2011 Seo Trends Everyone Should Understand

2011 Seo Trends Everyone Should Understand
We thought we would get in early and predict the coming trends for SEO in 2011.

1. Increased focus on local search (Google places)
Google has removed the use of external reviews of local search, but in the next year companies will be able to their own certificates from their website appear on the list of places with pictures. This indicates that Google intends to make pictures of the places the cornerstone of the moving direction of research.

2. Various optimized for mobile search
In the same way that Google increase the value of sites quickly, and you will too so that they increase the value to the sites that are optimized for mobile browsing.

3. Increase in the value of a link “in the context”
There will be a better balance between the links of high quality and low, with a penalty for a large number of low-context / quality of links. It reinforces this expectation on the part of the face that everyone is saying that the only way to build links with sites that are in the same field as you.

4. The rise of Yahoo / Bing
There are a lot of cases where the results of Google became filled with the content on the first page that isn’t relevant. It will take only a few of these for a user to start looking for something else. Yahoo / Bing will need to work on partnerships with some browsers and content providers to become a serious alternative, however, but they have all the ability to capture more of the search market.

5. Integration and social media
Media such as Twitter becomes more popular, and we expect to see Google integrate feeds from social networking sites to research and normal. We do not think it will affect the results in any way, or you will not be able to spam Twitter place to improve the normal search. But we do not believe that there will be some reference to the activity of social media within your list. May Facebook Page Twitter / become as good as your material in places of Google, who knows.

6. Website Speed
It is easy to see that Google will continue to make the web site speed an increasingly important factor in assessing the quality of the user experience.
Do you have any future trends for the year 2011?

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The Digital Boom 2011

The Digital Boom 2011

Twenty-ten was huge for Social. We saw baby companies grow to giants, old giants fall and innovation beyond our wildest dreams, but what does that mean for 2011? We as consumers are definitely going to enjoy the entry and growth of new players in the segment in 2011. One has to keep reinventing to keep pace with the highly competitive digital world else getting obsolete will not take much time.

Facebook and Twitter and YouTube are all dominant, but that doesn’t mean permanently dominant. Many largely popular media were replaced by their lesser known cousins in 2010. 2011 will bring more innovation from them and others to further strike footholds into the digital market. The innovations thus introduced will be worth watching and experiencing.

We should see some incredibly huge buy-outs, and some extraordinarily large sums of money changing hands. The usual Google/Yahoo/Microsoft/AOL suspects will be spending large of course. New entrants will of course fight with these larger players for their share which will be a big show to watch in 2011.  There is already news doing the rounds that facebook and Microsoft have joined hands to enter the market that is largely dominated by Google.

We will see a larger commercial explosion utilizing much of the geolocation/crowdsourcing technologies we have so far only used for fun, and ‘Social’ experiences becoming more serious, more integrated with everyday life. Larger stakes will be involved and of course the lifestyle that is already going so many changes and has undergone a large number of changes will surely change in this year. There is all possibility that separate classes will be created according to your involvement with the digital media.

On the handheld device front, expect more power at your fingertips, a larger competition-level on the mobile and tablet market, and further, deeper integration into our home life. The consumer will be the most sought after being in this market with penetration deep into your living room via the social and digital media. You can avoid it but you can’t ignore it.

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