Simple Backlink Building Strategies For More Website Traffic

Simple Backlink Building Strategies For More Website Traffic

As you progress, always keep reading and learning about what’s going on because things change, and you need to know what they are. You’ll be much better off in the end if you backlinks are of good quality because of the vicious level of competition. Today we’ll talk about getting those treasured backlinks that are quality, and we hope you will use our tips.

Considering the use of press releases for backlinks, obviously it would take a lot to get large numbers, but you can point some good page rank power to your site using releases. Just one press release about your website or business can be distributed to hundreds of press release sites. Then your PR will be sent out to different news websites on the net. Yet the value that press releases have when it comes to SEO backlinks and traffic is not fully appreciated. But few people know that it’s a free method to build one way backlinks that take you a long way. There are all kinds of different services for handling press releases including low cost distribution to other press release sites as well as others.

One other method that has been around for a few years uses the Squidoo Lens which is just a third party platform for hosting content. Creating a Squidoo lens is an easy and effective means to build quality backlinks. What you do is find a keyword phrase that you want to use, and if it is available at Squidoo, then you can build a lens in less than an hour. Imagine placing anchor text links on your lens that is a backlink to your primary website? That is a very good thing to have.

You can also leverage online blogs in your niche to get more backlinks to your site. Look for blogs that have a place for your link and comment on them, but make the comments meaningful so they aren’t deleted as spam. If you regularly leave a few comments here and there, you can accumulate lots of links this way.

Link building, or backlink building, is the staple of all search engine marketers. Knowledge plus taking appropriate action is what will make the difference in your success.

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