Signs show that Your Ex Boyfriend Still Likes You

Signs show that Your Ex Boyfriend Still Likes You

Now, there has been many girls broken ex boyfriends. And we realized that they made a wrong decision. Because after that, they will fell empty and depressed. If you’ve recently broken up your ex boyfriend and you’re wondering that whether he still likes you, below are tips for you ( like watching his behavior, determining if he is trying to make you jealous, etc.)



How Often Does He Call?


Does your ex boyfriend call at least a couple of times a week for one reason or another? Often times, men might say they are simply calling to check on you or they may make up some random reason to call, like asking for a CD back or calling to tell you they saw a mutual friend. If he calls like this more than once a week, chances are he wants you back and still likes you. Otherwise, he probably wouldn’t ever call. If he’s doing this, it’s a sure sign that he is really missing you!


Does He Try to Make You Jealous?


This is a childish game that men sometimes play but they can’t really help it; poor guys. If he shows up at your work or home with another woman, what is his true purpose? Is he really there to pick up a shirt he hasn’t needed for weeks or does he just want to pull your jealousy strings? Chances are it’s the latter. Another thing men have been known to do in the past is have another girl call you to let you know that your ex is hers now. Why they do this is unknown and you can be sure it’s a bit mature, but usually this means that they are trying to make you jealous because he wants you back!


Does He Do Sweet Things for You Now?


Often times, men will realize just what kind of dopes they’ve been and they will begin trying to make up for it by doing really sweet things for you. For instance, he may buy you a sweater or a book that you’ve wanted for a while. He might come over and cut your grass or bring you dinner one night. If you’re receiving kind gestures or gifts from your ex boyfriend, it is almost certain that he still loves you and wants to reunite!


Watch out for these signs in your ex boyfriend. If he’s calling often, trying to make you jealous or doing really nice things for you, he probably wants you back. If you feel the same, you can simply approach him and tell him how you feel. If you do, he will probably break down and tell you that he wants the same thing. Good luck!


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