundreds of inbound links without the need to spend too much time and money convincing established webmasters to link with you. You can get high quality backlinks by just simply submitting your articles on blogs, article submission sites, and other social media networks.

Here’s how you can advance with article marketing:

1. Get to know your readers. Before you write your articles, it would be extremely beneficial if you can get to know the people that you are writing for. Aside from determining the topics that they find interesting, you must also know their preferences, the language that they are using, their most frequent questions, their problems, and their profiles. When you know these people inside out, it would become extremely easy for you to design your articles in such a way that these people will find them useful and relevant to their lives.

2. Optimize your articles. It is not enough that you make your articles informative. If you want them to become much easier to find online, you need to make them keyword-rich or search engine friendly. Don’t worry as you can do this without breaking a sweat. Start by knowing the most popular search terms among your target market and place them on your titles, first and last paragraphs, and at least 2-3 times on your article body. This is the best way to help the search spiders in analyzing and properly indexing your copies.

3. Make it easy to understand. If you intend to give your potential clients great reading experience, I recommend that you make all your articles easy to understand. Use their preferred language and their preferred writing format. Include examples or personal stories when discussing difficult concepts. If you are posting your articles on your blog and website, you may also opt to post relevant images and illustrations.

4. Create an author’s bio. You can give your readers a chance to get to know you more on a personal level (so you can easily build that personal connection with them) by simply creating a short author’s bio on selected article submission sites. In here, you can communicate your hobbies, passion, expertise, the problems that you solve, and your willingness to help. You can also include your most recent photo to add some personal touch.

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